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Friday, May 30, 2008

Too often in sports, we - as players and fans - easily forget the past’s fortunes of teams or players. How and why this happens, I don’t really know the answer - but it happens. Maybe the lack of hardware (championships) or league acknowledgments (MVP) - your guess is as good as mine.

The New York Rangers are, in my estimation, the finest NHL franchise of all-time. Next season, the Rangers will honor the well deserving Adam Graves by retiring his jersey and hanging it up with the Ranger Elites: Rod Gilbert, Eddie Giacomin, Mike Richter, Mark Messier, and Brian Leetch. All of these players have left an indelible mark on the Ranger fans, franchise, and the city of New York. I believe that there is one more Ranger truly deserving of this honor. His name: Ron Greschner.

I broke into the NHL with him as a rookie way back in 1980-81. Although my stay in New York was short (1 season), Ron left a great impression on me. He was, and I’m sure his former teammates will agree, just a perfect teammate to play with or to just be around. He did not have a huge ego and he made you feel good about yourself at all times. Although, these reasons alone do not warrant such a great honor...


Regular Season

- 982 Games Played
- 610 Points; 431 Assists, 179 Goals
- 1226 Penalty Minutes

Post Season

- 84 Games Played
- 49 Points; 32 Assists, 17 Goals
- 106 Penalty Minutes


- Retired as the Rangers All-Time Pts, Goals, Assists leader for a defenseman
- # 7 on the Rangers All-Time Scoring List
- # 7 on the Rangers All-Time Post-Season Scoring List
- # 4 on the Rangers All-Time Games Played List
- # 1 on the Rangers All-Time Penalty Minutes List
- 2nd Round Draft Pick in the 1974 NHL Draft (#32 Overall)
- 16 years straight with one team (Rangers of course)
- 1-Time Ranger Captain (1986-1987)
- Played Forward as well as Defense
- Started from 1974 - 1990 (16 years)

The people of New York who were fortunate enough to watch him play knew they had witnessed a very talented and special player. I've seen the reaction that Ron gets from the fans in and around Madison Square Garden first hand. The New York Rangers and Ron Greschner were seemingly made for each other. I think someday in the near future the New York Rangers will show the ultimate respect by putting Ron Greschner’s jersey up where it belongs.


Wrath of Sanity said...

Right on! He deserves to have his number retired for sure. Nicely written piece.

Crock said...

I agree with the "Wrath".....very nice.

Now if we can just get Glen Sather and the Rangers Brass to read this who make these kinds of decisions he may one day have his number up there.

Do you think too many years have passed to have this happen ??

I agree totally if you believe his number should be up there.

One thing I always heard before I got to know you when you came to Hartford was that he was one of the classiest guys to ever put on a Rangers uniform ever. This I heard just chatting it up with the Trainers and Equipment guys along the way just making small talk.

Again great article man .....


Mr. Hockey said...

Thanks to a freind of mine I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Greschner and many other former players in MSG's suite 200.I know that we are suppose to say that the greatest day of our lives were when our kids were born, or the day we got married(yeah ok)but to be able to spend some time with guys that meant so much to us way befor we ever dreamed of having a family and to be treated just like one of them--by them--well I'll tell you that was the best day of my life literally a dream come true!After the game a 2-1 Ranger win over the Blackhawks we went to the Green Room for a drink and when we left the Garden there were some fans waiting for the players , my freind and I left first.He told the fans that Gresch and Duggy were right behind us!I was floored when one of the FANS said who?Iguess you are right Kotsy maybe alot of the younger fans just don't know about all the great hockey players that were RANGERS--IT was a night I will never forget, even though that mutt Hossa got the 2 goals for us! thanks. I'm glad Graves will have his 9 up there also. I met him at a playoff game and the guy is a Champ!!I know it's too long ago for many fans to remember, but another great Ranger wore 9 a fellow by the name of Andy Bathgate (him I never met)!

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: I'm sure it's only a matter of time because he is a true Ranger.
crock: Just knowing him personally and seeing the interaction with his friends - it's remarkable the admiration he receives and gives.
mr. hockey: Consider yourself a lucky man. Sometimes we forget the past, it's unfortunate that that happens. The man is a true Ranger, has no affiliation with any other team in the NHL... that's my definition of a true Ranger.

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