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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First off, I don’t want to hear about how the Rangers passed on supposedly superior talent when they selected Dylan McIlrath with the 10th overall pick. After Hall and Seguin, let’s face it… it’s a crapshoot! The Rangers went for the beef. I love this pick. McIlrath is 6 foot 4, 212 pounds and he’s only 18 years old? Give this young man some time and he will be exactly what the Rangers have been lacking on the D since the days of Jeff Beukeboom. Or even the 80-81 team with Barry Beck, Ed Hospodar, Tom Laidlaw and yes… even myself! McIlrath is a mean, nasty, and tough crease clearing bulldozer of a d-man. Oh yeah, did I mention that he sticks up for his teammates as well? What is remarkable to me and this is real important… is that he was rated as the most feared player in the 2010 NHL Draft. All this as a 17 year old in the wild and crazy Western Canadian Junior League. Like I said, I love this pick!

Also I would like to thank all of those who attended and played in the Pocono Family YMCA 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Outing this past Sunday and Monday. The event took place at the legendary Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort. It was simply a blast! I personally want to thank my former teammates and good friends Ron Greschner, Nick Fotiu, Ron Duguay, and Ed Hospodar. I also would like to thank Stephen Baker (NYG, The Touchdown Maker), Jack Fisher (NYM), Bob Kelly (Flyers), SGT. Slaughter (WWF/WWE), Russell "Stats" Baxter (ESPN), and local celebrities John “Super Cop” Jacobsen, as well as Gary “In the Morning” Smith. Thanks a lot guys!

When the clock strikes midnight tonight, the NHL free agency period will begin. Who will go where? Who will the Rangers be pursuing? Any trades? We shall find out soon enough. Over and out!


49 Years No More

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks.


Hawks on the Verge!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Chicago Blackhawks are one game away from ending the longest drought without winning the Stanley Cup. It’s been since 1961... 49 years to be exact (The Leafs are next longest). The Hawks have it in their sights and they can taste it! Only one problem… the Philadelphia Flyers are standing in the way in Game 6 at Wachovia Center. I had Chicago winning the finals in 6, but now I’m not so sure that it doesn’t head back to Chi-town for a Game 7.

Chicago played a marvelous first period in Game 5 that lead to a 7-4 victory, but the Flyers still had plenty of fight left in them. Which, in turn, leads me to believe that if Chicago wants to end it in Game 6- they will have to play their best game of the series. Plain and simple. While the Stanley Cup finals has been highly entertaining, the officiating again is a main topic on most hockey fans minds. I, personally, think both teams and their fans have a legitimate gripe! Plenty of “soft” calls and missed calls throughout these finals. It’s getting to the point where it’s just not funny anymore. It’s a big problem and it needs to be fixed. Oh, and please, no more rule changes. That’s what caused the problems in the first place.

If Chicago wins the cup, who will be the MVP? Same goes for Philly. Let me know your choices and I’ll get back to you. Over and out!


Hawks Take Hold, Up Two Heading to Philly

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Chicago Blackhawks have defended home ice by winning games 1 and 2 at the United Center (otherwise known as the Madhouse on Madison Avenue). Both games were extremely close as the Blackhawks prevailed in Game 1 by a score of 6-5 and in Game 2 by a score of 2-1. My thoughts on Game 1 were, "what in the hell was going on in the defensive zones of both teams"? I thought I was watching house league 6 year olds on a cold Saturday morning. It was laughable how two NHL teams that are battling for the Stanley Cup stood around all night and watched the puck. I’m pretty sure that both coaches were having heart palpitations watching it all unfold. Sorry, folks… it was not pretty! In the end, the Hawks will take the W. Pretty or not!

In Game 2, things were much different as I’m sure both teams got taught a lesson on the off day about defensive zone coverage 101. The Hawks once again eked out a 2-1 win with Antti Niemi holding down the fort. Niemi was spectacular down the stretch of the third period when the Flyers made it a 2-1 game. Honestly, I thought the Flyers were going to score and send the game into OT. However, Niemi and his Hawks would have none of that. I’ve got one question for you all… has anyone heard of Antti Niemi before the playoffs? I have to admit, I knew nothing at all about him. I certainly do now! Anyhow, the Flyers have been in this situation before. Can they fight back into this series? Games 3 and 4 are in Philly and I’m sure the Flyers faithful will be ready. Chicago is a monster on the road, though (8-1 in the playoffs). Only time will tell.

Lastly, I have one more thought on the Finals. It’s time to rant! Again, the officiating has been a huge topic of discussion. Why? Well, what goes on during the regular season apparently doesn’t apply in the playoffs. Confusing? You bet! I’m confused (doesn’t take much though), the players are confused, the referees are confused, the NHL is confused, and most importantly the fans who pay their hard earned cash are confused! It’s like beating a dead horse, but I have to keep doing it. The NHL has created this problem. There’s way too much tinkering of the game over the last 5+ seasons. How can Chris Pronger and Dustin Byfuglien hack and slash each other in front of the net (which I personally love) and not receive penalties? While a touch stick foul is still called? The fans around the league see this and the NHL wonders why it’s hard to sell the game? This happens too frequently… message to the NHL: the fans are not stupid! Wake up and review some of the rules that have been implemented in the last 5+ years. It’s time! Over and out!


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