Zherdev's The Man

Friday, October 31, 2008

Nikolai Zherdev's offensive skills were on display in a 3-2 victory over the Atlanta Thrashers (who gave the Rangers all they could handle). Zherdev's hands in particular were on display in the 3rd period, when he backhanded the puck "where the peanut butter is", top shelf under the crossbar. Trust me when I say this, there are a few and far between who have this ability to handle the puck like Zherdev did last night. Not only did he score, but he also set up another goal when he showed patience, circled the net, and fired a pass through the crease. The pass ended up getting to Dan Girardi's stick - who pounded the puck past Thrashers goalie Kari Lehtonen.

As usual, the King was solid in goal and the Rangers powerlessplay was in effect again (another 5-3, no goals). I know Zherdev's goal was on the powerplay, but really 14.5% is nothing to brag about. Another thing, why the lack of scoring at MSG? It's a mystery to me.

The game also featured a heavyeight bout, with the Rangers' Colton Orr squaring off with Atlanta's Eric Boulton. I was watching this game with my son and before the fight really got going, I blurted out, "Boulton's no push-over". I give Orr the decision, but both players stood up well in a long and tiring fight!

Overall, the Rangers end up with another win and now have the best... that's right, the best, start for a Rangers team ever in franchise history. It's not always pretty for the Rangers this season, but in the end - the results are what counts. On to Toronto on Saturday, which will be another difficult one. Over and out!

Oh, by the way, I will be doing the Quinnipiac Bobcats game on Saturday night. They play at home against the UConn Huskies. I will need a full report on the Rangers and will give my report of the Bobcats game. If interested in listening to the Quinnipiac game, tune in on your computer to WQUN Radio.

Site Link: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x981.xml
Direct Link: http://www.streamaudio.com/stations/asx/wqun_am.asx


Jeff said...

Was a tough game yesterday, the lack of scoring at home is definitely becoming alarming. 3 goals in 3 games before yesterday's game is not what we expect from the team. But hopefully we had THE man. Don't forget Chris, to mention the nice effort from Zherdev on a backcheck in the second period, when a Thrasher was on a breakaway, that was brilliant. Renney benched him for 6 shifts on Monday after the pass to Okposo. Zherdev got the message, that's nice to see.

So that's it, Shanahan is moving. I don't know what to think about that now, especially because the news came right after we sent Korpikoski down, and right after Rissmiller has cleared waivers and can be sent down at any time. We may need someone on the wing on the third line with Prucha and Fritsche struggling at the moment. Why not sign Shanny now? We have the need and the room. I don't get it.

Thanks Chris, for the link I will check the game if I have time. At what time is it please?

Take care.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots--I think it's safe to say, that when it comes to the offensive part of the game--Zherdev is without any doubt, the only foward on the team that is a legitimate FIRST LINER!!--His offensive skills are head and shoulders above anyone elses--But no Euro Cute--He has got to realize that this is without a doubt, a team that will only be rewarded with wins when they play within the system and play in all three zones--If he has the space and the advantage, he can't become UNSELFISH and make low percentage passes to linemates who can't do what he seems to be able to do anyway!!!They make their share of bad decisions every game,but so far "no harm, no foul" (thanks --KING)--Your 1000% on Saturdays game--The Leafs will not fall easy!!!-get it??

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, Zherdev's effort on the back check was a big play. With Zherdev you live by the sword and die by it. He is becoming the most dangerous offensive player for the Rangers. He also can be a liability as well.

Looks to me as "Shanny" has had enough waiting. I wish he was still a Ranger but, we must move on.

Jeff, it really is remarkable this start for the Rangers, gotta love it. The Bobcats game starts at 7pm eastern time. We go on the air at 6:25pm. Jeff, maybe I'll give you a shout out on the air.

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr.hockey Mr.Hockey, so far so good. Zherdev is that player that puts fear in the opposition (Defense men). He also will put fear in Ranger fans once in a while. He's not the only one with "low percentage passes" You know who it is, no need to explain.

Toronto will be tough . They play hard and are held accountable by Coach Ron Wilson. Great start, franchise best, Whats not to like.

Leatherneck said...

hi Chris..i am having issues posting on here my brother...Hi Chris..tried to post yesterday..had issues posting..its time to make the Dubinsky, Voros and Zherdev line the number 1 powerplay unit and the line on the 5-3's. Kalinin must go, that play against the Thrashers on the PK where he left the slot to hit the guy behind the net was another example of how he makes rookie mistakes. 5 weaknesses to this team are Kalinin as number 1, Roszi not shooting 1 timers, the ineffectiveness of the powerplay especially on the 5 on 3's, the ineffectiveness of Dawes and lack of production and finally the salary cap gridlock that doesnt allow to fix some issues..LETS GOOO RANGERS...

Wrath of Sanity said...

I can't believe what happened tonight. Play 2 and a half periods of typical boring Rangers hockey, have a 2-0 lead and go on the PP.

As usual, can't convert on the PP. Then the Leafs score 5 goals in about 5 minutes.


Nice Reality check though. Have to keep putting the pressure on your opponents. The Leafs kept playing hard all game and got a very dramatic W.

Hope this loss doesn't spark us in a downward spiral.

Jeff said...

Wow, unbelievable. What a reversal. I'm really disgusted at the moment, I don't find my words. How the hell can we let them come back so easily? We literally stopped to play. Hey guys, a game run 60 minutes, not 52!

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots--If I didn't buy the T.V. I would have just put my efin fist thru it!!Somebody please tell me more than one player is wearing # 45!!Not because I see it all over the ice,--because I always see it when something breaks down!!!So far so good -- no harm no foul??? not tonight --it happened all so quick--it was like a mugging or a drive-by shooting--bang bang your done!!The Leafs just kept on coming--and you just knew that after the first goal, more were coming --because they had the Rangers chasing--after the second --Ifelt the time-out would get them straight,and back to the task of getting the game back under control--after the third I started to think about ripping the t.v off the wall and putting it thru the window---after the fourth I was too efin stunned to do anything--after that I started drinking--Want to know what pissed me off the most???It was HOCKEY NIGHT in CANADA!!!!Hey I know games like that are going to happen--always did --always will--but to go 13 minutes into the third,pitching a shut-out--I'd rather suck right from the start than lay down at the end--but the Leafs never backed off their gameplan --and after they knocked us down we didn't get back up!!Renney has to coach them now on how to get ready for tuesday after a game like tonight!!!Saw Poodle--he looked tanned--had a nice jacket too!!I'm so pissed right now, I'd kick the dog in the butt-but she's bigger than me.

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, I was busy doing the Quinnipiac Bobcats Game on radio last night. I actually gave you a plug on air as well.

From what I gather the Rangers booked their reservations for departure a little to early. Up 2-0 With just over 7 minutes to go. Sounds like a comedy of errors occurred.

I had a feeling it would be a tough game, but still felt the Rangers would win. Oh well you live and learn lessons along the way. A big lesson was taught to the Rangers .

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, I don't understand why Voros Is not standing in front of the net on the 5 on 3 power plays this season.

Kalinin is starting to wear thin on Ranger fans nerves, no questioning that. I agree with your 5 points as well. I believe as the season continues these will have to be addressed.

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: Wrath, sounds like you, jeff, and Mr. hockey watched the game together. I can only go by what Ive been told. The Rangers definitely packed it in a little early last night.

The Leafs are a hard working group of players and play right to the end. The Rangers learned a big lesson on how to finish off games.

The power play is horrible, I am really dumbfounded as for the lack of "killer instinct" that is missing on the PP.

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr.hockey: Mr.Hockey, What can be said that you haven't covered all ready. From what info I got, it was a major collapse by the Rangers.

Take it easy on the tv, and dont touch the dog (they bite!) A lesson was hopefully learned last night by the Rangers, if not shame on them.

As for the "Poodle" he looks good all the time. It's part of his shtick. He's starting to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Leatherneck said...

Really, its time to get rid of this kalinin guy..I have about had it with him..infact..there should be a clause for the teams that overpaid players who dont preform to their contracts are then null and void of that contract such as Roszival, Drury and lets just forget about Kalinin..if I dont preform I get fired..I make no money..why should these guys? It was a disgusting last 6 mins of a game I have ever witnessed and it started with a kalinin give away and out of position kalinin yet again..Whats Renney thinking? Whats Sather thinking? They have to realize the same things we see..so why keep playing this guy??

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, I totally agree with you on overpaid - under performing aspect of a contract.

The players today make huge amounts of money, which I really don't begrudge. However you must be held accountable when you don't live up to the salary you receive.

I got a ear full this morning from fellow Ranger fans over coffee this morning. Kalinin, and everything but the kitchen sink about last nights game. A lot of anger was evident here in Pa.

Leatherneck said...

Honestly. Malik was far better than this guy..in fact I liked how Malik played and thought he was unjustly crucified...and what do you see as a solution to Roszi and Drury? Is a call up of Fahey or Potter warranted now? How about a grit 3rd liner a la Dane Byers?

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, the solution for Rozi and Drury is? do nothing. It goes towards are discussion about living up to your salary.

These 2 players make a lot of money and the Rangers are on the hook for them. No chance at a benching. You can only hope that they snap out of it at some point.

As for a call ups, it's possible but I don't see it right at this moment. Their record is still good, the thinking would be "no need to panic".

I often found myself defending Malik. I never understood the constant booing (even when his name was announced in the starting line up) incredible to me. Let's see a plus player, you won with him in the line up, I guess I would boo him too!

Leatherneck said...

I think Byers would contribute more than what Dawes, Prucha and Fritsche are and Potter would be a huge upgrade over kalinin. Atleast Byers hits and can fight and even clog up the crease. I do see a trade happening, but would be curious to its timing..the sooner the better in my opinion, so that the Rangers dont have to make moves at the trade deadline...what do you see as needs to correct some of the issues...your observations?

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck I would like to see a power forward that can contribute with the offensive game. I still would love a "Mike Komisarek" type D man (wouldn't that be nice).

Trades will happen, there is to much invested in this team for them not to. I think it's to early now, but I am with you on the changes that will be needed to make a serious run at the cup.

Jeff said...

Hey guys. That's just a thought I have for severals weeks now and I didn't talk too much about that because of the team record, but actually I have some bad feelings about the coaching staff. I know what Renney did for the team since the lockout, but I'm just wondering where is the upbeat tempo we have been promised during the offseason? Except in Bern and Prague, we've not seen a lot of changes. Where's our powerplay? 14,3% and a 26th place in the league. I find we blame too quickly the players, probably some deserves it but I'm not sure all do. Aren't Renney or Pearn responsible somewhere as well for that lack of aggressiveness? I'm starting to think so. But as I said, that's just a thought, I don't want to lynch anybody with our actual record. Not yet.

Thanks for the plug Chris, on Saturday, my heart swung between the two games and I finally decided to tune in to HNIC. But that's a good thing I recorded the Bobcats game! I will listen to it this week. Thanks

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, sometimes its easy to point fingers (I do it all the time). I'm sure Rennie and staff go over and over about the power play. You have to shoot the damn puck to score, it's as simple as that. I always go by "Players play and Coaches coach").

The problem I see with not just the Rangers but the whole league is they get to cute on the power play. Too many passes, not enough shots. It's like they want the picture perfect goal (European Influence?) Sorry just my thoughts.

No problem about the plug, you are well deserving of it.

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