Drury Breaks Out

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chris Drury and the New York Rangers solved 2 problems in one night. Firstly, Drury's 1st hat trick as a New York Ranger, which led the Rangers to a 5-2 victory over the Lightning. And secondly, the power play actually showed some power for once by going 2 for 7. After a terrible display against the Islanders this past Monday night, the power play actually looked threatening for once. I hope that it continues to thrive, because this team draws a lot of penalties and they need to capitalize on their chances.

Now, on to Drury. There's been a lot of head shaking going on about Drury's lack of production. Tonight, at the very least, gave the Rangers fans a sign of good things to come. Drury's shorthanded goal was a thing of beauty. You could tell by Drury's reaction just how big of a goal it was. I hope a night like this will bring consistancy to his game.

Other thoughts on the game: Tampa is not a bad hockey team. They outshot the Rangers by a 38-35 margin. Coach Melrose will have this team chalenging for a playoff spot, trust me!

Also, I wonder what kind of reaction the NHL will have on Tampa Bay goaltender Mike Smith due to his repeated chops on Aaron Voros in front of the net (remember how quickly the NHL acted after Sean Avery's "playoff antics"?). I, for one, see nothing wrong with this as this was a normal part of the game in my day. Aaron Voros was just doing his job. After all, this is what the league wants, "no touch hockey in front of the net". So, this is what you get.

And can somebody please tell me by today's rules, what should a player/goaltender/defenseman do? I have no idea. But one thing's clear, you can't protect one (goaltenders) without protecting the other (skaters). Over and out!


Oh, and also, I have 2 games this weekend (Friday and Saturday nights). Colgate and Cornell visit the Quinnipiac Bobcats in 2 important ECAC match-ups. It should be a very entertaining couple of games. Please, check it out on the radio!

Site Link: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x981.xml
Direct Link: http://www.streamaudio.com/stations/asx/wqun_am.asx


Crock said...

Have always liked Chris when he played for Buffalo. The one thing you can always count on him to show up to playe whether or not he gets a point on the scoring sheet. How the Ranger fans can get down on him is beyond me in the first place. He is the kind of player you want on the ice in key situations and especially when the game is on the line. The Rangers are blessed to have him on their roster regardless of the points he puts up.

Agree with you about the goaltender doing his job with a little chop here and a little poke there as long as he is not getting out of control and trying to break an ankle. That is old time hockey and a part of the game that is too micro managed big time in the game today and that is what makes it boring at times.

Listened to you doing the radio tonight at Quinnipiac and like the way you told Stewie that the NHL is too micro managed today. Also liked the comment you made about how he used to tell the teams how the game was going to be called and that was the truth. What you can get away with .... what you cannot get away with. Something the NHL is lacking in their game today as it seems week to week things change as to what you can and cannot do. It will be interesting how long it takes for the NHL to take action on Avery like actions this year especially when we get closer to the play offs and teams are trying to do anything to get in ????

Sounds like you enjoy doing radio. Nothing like a good hockey game and from what you tell me lately and from what I have witnessed at college games. The college game is just as entertaining as the pros and in fact some nights better than the pros if you ask me.

Thing I like now is I can listen to you doing a college game and respond to your blog at the same time.

Keep having fun with it and keep entertaining us Chris.....

What's this end of the second and I hear the band playing the Whalers song you love so much. You remember the song you guys used to come on the ice and skate around for a few minutes ????

Have fun man ..........


Jeff said...

Very impatient about tonight's game against Washington. Most of all because of Zherdev facing Ovechkin and Semin, that could be a really entertaining game to watch. Zherdev was all over the ice against Kovalchuk last week, we can hope for the same effort tonight. GO RANGERS!

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots--just the short of it tonight---good gameplan for the Caps--get in on the forecheck--pressure the defense--bang the King--and every skater take the body--they did and they won---the King was tops again--Johnson played big in the net all night too---the Refs were weak--the King got run over a few times--got hit pretty good --and they got away with it!!--by the Refs--and worse by the guys on the ice!!!---lots of up and down play---but physically we didn't measure up to the Caps---not until the third and then we seemed to take the play to them!!our record still looks stout, but 1-3 is a lousy start to November!!

Mr. Hockey said...
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Wrath of Sanity said...

Definitely some blatant penalties with Caps players crashing through the crease, then proceeding to destroy The King. Henrik looked pretty pissed off too, by the way. Refereeing, on both sides, was suspect... as usual (though they really owned the Rangers early on with calls/missed calls).

Caps scored 2 flukey goals. First bouncing puck up in the air, hitting the glass, off Lundy's head, off of someone being pushed by Mara in front of the net. 2nd goal comes with the net off of one of the moorings (or REALLY close).

As usual Renney pushes the "first" PP lines down our throats and they continue to do NOTHING.

Voros, Dubi, and Zherdev's line at the end of the PP contributed the only goal of the night... what else is new? Give the best PP line 30 seconds of ice time, it's great strategy.

Played real well, I thought, in the 3rd period. Had a legit chance to tie the game with Drury's penalty shot down 2-1. He waited, made a decent move and could of had the goal if it wasn't for Johnson's slick poke check. Also had a PP at the end of the game, and pulled the goalie for 30 seconds for a 6 v 4, Semin blasts the puck all the way down for the empty netter to beat us 3-1. By the way, before the goalie pull, first PP unit was out and they executed some BEAUTIFUL passing to eat up the first minute of the PP. Keep it up guys! *Barf*

Of course, in typical Rangers fashion, we make Johnson look like the 2nd coming of Patrick Roy because no one can consistently score goals on this team.

Interesting to see Renney give Prucha very little ice time in the 3rd. Perhaps he's on his way out, or Renney is just realizing that the guy's first season with the blueshirts was a fluke finally? Tries hard, has effort, comes into the season in great shape... can't score. Nothing against the guy, but he's gotta go. Dawes is starting to creep into that category too (if he hasn't already).

If only we had another 60-70 point player... 30 goal kinda guy. That's all I'm asking for. Obviously a Kovalchuk or someone would be WONDERFUL (and I would trade just about anyone outside of Lundvqist for him, by the way)... but we just need someone to put the puck in the net on a consistent basis. Someone needs to bury these good looks that we get game after game.

Bad game tonight. Next up the Oilers aka the Rangers best friends forever (1994) at MSG. Hopefully they can get off to a good start in that game... LGR.

Kotsy's Korner said...

crock: Crock, Hey I realize that Drury's effort and leadership has never been questioned, but you do have certain responsibility to live up to pertaining to your salary. I want Drury to do well, and hope he finds the consistency that is much needed.

Thanks for listening to the Bobcats, it's a blast doing the color. I learn more and more each time I do a game. Paul Stewart is a true gentleman and a great guy.

The Whaler song still follows me to this day. It has a cult like following.

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, I guess they played okay from what I have heard from people who watched (I was doing the game at Quinnipiac)

Again, lack of scoring becomes the main issue with this team as well no physical presence. This has to be remedied for the Rangers to go deep into the playoffs.

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr.hockey: Mr.Hockey, seems like the same old problems again and again. No scoring, No hitting, and that leads to trouble for the Rangers.

Taking shots at your goalie? and no reaction is unacceptable. "King Henrik" should be protected like a King from the days when King's were King's.

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: Wrath, you obviously didn't miss a thing about the game against the Caps. Nice scouting report for me as I had to do the game at the "Q".

In my day as a player, you never touched are goaltender without retaliation (a fight usually). The "King" must be protected at all times after all he is the Rangers MVP. This cannot happen again!

Power play, is now a major problem for the Rangers and I agree with you 100%. Players who are performing should be rewarded with more time on the PP.

Prucha and Dawes are a mystery to all Ranger fans and the coaching staff. I don't know what to say anymore? They have become a head scracther.

We can only hope things change real quick for the Rangers when it come to the problem on offense. If not, moves may have to be made (trades?)

Leatherneck said...

Hi Chris, Its starting..the crashing of the net by the opposition as I had claimed earlier..it would..tough loss and I dont understand why the Rangers have a tough time against the Caps historicaly...any rumblings you have heard of in regards to the team? I really want to see a trade happen soon to correct some of our shortcomings...some issues are so glaring and evident that I am very suprised they have not been met as of yet. Do you know if Sather has been negotiating and just falling short or is he idle?

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, I was away doing 2 games on the radio at the "Q". I can guarantee you that the Rangers organization are well aware of their short comings. Trust me on that!

It's very disappointing to an ex-player to hear about your goaltender getting run over with no response. That should never happen, even in this "less violent game" of today. Hard to believe.

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