Rangers Pull One Out

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hockey is a 60 minute game and if you're a Boston Bruin fan, you're sick to your stomach. If you're a New York Ranger fan, your stomach's feeling a whole lot better thanks to the 3-2 win over Boston on Saturday night at the Garden.

With 2 goals in the last 5 minutes of the game by Nigel Dawes and Markus Naslund, the Rangers advanced to overtime period and with Chris Drury's shootout goal (a nice 5 hole shot through Tim Thomas' legs) combined with Henrik Lundqvist's save on Patrice Bergeron - the Rangers escaped the jaws of defeat and came out with a much needed victory.

It wasn't pretty for the Rangers for 55 minutes. Lots of missed opportunities, a "Powerless Play" on display once again, and being completely out-physicaled all over the ice. To the Rangers credit, they finished the game strong - where as the Bruins sat on it a bit and it ended up costing them a game that they should of won.

Were the Rangers lucky? Yes. Bruins unlucky? Obviously. But, that's just how the puck bounces (no reference to Rozsival). Over and out!

In other happenings, the Quinnipiac Bobcats have bounced back with 2 wins. Friday, they took care of Union, 6-3, in a game where Brian Leitch (no, not that Brian Leetch) broke out of a scoring slump with 3 goals and 2 assists to lead the Bobcats. Saturday's game went to the Bobcats as well, with a score of 5-1 over Rensselaer (RPI). Eric Lampe finally tallied his first goal of the year as well as an assist. 2 big wins by the Bobcats on the road which puts them back in the thick of things in the tough ECAC with a record of 4-4-1 overall and 2-2-1 in the ECAC conference play.


Leatherneck said...

I was impressed by the Rangers resilience, Roszy Roszy Roszy..my my my...same for Redden...this was a game won by Lundqvist and the third and fourth lines and the play of Mara and Staal...we really do need to tinker with the line up, how about a call up of Soryal and Potter if no trade is made..too bad Byers got hurt...but this can not become a cardiac kids team...and the lack of team toughness showed...the Bruins dominated in that category

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, I honestly had given up on this game. I was already trying to figure what I might say in my blog. Give the Rangers credit for playing the whole game. The title speaks for itself and Hockey is a 60 minute game.

The Rangers once again! showed their weakness. Lack of Offense as well as no physical presence at all. "Lucic" and many other Bruins pushed the Rangers around all night. The offense is just a mess.

I think what my old captain "Dave Maloney" said after the game is true. He was asked is this team as is ready to challenge in the playoffs?. His answer simply no, they have to find more scoring because you can't guarantee that the "King" will only give up 2 goals a game. I totally agree with his answer.

Wrath of Sanity said...

Paul Mara is the man. One of the best signings this off-season.

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: Wrath , I couldn't agree with you more. Mara's play has been steady night in and night out. He's been an absolute bargain.

Jeff said...

I'm feeling mixed with Rozsival being booed like he was Saturday. Of course he made some mistakes (again ok...) but I don't think so he deserves a so tough treatment by the fans. Give him some time damn it! We are leading the eastern conference, we know our team is struggling to score and have also some issues in D, on the PP and generally in the physical aspect of the game. Why put on their shoulders more pressure than they already have? I mean, the boos, doesn't affect only Roszi, but the whole team. No, really I don't understand. Of course Roszi don't play like a 5M$ Dman (for the moment), and Sather should have signed him for less but we could also start to boo Redden then, and Gomez. No really, that's ridiculous. The team needs our support, we are leading the eastern conference for God's sake! Let's Go Rangers!

Of course when I see that Orpik is making 3,75M$ per, I feel a bit confused we signed Roszi for 5...

Leatherneck said...

Jeff...i dont like booing a player either...however it seems like its the only outlet a fan has at a game and they have a right to boo as they pay for the ticket and on a good note it shows if a player has character and rebound or fall apart in my opinion,,,Chris, how come the Rangers have not fixed the Prucha situation? Either trade him or send him to Hartford to get ice time..its not right by either to just sit him down like this and...why have we not called up Potter yet..to put the pressure on the Kalinin and Roszival pairing and Redden to man up...in Kalinins circumstance he is getting better...to me there seems to be a trust issue between the D-pairings excluding Mara and Staal but since Redden did pair up with Girardi he got better but still no way is he playing to his standards and pay..I finally realized..only player big enough to stand in the crease is Voros...Drury does it from courage and is somewhat effective, however he will get pushed around a little,,,those are are only 2 players who go for the screen..thats not enough...Callahan is very effective as a rover and chasing the puck...When did Anaheim get Hedican..daggone

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, Rozival has struggled this season but he is not alone. I think unfortunately he's become the new "Malik".

Booing your team is a "no no" in my book. Getting angry and dissatisfied with a player is understandable. I get caught criticizing the high priced "guns" all the time.

Your right about the sharing of blame, it does not reach out to the "others" like it does for Rozi presently. Fans choose their victims and run with it. It's human nature.

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, As I said to Jeff, It's human nature to boo. I don't like it one bit and feel sometimes they (The Fans) don't know what their booing anyway. Get angry, but don't boo it's your team!

Prucha, at this point is what you call "Good Bench Strength". Something will be done in the future about not only Prucha but the other extra bodies as well.

At sometime they will call up Potter, unless a trade is made.
Hedican got picked up I believe about a week ago. I think he was sitting at home when they called.

Leatherneck said...

Hello Chris...cardiac kids at it again...2 games in a row down after 2 periods and to win it is very impressive...used to be a time..if you were down after 2..it was over...i am impressed in many ways...yet still feel uncomfortable with this team..the lack of hitting and toughness and scoring are scary...i mean by hits..that crunching hitting...not the soft taps they were credited as hits with...and there are only a few who really hit...Callahan will never be that devestating hitter but I love his heart and courage...why do you think this team is not scoring like it should Chris?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck: Leatherneck, I have no answer for you about he scoring. It's mind boggling. I'm sure the players are just dumb founded over it. It's clearly a major problem for the Rangers.

I am 50/50 on these comebacks. It's great to see them fight to the end of games but how long can this last? Beating a dead horse, how long can the "King" stand on his head?

Callahan is by far the only Ranger who gives you effort night after night. Outside the "King" no one else is even close. Callahan's got balls as big as MSG and I'm not joking.

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