Gomez Bails Out Rangers

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Scott Gomez scored just 18 seconds into the OT period and bailed out the New York Rangers with a 3-2 win over the Atlanta Thrashers. Gomez, who's been quite feisty lately, slammed home a rebound off a Markus Naslund dump in on goal. The Rangers once again relied heavily on the goaltending, however this time it was not Henrik Lundqvist's... it was Steve Valiquette's outstanding performance that gave the Rangers the much needed victory.

Colton Orr (you gotta love this guy) started the Rangers off with his 1st goal in 83 games. Now I know there are some who shake their heads at the fact that it's his 1st goal in that many games, however Orr is a valued player who does a great service for the Rangers - night after night. It's hard being a tough-guy in the NHL. You have no idea how much ice time you'll get each night, but you have to answer the bell when called upon (Nobody does it better than Orr). I like him and that's all there is to it. Now, back to the game...

Atlanta tied it up on a terrible line change by the Rangers (Where's the hockey IQ?) resulting in the 1st career NHL goal for Joseph Crabb, a former Rangers draft pick. Not only was it his 1st goal, but it was a great shot! Ryan Callahan then crashed the net and the puck bounced off of his upper body to give the Blueshirts a 2-1 lead. I was thinking, maybe... just maybe the Rangers would win this one in regulation time. But, no way! Why do it the easy way? Ilya Kovalchuk snuck by a few Rangers, who were caught looking at the puck, and Kovalchuk made no mistake with it and pounded it by Valiquette (Wouldn't he look good in a Rangers jersey).

From there, both teams looked to play a safe period of hockey and get to the OT session or the shootout. My take is much of the same for the Rangers: low scoring, or no scoring - which ever you like better. And, of course, good goaltending kept them in long enough for Scott Gomez to win it in OT. Wow, It's hard to believe it wasn't a shootout this time!

A decent win considering the past few games, but let's not do cartwheels over this one. There is much work still to be done in Ranger land. Over and out!


Leatherneck said...

Ahhh Chris..trust me...real hockey aware people know better than to think all is solved by that win in Atlanta...honestly and in fact it is still even more so an indicator that this teams scoring is in the DUMPS...against a team that is giving up close to 4 goals a game we get only 2 and 1 a shorty..nah..this team will not contend for a cup as is...my Rangers are my love and passion and I dont even consider dating a girl who doesnt love hockey...so being that i just said that...I know my hockey as well and will sink with my Rangers just as fast as I will ascend to heaven when they raise the cup over their heads having won the cup...in that trade you mentioned..Smid and Schrempf have potential..what do you know of Chorney and Gilbert...gonna watch a few Oilers games now to scout these 2

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck; Leatherneck, I too am much like you when it comes to the Rangers. I want desperately for them to do well and it aggravates me to no end when they don't.

Back to the rumors, I do not no much about any of the mentioned Oilers. It's not like it's etched in stone.

There is also rumor about Avery for Rozival? I'd do it in a second. Again that's whats being thrown out there.

Leatherneck said...

That I like...Avery for Roszi...then dump kalinin for McLaren..in exchange of contracts essentially..trade for him for say a 5th Rd pick..waive Kalinin a la Rissmiller and bring up Potter...now we are talking...as for Smid...i do know of him a tad..as he was an Anaheim draft pick which means he is a solid physical player or Burke would not have drafted him...if Penner didnt have that contract he could have been a nice fit here

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, the next few weeks (Days?) should be very interesting.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots---I was watching the game and thinking out loud "what is this world coming to?"---Orr scores a goal and Gomez fights!!!--Then Gommer went and scored in the OT and there went that...Vali-q played a real tight game didn't he---Is my imagination or is Kalinin always standing next to whoever is in goal after the other team scores??--Jeff.. you got me on Redden last night..+3---but they sat the wrong guy ---Potter played a better game than Kalinin when the Flames were in town, but he drew the short straw--Sometimes (if the schedule is right)I'd almost rather see them go with 4D and sit 45 and 6---these guys almost make me long for my old friend Sandish!!!Now thats bad---Neck had commented that he would like to see them dump Kalinin(-17 after last night) you know I'd doubt if the King or Vali-q would disagree if they could be that honest about a team member--Rumor --Avery for Rozi??--I'd do it in less than a heartbeat!!---BIG MATS will be in a suite as MSG on Sat.---We all know that Slats will take his temprature and see where he stands on Bway---It'll take some moves in cap space if ...we don't have much wiggle room--It'll have to most likely come from Rozi or Redden--than again whatever they give him (if he wants to grace us)--it'll be pro-rated to whenever he gets on the ice--I really think it would turn all the foward lines inside out if he came (than again Renney seems to like doing that anyway)--Tommy ..please keep em together for at least a week..Jeez---Did Pruch play that poorly ,that he earned another scratch ??---It was good to see Staal start a scrum in front---I'd like to see this kid play a bit more pissed off and rough it up some--I'm sure he would have no problem with that part of the game if he decided to play it that way---fair winds ...calm seas

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr.hockey: Mr. Hockey, I am just as surprised as most Ranger fans are about Gomez. Hey I will give credit to him when its due. He definitely has shown some anger and frustation over the teams play (And His). I like It.

I've said this over and over again about Staal. He has all the tools to become premier "D" in the NHL. What lacks is the "Nasty" part of the game.

The line juggling has to stop....
the next few games will be the tipping point for all the so called moves or no moves.

It will be interesting to see it all unfold to say the least. Ozolnish....? Please....

Leatherneck said...

Hi Chris...you know why they are keeping Kalinin? Not waiving him a la Rissmiller to pen room and cap space? What does Renney see in him that we dont?

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, I am not positive but it may be salary cap issues.

Kalinin might make to much to send him down. A head scratcher for sure.

Leatherneck said...

oh boy..we score 5 and lose by 3...this team is very big trouble and i almost smashed my TV over kalinin again...he sooooo has to go and girardi had an awful game and redden was redden again...ughhh ...glad though we lost big...Sather just might start doing something

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots--I know you didn't write the obituary for tonights game yet, but I got to hit the hay 4:30am hits harder than the Rangers D---Our PP =0 for 9--Devils on OUR PP = 2 for 9---At the next Board of Governors meeting I'm going to suggest that the league institutes a rule ,that like football a team can refuse a penalty commited against them !!! that should solve the problems we have quicker than anything we've done so far !!!---If we were told before the game that we would light it up for 5 goals and the King was in net for us , Who would not think that we could bank 2 points against a division team???---Gotta go I'm fading fast, but one more thought---If Kalinins play tonight didn't earn Potter a phone call telling him to get his ass back to N.Y. ASAP and Kalinin himself told that he should be ready to ride the stationary bike all night while the rest of the team try to beat the Canes without him ,----than it ain't never gonna happen this year----It looked like the Kalinin virus spread to everyone on the D tonight --like strepthroat going through a third graders classroom---as the ole Chinese guy use to say down at the laundry---no take body--no get two pointy..

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, That was awful. The Rangers got sand kicked in their faces. Outside of Orr and Voros, this team is soft.

I don't see opposing forwards slowing down at all against the Ranger D.

Midget's like Gionta and Parise flying around, taking cheap shots, and basically unchallenged.

You and I knew this was coming, and please tell me where Sundin helps in the "Physical" department?

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr.hockey: Mr.Hockey, What is there to say? See response to Leatherneck.

JohnM said...


I watch the score become 5-1. And during that time, I realize that every Ranger who hasn't had a fight in 2 years, are trying to impress their general manger by dropping the gloves. That's because, the same players have failed miserably at putting the attack on their opponents in the offensive zone. So , each guilty player takes a turn at being a tough , hard nosed, hockey player to show the GM that they do care. BULL!!
Toughness is displayed by getting hacked in front of the goalies. Wether it is your net or the opponents. That is where the game is won. The slot is where you defend. The place to shoot with high probability is from directly in front of the goaltender. Not from goal line. Or the side boards outside the faceoff circle. Not from behind the net. And most certainly not from a slap shot on the rush just when you get over the blueline when you shoot slappers at 70 mph !!
The Rangers defend the slot with 2 hands on their sticks and with their heads down looking for the puck. Opposing players sneak in behind the defenders constantly. Because the Rangers defenders are looking down, they are slow to react to player movements. When they do notice player movement, they continue to defend with 2 hands on the stick. That is ridiculous. You have to take away the scoring chance at all costs. Penalty or not. It must be done. That is the problem. Slow defensive reaction based on no heads on a swivel coupled with the lack of reckless abandon to stop the scoring chance. I really could care less if they take 5 penalties in a row. They must make it harder to score that goal. And it is harder to score if you stop the scoring chances cold. At whatever cost.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, I totally agree with your sharp scouting on the Rangers.(They were horrible)

Offensively, could it be that we have over rated the Rangers talent?

In the defensive end they just stare and watch the puck, no hit hockey and forgetting about where everyone is.

It's like watching 6 year old tykes play house league hockey. Where every one skates toward the puck. Hilarious.

"Toughness" to me as a former NHL player is when you make hard for the other team to do what they want.

Make them pay for beating you first to the puck, give the opposition a whack once and while in front Lundqvist.

If you as a player have to constantly pay the price physically, some back off (Not all but most).

Trust me the game hasn't changed when it comes to how the players feel about each other.

If they know your soft, then your screwed. If they know that they are going to get drilled, well.... I think you get the picture.

Leatherneck said...

Whats your opinion of Renney and his coaching staff, Chris,,,something is wrong in my eyes when they keep playing Kalinin whom in my eyes isnt even good enough to play in the AHL let alone be on the Rangers or any NHL team..I wonder how the Malik fans feel now...haha...redemption?? truely this guy needs to be dumped..he is not worth a cent let alone 2.1 mil that he is earning...and why would Sather sign him?? OK..so we signed him and he hasnt work, lets get over the mistake and correct the situation and waive him and sign McLaren already and interesting enough we are heading out West...very interesting...also these beat writers need to stop all this Sundin talk..they have held the League hostage and players like Shanny are paying for it..that also is mind boggeling that we have not signed him ...considering the state of the team in scoring..grit and character..which Shanny brings all of those intagibles to the plate...this team is in dire straits...why sink a ship when it is still salvagable and this ship is no boat..it still has some very good pieces in places

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, Renney's coaching style (defensive) is what it is. It's up to the players to perform and produce. Coaches can't make you care about your profession.

Players get all the blackboard instruction you could ever need, as well as tendencies of the team you are playing. Scouting reports etc... If you can't decipher that, then you should not be in the NHL.

The 2.1 million is the reason why Kalinin is in the lineup. I still don't understand why Malik was singled out by Ranger fans. Nut's isn't it.

When I look at Shanahan, he may not be what he once was that's obvious. He can score and more important is that he still has is "RESPECT" among his peers. The opponents rarely took cheap shots at Rangers when he was on the ice.

Leatherneck said...

beat writers are giving Sundin way too much power and are acting irresponsibly. He is holding the league hostage with his pathetic silly game of not making a decision, a 3 year old can make quicker decisions that this clown…no thanks to Sundin..he is not the answer..he is a mere band aid on an arterial bleeding…changes do need to be made..agreed there…Not sundin as he is not the answer..his actions have affected many players like say Brendan Shanahan who has CHARACTER, GRIT and can provide OFFENSE…things that Sundin dont provide is Character and grit and his offense is par to Shanny..is the answer Shanny?..yes…because he can replace Perry Pearn as an assistant coach next year

Kotsy's Korner said...

leatherneck: Leatherneck, your preaching to the choir on this one. Shanny is deserving not Sundin.

I am from Toronto and played (4yrs) for the hometown Leafs. So I have a vested interest in the Leaf happenings over the years.

Sundin is Hall of Fame, can't argue the numbers. However in his time as the "God" of hockey in T.O which player did he make better? I can't find one.

Oh, and by the way the Leafs as an organization not even close to the Rangers. The New York Rangers are total class and take care of the former players (even if you played 1 yr like me)

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