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Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Philadelphia Flyers came into Madison Square Garden in a 12:30 Sunday Matinee to take on the New York Rangers. In less than 30 minutes, the Flyers put the Rangers to rest. 5-2 was the final score in favor of the Broad Street Bullies and folks, let me tell you... it was Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Claude Giroux, a rookie, scored on a wrist shot to give the visiting Flyers a 1-0 lead on a play where every Ranger on the ice was staring at the puck like an 8 year old kid playing in house league hockey. 3 Rangers players had Giroux surrounded but didn't think to actually cover him. The result was embarrassing. This is the NHL, is it not? How can you make it this far and not know the basics of hockey?

From there, it gets worse. On a 5 v 3 PP, the 30 Million Dollars (Give or take a mill, but who's counting?) of the Rangers PP specialists unit botched another glorious opportunity to get back in the game. But, here it comes, you know it - there was another shorthanded goal by Mike Richards (5 on the year for Richards) and a new NHL record with 3, 5 v 3 shorthanded goals. If that doesn't drive Ranger fans nuts, nothing will. Do you still think it's Renney's fault? How about Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Rozsival, and Redden do their jobs when they are on the PP and stop giving up shorties for once!

I really feel that it's time for the Rangers "leaders" to be held accountable for their actions. If you're gonna pick out Wade Redden as the new Marek Malik, then how does Drury and Gomez escape the wrath of the Rangers faithful? I, for one, don't believe in booing your team... but if it's good to boo for one, why is it not good to boo for the others? I think I speak for all Ranger fans, it's frustrating to see what's happening right now (Embarrassing, might be the better word). I could go on and on about this mess, however there is no miracle cure. The players must fight their way out of this. You can criticize Coach Renney and his style all you want, but it comes down to the guys in the locker room. Over and out!


Jeff said...

And we lose Mara after his fight against Asham... Latest news are not good, he should be out for severals games. Chris, what did you think about Reitz in the last games? Not bad for a guy paid 13 times less than Redden.

Another disappointing game today. I don't know what to say tonight, sorry Chris. If we are not in emergency mode now, we'll never be. Something has to be done, and fast. I'm looking at the standings and schedule right now, Florida and Buffalo can jump over us tonight.

Something has to be done, and before the trade deadline, we can't wait March 4th. There are still 7 games to play this month. I don't imagine what can happen during these 7 games.

Good news is Avery played with the pack yesterday, and looked good, more prepared and in game shape than expected. He's not the savior, I fully understand that, but I sincerely hope he'll land on Broadway. If not, that would the coup de grace to this season for a lot of disappointed Rangers fans tonight.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff: Jeff, Losing Mara will not be good for the Rangers(He's been steady all year).

Jeff it's time for the Players to stand up and show their guts. The leaders or so called leaders have got to perform better or it's doom for the Rangers.

I like Reitz, he's physical and willing to mix it up. More than you can say about a lot of players.

GENO said...

Chris -- After watching this game,would I be wrong if I say the Wolfpack and your Q would play a better high octane game the our boys in blue. Maybe Gomer, Dru,Nasland, and sad but not least Redden should all look in the mirror and see if they like what they see! Personally I see a team that seems to have tuned out the coaching staff. Instead of changing coaches maybe Sl;ats should admit his signing mistakes and make some moves before it is to late for the playoffs -- Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno: Geno , These are tough times for the Rangers and their fans.

I believe the players are more instrumental in this slide. The leaders of this team have simply not played well. They should be held responsible.

Trades, unfortunately are not easy to do in a "Salary Cap Era".

JohnM said...

Prucha plays! Gets an assist. Sees less ice time as the game moves on. The Renney checkers were at it again today. Giving up great opportunities all over the zone. But still playing all shifts. The Redden boo birds were in full force today. It is too bad that Redden gets to play with Roszival, Girardi, Rookie Stall, and Kalinin or Rietz. That bunch of defensemen are scary to say the least. Roszival, Stall, and Girardi, as well as Kalinin all belong in the AHL. You are not going to read that anywhere else. It is too depressing.
I heard quite a few "Gomez you suck!" comments today at MSG. Another one was "Drury you suck!" I also heard a few " Yeah, way to go Renney. Keep playing the 4th line." in sarcasm of course. Another fan was screaming, " why the f$#@ is Colton Orr out there when we are losing by 3??" I don't agree with all these you suck comments because I feel Drury and Gomez , as well as Redden are not being used properly on this crappy team. These guys have specified talents that they have honed over years of playing in the NHL on other teams. When they signed in NY, the plan was to use them in the proper roles that made them effective in other places where they played. Not to turn them upside down and use them in areas where they cannot possibly succeed. Gomez is not a pp specialist. He is a checking center capable of giving you 20 goals. Drury is not a go to guy. He is a 2nd line player who's strength has always been following the big offensive line out on the subsequent shift when the opponents top checkers had left the ice after guarding the top line. Drury excelled because his talent was good enough to score against the secondary players of other teams. Now he has become Captain and go to guy? Redden needs to play with offensive players. Period. Players with vision. Not Roszival or Stall or Girardi. Give me a break man!
But the Big One was " Fire Renney!" Yes. Renney has overstayed his welcome in MSG. It is time for him to move on.
The Flyers came in on back to back game days and just dismantled the Rangers in our house. Disgusting. The Flyers were ready for national television. Renney did not prepare his team at all. Embarrassing.
The NY Rangers upper management must change the coaching staff. It is an insult to the fans to do nothing and watch all this happen.

Leatherneck said...

Hiya was a disgusting game to watch...made me want to through up after that shorthanded goal against on a 5 on 3...only consistant line was the 4th line who played well...something has to give..we have a choice...fold and go for a high draft pick or make a few changes...i say lets be sellers at the deadline and rid ourselves of Blowmez, Redden, Drury, Naslund, Roszival, Kalinin, Dawes. Voros and Prucha either via a trade or simply waiving these players...they simply didnt work..that penalty on Orr was autrocious call...Milbury had it right pansification of the game indeed

Leatherneck said...

oooh one more thing...Mcguire was stating the Rangers bench was silent?...have these guys given up?

JohnM said...

#___Player__________G__ A_PTS_+/-
Pierre- Parenteau ___ 23 37 60 -6
42 Artem Anisimov___23 33 56 2
18 Patrick Rissmiller__6 25 31
15 Greg Moore______16 13 29 -11
21 B Sanguinetti ____4 25 29 -18

Here is the top of Hartfords scoring list. See the minuses? See the plus on Anisimov? Artem got a one game looks . Why not Parrenteau? or Moore?? Don't tell me we don't have scorers!!

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, I know that the signings over the last few years have not worked out the way we all imagined.

Goal scoring may or may not be in your eyes what these players are all about.

Unfortunately these are the players that are with the big club and they are not producing for what ever reasons. You have yours and I have mine.

I would love to see some fresh blood inserted in the line up. Until that happens the players they have must bear the burden that "THEY" have themselves have earned.

You may be right about something needs to happen, but if a "Millionaire Hockey Player" needs to be "Spoon Fed Preparation" by a coach then he don't belong in the NHL.

It's called the self motivation and take pride in your craft.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck: Leatherneck, It was down right "UGLY". The Flyers were able to put in cruise after the first 28 minutes.

What does that tell you when your 4th line is the most consistent? Not a knock on the 4th liners but....

If they have given up shame on them. Not very pro-like.

The Orr thing was definitely handled wrong. Just like the NHL wants. LOL

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, Nice stats from the boys in Hartford, it's what's up with the big club that concerns me.

JohnM said...


No Offense! But no cap room leaves Hartford as an option. Other teams succeed with very young gifted offensive players on the pro roster. Lets not kid ourselves, there is no competition on the big club. The city slickers party together after hours and come to the rink ill prepared because no one is pushing the Millionaires for their spots on the roster. Henrik, Scotty, Drury, are not focused 100% . I remember when a Ranger was not allowed to live in NYC . Now I can see why.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, You're right, but that would mean you would have bench some of the players signed over the past 2 years. Dare they?

JohnM said...

I guess the main guys need to play 1/2 the minutes. Get the Dubinsky's and Korpokoski's along with the Prucha's out there for 22 minutes and curtail the big boys to 12 to 15 minutes.that is just as effective as a benching. BTW. Zherdev being benched was a bush move. That's the biggest problem I have with Renney. He lacks the backbone to blame the right players. He's got to go Chris. Sorry. But its time for a change!

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, It's tough to bench players today because of how they were acquired and how much coin they make.

If you for example bench a high priced "Free agent" (Like some deserve) you are admitting your mistake in signing that player or players.

Who would have the balls to do that? If you do then your job coaching or managing heads directly to the line of fire.

Listen, I know when you and I go back and fourth about the state of the Rangers you make intelligent arguments.(You make me think LOL)

Change of coaching during the season never works. It's up to the players to "LIVE" up to the "HYPE" given to them, not just by Ranger people but the people around the league who universally told us that.

WALLY said...

Hey Chris,
How about those FLYERS!!! Only had to show up for half the game, guess they were getting tired from playing Sat. afternoon. I sure like the defence core right now(i"m sure you can appreciate that) especially with Hatcher the pile-on on "IR". It should be interesting in the East this year with so many good teams.
What do you think of Ovechkin this year? I still stand with him over "Sid the Squid" anchoring a franchise. Talk too you soon!



Kotsy's Korner said...

Wally: Wally, F--K the Flyers!

Leatherneck said...

If things couldnt get worse..Mara is hurt...ughhh...this is getting ugly very quickly Chris

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck: Leatherneck, the Rangers are in desperation mode.

Mara getting hurt certainly puts the pressure on for someone to step up on the "D".

JohnM said...

Who does Ted Nolan work for these days? Is he a scout?

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, That's a good question, I would think he's sitting at home collecting his pay checks from the Islanders.

Leatherneck said...

Well Chris...I dont think Renney will last as a coach sadly..I have never liked watching the Rangers on Versus or NBC...they stink it up on those channels...again our top players under really is not acceptable to watch this disaster and my predictions are coming true..this team has no HEART and chemistry...i think we need to become sellers and hope to rid some of these contracts...only people I would keep are the Goalies, Staal, Girardi, Mara and Reitz on D... the 4th line, Korpikoski, Callahan, Dubinsky, Zherdev and Drury...I still believe in Drury howecer I would take the Captiancy away from him.. lets call this season a disaster and go for a high draft pick and sign Kommiserek next year and rebuild this team..objective should be to rid the salaries of those other players by next season ..just my opinion...

JohnM said...

Another bottom feeder opponent and another Ranger loss. They have to find a reason to perform? These players are so confused out there that it hurts. The Garden brass has to move. I don't think it can wait till the Islanders.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck: Leatherneck, what can we say? They played a little better, but one mistake (Staal lost his man) cost the Rangers the winning goal.

It's a tough situation to be in as a player. I have been there with all those wonderful teams I played on. (Being a little sarcastic here)

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, They can't score, create scoring or even threaten to score. Underachievement at it's best.

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