Rangers Shutout Devils, 3-0

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The New York Rangers, looking squarely into the eye of the storm schedule wise, shutout the rival New Jersey Devils by a score of 3-0. I personally thought that this was the game that could make or break the Rangers playoff hopes and the Blueshirts came through with a total team effort.

The kids, Brandon Dubinsky, Dan Girardi, and Ryan Callahan supplied all the scoring for the Rangers. I was at MSG to witness this game and the Rangers did not disappoint! Skating, hitting, and Henrik Lundqvist outplaying Marty Brodeur... and last but not least, Sean Avery (Who once again got no respect from the referees) getting under the skin of what seemed like the whole New Jersey Devil team. After a scoreless 1st period, Brandon Dubinsky showed some skill and savvy as he out waited Brodeur to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead. Later on Dan Girardi blasted a beauty past Brodeur on a nice shove pass by Nik Antropov during a 4 on 4. That was Girardi's first goal in 53 games and as a former d-man, that has to feel real good for Girardi. The third and final goal of the game went to my personal team MVP choice, Ryan Callahan. Callahan's goal, like Girardi's, was fired high past Brodeur. All the scoring the Rangers needed came in the 2nd period as the Rangers sat back a little and the Devils tried to claw back in the game. I thought the Devils actually outplayed the Rangers for the duration of the game, but to no avail as Lundqvist was solid - making the saves look easy.

The interesting part was in the 3rd, when different Devils tried their hand at getting Sean Avery. First, David Clarkson threw Avery down twice like a rag doll - with Avery showing restraint. Brave move by Clarkson, why don't you try that with Colton Orr? Anyways, Mike Rupp also took a shot at Avery at the end of the game and once again Avery showed great restraint. A couple of things come to my mind: give Sean Avery the credit he deserves with the NHL out to get him. He chose not to "dance" with Clarkson or Rupp. When you're winning, there's no need to partake in those types of activities. Also it sure looked like to me that the Devils were easily distracted by Avery's play - it looked very childish on the Devils part. Finally, I do have to question why Avery was on the ice with less than a minute to go in a 3-0 game? Just a thought. Overall, the Rangers passed a huge test. They got a big win in a critical game with playoff implications all around it. Fantastic effort, great night for Rangers fans and now it's off to Carolina. The Hurricanes have been the hottest team in the eastern conference, so it wont be easy. If the Rangers bring the same effort to Carolina as they showed against the Devils, they should be alright.

On another note, the Garden was jumping last night with former Rangers. For me personally I was able to run into and chat with Tie Domi, Ron Duguay, Glen Anderson, Nick Fotiu, Gilles Villemure, Pete Stemkowski, Brad Park and one of my favorites from my rookie year - Steve Vickers. Also, before the game, my wife Lisa and I had the great pleasure of meeting Mark Rosenman. Mark is a huge Rangers fan and is the host of Sportstalk NY, an internet sports talk show that is building a nice fan base. Check it out on Wednesday's at 9 PM! Over and out!


GENO said...

Hi Chris, good column. I can't agree with you more. The kids carried the play including the King. The fowards were in the paint all night, the D-men were standing up, and Avery getting under all their skin. I still don't understand how Avery received a 2min roughing penalty for being thrown to the twice like he was a piece of paper. We must ask Bettman his interpretation of roughing. Anyway, the PK outstanding, the PP non-existing. That and 3rd period scoring must improve if they are going to make any noise. What do you think? Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, The Kids did come through in a big way. It was a good game to see in person. Great effort by the Rangers.

Avery received the penalty for dropping the one glove. It's one of the new rules. A lousy one at that.

He tried not to drop it, but no one was there to break it up in time so he kept one hand ready just in case.

PP must get better, special teams are big in the playoffs. Getting there will be the hard part.

Wrath of Sanity said...

Great win last night. I always enjoy beating the Devils a little bit more than any other team in the league.

Sucks that Florida and Montreal won tonight. That just means we gotta keep it up. I guess I wouldn't want to limp into the playoffs anyway if we are to get in.

Huge game on Thursday @ Carolina. I think we can get it done though... in a close one.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, No backing in for the Rangers.

Teams are not gonna lay down for them. They must come through on there own.

With an effort like the one against New Jersey they should be all right in Carolina.

Leatherneck said...

Hi Chris..great game against the devils..watched part of the Devils vs the Pens...seems the refereee,,,the NHL is pro Pens..what is it...bettgirl wants to see the pens and crosbaby win the Stanley Cup? Play the F'ing game..eh..its pathetic to watch a team get the advantage so unfairly and biased NHL is and will never be a good thing...on to Carolina..lets GOOOOOOOOOO Rangers

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Bettgirl and Crosbaby?. I have never heard them called by those names before, LOL.

Yes it was a great game . I was present to witness the Devils implode over Sean Avery. It was friggin hilarious.

The Rangers must play with the same piss and vinegar against the Hurricanes. If they do I like their chances.

It's getting ridiculous and the fans see it. Unfortunately Bettgirl and his cronies don't.

Jeff said...

I made my mind on this Chris, I want 400% the debbies in the first round. I have the strong feeling that we can humiliate them more than last year. Their recent slump don't surprise me so much since that was one of the two possibilities after Marty's return. I don't know if that's an excess of confidence from the other players or something, but that could be linked somehow to Brodeur.

When Brodeur was hurt, everyone thought the Devils season was compromised, or at least that they won't fight for top spots in the east. I don't know what happened, the way this team played without Marty is beyond me, almost miraculous. But they did it, and are still considered as a serious contender this year.

I'm wondering if something happened when Marty returned, consciously or unconsciously in players minds. It didn't show up immediately, and the team kept the momentum and the confidence amassed all along the year but soon has slowed down. I can't explain why, or even if Brodeur really is for something, but strangely, since he beat Roy's record the team collapsed and is now 1-6. Or maybe they're simply exhausted after this trying and weird season.

Ha well, nevermind. Loved the game on Monday, probably the strongest and most complete since Torts arrived. The way the debbies totally cracked up and tried to catch Avery was totally amazing. If Avery was suspended for his sloppy comments, Clarckson should be suspended for his stupidity, this guy is a moron, I can't stand him.

My conclusion is simple, we can't lose against Brodeur's Devils when Avery and Lundqvist are in the line up, that's a fact. I sincerely hope we'll catch them in the first round, if we make the POs of course. Let's not count our chickens before they're hatched.

Time to kick some Canes tonight, LGR!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, I agree 100% if only it could be the "Debbies" the Rangers would face in the playoffs as you so kindly call them LOL.

It's along season , maybe the Debbies true colors have finally been exposed.

It was a total effort on Monday and the Rangers need the same kind of effort the rest of the way.

Carolina will be tough, and the Rangers must meet the challenge with everything they have.

Playoffs are not assured, but if they make it anything can happen. The top teams in the east have faltered down the stretch.

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