Rangers Season is Over, Lose 2-1

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New York Rangers did everything that they could to ruin Gary Bettman’s dream of a possible Crosby/Ovechkin match-up (That is now happening). Unfortunately for the Rangers, Sergei Federov ended the Rangers chances when he fired a high wrister from the off-wing past a dejected Henrik Lundqvist to give the Caps the first and last lead that they would need. The shot itself may or may not have been helped by a Wade Redden screen. But really, it’s a moot point now.

The Rangers could not muster any offense at all in the most crucial period of the year. 1 shot on goal in the 3rd period? That’s not what you would expect, but those are the numbers folks. Washington can thank their lucky stars and the NHL for escaping this Game 7 alive. The Rangers came out flying and controlled the 1st period with early scoring chances by Sean Avery and Nik Antropov. Antropov had a breakaway but I think he outthought himself a little bit, he should of shot the puck from what I saw. Anyhow, the line of Avery, Dubinsky, and Antropov was the best line the Rangers had all night and they finally got one by Varlamov. The Rangers goal was a result of Nik Antropov slamming home a rebound to give the Rangers the much needed 1-0 lead. Late in the 1st period, the Capitals evened the score on a fluke goal by Alexander Semin that went off of Girardi’s stick and Callahan’s shoulder to beat Lundqvist. Very lucky, you bet! Sometimes though it’s better to be lucky than good, in this case the Caps will definitely take it.

In the 2nd period I thought was a tale of 2 halves. The Caps seemed to dominate the first 10 minutes with Lundqvist making a highlight film save off of Viktor Kozlov who thought he had an empty netter. It definitely kept the Rangers in this game. The next 10 minutes of the 2nd period was owned by the Rangers. The Rangers controlled the puck in the Caps zone, but could never get a clean shot on Varlamov. I thought the Rangers had momentum heading into the 3rd, but that was not to be. It looked like they were waiting for the one single mistake by the Caps, unfortunately that never happened and the Rangers offense was stuck in neutral.

Folks, this sums up the season for the Rangers. The lack of offense was a problem all year and it surfaced even more throughout this tough 7 game series. With the New Jersey Devils choking away a 1 goal lead with a minute to go in the 3rd to the Carolina Hurricanes, I know one person who’s jumping for joy. Gary Bettman’s dream lies in the Ovechkin Vs. Crosby series coming up. The Rangers found out the hard way just how tough it was to beat the Capitals and the NHL at the same time. Anyone who disagrees with that knows nothing about hockey. So, Gary who gets to play the Sean Avery character now? Even better, which side will you guys be choosing? Just thought I’d ask. Over and out!

Oh, one last thing. Memo to Alex Ovechkin: Lundqvist may not be a Tretiak, but you're no Gretzky either.


GENO said...

Well Chris, Bettman got what he wanted all along. Sid The Kleenex Kid Crosby vs Ovechkin the Clown. Who would Bettman's Maurauders pick on now in this series. Who would be the Avery?? With the Devils BLOWING their game, Bettman got more of an orgasm, no NY / NJ teams in the playoffs. Lets see if the NHL will make any money or make new fans with these teams. I think not! He definetly forgot 1994
Anyway back to the game, most of the boys showed up tonight to compete. The first period and the second half of the second period was dominated by the Rangers. The only thing to show for it was the goal by Anthropov, and that ASSEY goal tie by Semin. The third period the Rangers were just waiting for the BALL TO DROP. They had no offense at all, and it was just a matter of time when it happened. All night they were lead by Dubinski - Avery ( who had a great game) and Anthropov. Callahan, Korpikosky, Staal, Geradi, Lundquist, and the New kid they brought up can hold their heads up high. They carried this team again !! CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST GOMEZ -- Nasland - Redden & Drury ??? I put out another B-O-L-O alert.(BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR) Cause they did not show up AGAIN!! Well Chris, Slats might have to eat some money, and take a long hard look at this roster, changes must be made. He has to look for OFFENSE, since he is stock piling young Defensemen at Hartford, and they are strong in goal. He must show a pair b-lls and admit his mistakes and move this group of veterans. They just aren't working out. They provided absolutely no offense all year and the Power Play was non-existing. He gets paid the big bucks, so I hope this summer he earns it. ------ Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno , In the end the biggest problem for the Rangers came back to bite them in the ass, No scoring!

It really showed up in this series. the big guns did not get the job done.

The NHL certainly got their wish, let's see how it works out.

It will be a very interesting off season for the Rangers.

I will still be blogging throughout the playoffs so stay tuned!

Graying Mantis said...

Chris --

Well done and thorough analysis. You are right on the money. I took a different path. Your final comment is so, so true. The guy did not score a meaningful goal in the series.

I have no idea who to root against more in the East. We will have at least 3 more weeks of one of Bettman's boy toy teams.

I am hoping for Boston to prevail so that at least one Original Six team is in the Finals.

Seth said...


I agree that the refs were a problem all series, but I LOVED how this game was officiated. I was thrilled to see that unless someone had a limb forcibly removed from his body, they were going to let the teams play.

3 penalties combined all game? THAT is how a Game 7 should be officiated.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Graying Mantis, What could of been if the Rangers had any offense. It was the biggest problem all year and it leaked over into the playoffs.

I believe Ovechkin is one of the best if not the best players in the league today.

But let's get real about it. Is the NHL of today not built for his style and antics?

I will watch the rest of the playoffs and continue to blog. Stay tuned.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Seth , I almost agree with you about the officiating in last night's game. It was nice to see some of the infractions by both teams go but other were way to obvious.

How can you justify Mike green's mauling and dragging down Avery? or Erskine knocking Avery down in front of the referee with out the puck? and last but not least in the final minutes of the game Fedorov going high with an elbow and knee to knee with Avery?

Then the officials call a penalty on Girardi when he hit the "Golden Child" and that's justified?

Sorry Seth, It's a total mockery of the game that the NHL has such a "Hard On" for Avery. He's still a player in the NHL and should get the same benefit's like everyone else.

It was abuse in every sense of the word and there is no excuse for what happened. The NHL is fake!

JohnM said...

Well ,as Chris said, the Rangers season ended for the exact reasons that the team struggled for all year. Goals. I wish the Caps success. I would like to think the Rangers will revamp the lineup as much as they can to become a much more up tempo Tortorella signature team. This means the player types they bring in will have to be able to find the net and play in deep way more offense.
By the way, I never hear the Detroit Red Wings ( Whom I always compare to the progress of the Rangers on a year to year basis) complain about NHL conspiracies. The Wings just go out and get the puck in the net and keep it out of their own and then they move on.

GENO said...

John M, The Wing's happen to be one of Bettman's darling sexy teams. They won't need to gripe about calls going against them, none ever do. Look it up. Compare their calls against them to calls against the Rangers through 80 games. I am certain, that the differential is at least 2 to 1. The Rangers need not to complain about the NHL conspiracy against them, all you had to do is watch the last couple of games how obvious it was.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM, Rangers need to find a game breaking star player and get bigger physically.

Sorry, but I have to agree with Geno. Detroit is the one team that benefited the most by "Bettmans New NHL"

What would they complain about? it's catered to their liking.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, Simply well said.

GENO said...

Thanks Chris !! Geno

JohnM said...


Well, if you guys really believe that the Wings have an unfair advantage, then the answer should be to build the Rangers in the Wings style and image. It would be a win, win scenario. We the fans get to watch superior hockey instead of the constant merry go round of 6 to 10 players on the Ranger roster that do not belong on an NHL level team. Secondly, the Rangers would compete for the CUP every year instead of scratching the bottom of the division consistently.
That change would work for me. How about you guys? Wouldn't you like that? Or is it just more fun to complain? I'm not really sure anymore.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM, Why didn't 29 other teams think of that? Maybe because it's not that easy.

Hey, you have every right to your opinion and I've got no problem with that.

However when you and I give opinions is that not a way of complaining?

Trust me Favoritism does exist in the NHL and there is no denying that.

So I guess I"m complaining LOL.

Jeff said...

There's a problem between the officials and Avery, but the guy is victim of his reputation. I know he deserves this second chance, and he deserves to be treated like any other player. I think that will come with time if he keeps to play like he did on Tuesday.

Yes I was mad against Green for the interference, and against Fedorov for his kneeing. But as Seth told above, the game has been officiated as every game should be. Only 3 penalties called? Come on, we dreamed about that all along the year. LET THEM PLAY!

I don't think the referees tried to cheat on us otherwise they would have called a lot more penalties. From what I've seen, some would have been fair and unquestionable. Without Betts we all know how it would have ended.

Let them play, the referees gave a fair chance to both teams to win that game 7. I'm proud of the boys, everyone showed up and gave all he had, that's the most important. The referees have nothing to do with us losing that game.

They made a big mistake to let go Brashear in game 6, but the series is pretty even regarding penalties, 33 power play opportunities for Washington and 31 for us. With a decent and average power play, with a decent and average offense, we would not even complain about the officiating today, we would have swept the Caps in 4 or 5 games.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, The Rangers certainly had their chances to win this series there's no questioning that.

It's the obvious "non-calls" that irk me. How does Giradi's penalty on Ovechkin differ from what Green, Erskine, and Fedorov did?

That being said what lost the Rangers the game was the "Achilles" heal of the Rangers all year and that is lack of offensive firepower.

JohnM said...

And in there lies the challenge. 30 teams trying to be the best team. 29 teams trying to be better than the Cup champs.
That's why we love the game. For the challenge. The chance to be the best. I am sure that's why you made it to the NHL. And I know that's why I want the Rangers to win the cup. Not just be good. It takes a great deal of work to build a winning organization in any sport or business. But we all shoot for the top.
When things do not work out , we try harder. I don't waste time dwelling on the inequities. I try to beat them. That's what I am trying to say. Love you man!

Inexorable I said...

Good blog and I have to agree with what has been said.

I love Hockey but I hate the officiating and how it always goes against the Rangers. Especially Avery. I'm not big on conspiracies but you watch Betts get cheapshotted by that Goon Brashear and nothing is called on the ice... and then a few weeks back Orr gets called for interference, a 5 minute major penalty, with the puck right at the pens player's skates, Eaton I think it was. A game in Pittsburgh where the Rangers were called for 9 penalties. It gets so aggravating.

Nice to see that I'm not the only one that thinks the Rangers get an unfair shake when it comes to officiating.

Rick said...

I am not big into conspiracy theories but there are times when the officials have your number. I think that Avery has become ineffective when it comes to the officials. I believe they have the same attitude with Avery as do the other players and that can only hurt Avery's overall game. He needs to step back and take a gander at the way he is perceived and become a effective hockey player once again. He has good skill levels that should take precedence over his antics, that is the only way for him to get back into decent graces with the officiating.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM, It's always good to hear outside views especially intelligent ones that can be debated.

It's going to be a very "Telling" off season for the Rangers. It will show what direction the team is heading in with the moves they make.

One things for sure I'm sure it was cause more discussion by us all.

Stay tuned.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Inexorable, I appreciate the comments and totally agree with you.

My biggest beef with the NHL as it stands today is the "Hypocrisy" that oozes out of their offices in Manhattan.

The Orr incident compared to Brashear's is not even close in my opinion. The officials blew that call in a Stanley Cup Playoff Series?

This version of the NHL has a habit of insulting the fans of Hockey far to often and makes you wonder if it's legit.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Rick, Avery is enemy number one to Gary Bettman it's to obvious to ignore.

As a former player when you take to the ice you expect honesty and integrity and fair playing surface out of the officials.

That has not been the case for Avery and I believe Bettman and his NHL looks the worse for it.

If this were any other job and you were treated the way Avery is you file a lawsuit and probably win.

Can Avery ever get back into the good graces? I doubt it. Does he deserve fair treatment? you bet.

Thanks for the comments.

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