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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Pittsburgh Penguins have tied up the chase for Lord Stanley at 2 games a piece. With a gargantuan 2nd period effort of 3 goals in just over 4 minutes, the Penguins overcame a 2-1 deficit and won Game 4 by a score of 4-2.

The biggest goal by far was the Jordan Staal shorthanded effort when he used his big body to gain an edge on Brian Rafalski. Staal was able to rip a quick forehand shot past a stunned Chris Osgood. I knew that he had Rafalski beat at center ice and Staal finished it off perfectly. Big goal? Probably the biggest goal of the series thus far. Had Detroit scored on that PP, it would have been all but over in my eyes. From there, the Pens exploded with 2 goals, one by Sidney Crosby (on a great pass from Malkin) and the other by Tyler Kennedy (after a nice forecheck effort and passing play). Those goals really put Detroit behind the 8-ball for the rest of the game. How nice must it be to have the luxury of not one, but two of the best players in the world playing on the same team? If only my Rangers… oh, well!

So what have we learned so far other than both teams have held serve at home? Is Detroit showing some sluggishness and age? I doubt it! Can Pittsburgh maintain this youthful run that they are on? Who knows. I know one thing for sure, it’s now a series to watch with great expectations. No one has the edge yet and Game 5 should be a real beauty!

Now, on to my appearance on Ron Duguay and Ken Daneyko’s awesome radio show, “Ice Breakers” on Sirius XM Radio. What a great show it was tonight with “The Maven” Stan Fischler and former Full House actor, comedian, and huge Red Wings fan Dave Coulier (he saw me play for the Windsor Spitfires back in 1975, how cool!). We also had the pleasure of talking to Ron Greschner, who just launched his new website (www.greschnersports.com). If you want authentic sports memorabilia, that’s the site for you. The final guest on the show was current New York Ranger, Scott Gomez. I must admit, at times I’ve been very critical of him, but after talking to him… I have a better understanding of the pressure that he is under. Oh, by the way, he’s very funny as he was giving up some old Ken Daneyko stories. It really was a great show. Be sure to check it out, you will not be disappointed. Trust me on that.

I'd also like to thank Eddie "The Mouth" over at http://www.rangercrisis.com/ for coming up with some old DVDs of me playing with the Rangers! Over and out!


Krista Lynn said...

Hey Chris- how do you listen the show after its aired? Is there an online site that streams it that you know of?


Oh, and HOLY Jordan Staal shorthanded goal (led the league last year with SH goals at 7) and wowzers Sid goal. But, the most awesome goal of the entire playoffs, for me at least, came with Tyler Kennedy's goal in the third. Just some beautiful hockey by the Pens.

Finally! A game won by the work of the teams and not bad officiating! Whew!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Krista Lynn, You got me on that one
I believe you have to subscribe to Sirius XM radio to streamline it on the internet. Otherwise you are shit out of luck LOL.

You called it and it happened. The Pens deserved this victory big time. Kennedy's goal may have been the prettier one, but Staal's was the important one, The game turned on his goal.

You know you are right. It was the first game in a long time where I couldn't get all over the officials..... feels weird?

Troublizing said...

Thanks Kotsy, it was my pleasure and thanks for the shout out ! I wish I could have talked to you more yesterday, I was running late and had to get back to Long Island.

One of the guys outside the XM studio was the Devils PR guy for 12 years and we were talking about Hockey players being the nicest and most approachable players of any sport.

We came to the conclusion a lot has to do with the overall Canadian disposition. Which is more laid back and friendlier than the American one. What's your thoughts ?

BTW That pass by Malkin and the finish by Crosby last night has to rate up there with one of the best plays I've seen in a final.

Krista Lynn said...

Haha, yea its nice to be able to talk about the actual GAME. And while I agree with you about the game changer SH goal, I just needed a beautiful goal like TK's where Osgood was burned straight up. 3 goals in 6 minutes!!! Ahh... it feels so good.

Feels even better because, for the first time this series, Pens were able to shake up Franzen to the point where he started to look like a small child lost in the middle of EPCOT at Disney world. Sid being able to break free of Zetterberg with the new line matchups really seemed to work last night. But... the highly anticipated return of Datsyuk may shake those changes up tomorrow night. We'll see!!!

Anyways, lets just hope I was right about the rest. I called the team that won yesterday would win it all... crossing my fingers and getting all my black and gold mojo going.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Troublizing, All in good time my friend. Got to give you the props , you are a serious fan!

I can't speak for today's version of players, but I would agree totally with you and the Devil PR guy. I don't think it matters much what country you are from. You are either a ASSHOLE or your not! LOL.

We have always been accessible and respectful in general. Every now and then someone will get under our skin and we will explode on them like no other. However That is a rarity.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Krysta Lynn, I have to give it up to you. You obviously know a thing or two about Hockey.

I hope game 5 turns out to be the "Hump Buster" for the Pens. We shall wait and see!

Jeff said...

These two calls in a row letting the Pens one man down for 4 minutes could decide the series, those badasses Pens answered pretty nicely with that shorty, kudos. And we have a series now. Let's see how it will turn out tonight in hockeytown, that should be a wild game.

Chris, I don't know if that could help but I may have two games from your rookie year in blue. After I mentioned that wild game against the Kings in the POs a couple of months ago, I tried to find it. Unfortunately I only found the first game of the series, wish I could find the second one day. I also found on ebay a game against the Atlanta Flames, still during the POs, game four I think. Let me know if you're interested, I could put them on my blog if you want to download them. Troublizing, let me know if you're interested, I'll send you the link.

I'll check Ron Grechner's site from time to time. This "sign my stuff" feature looks great, wish I could get my Steve Zipay book signed, I'd love that. lol.

Have a nice game tonight.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, I really must sharpen up my "French" kind of miss checking your site out LMAO.

Tonight's game is the big one for either team. I think whom ever wins tonight wins it all.

Greschner Sports is the way to go! You are getting a real authentic autograph, no fakes!!!!!!

I'll let you know one way or another on the videos.

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