What's Next for the Blueshirts?

Monday, July 6, 2009

A lot has gone on for the Rangers over the past week. Scott Gomez is no longer a Ranger (I gotta admit, this one shocked me) via a trade for Chris Higgins. The Rangers also signed super star winger Marian Gaborik (or is it Gab-break). There was also a very touchy addition/subtraction with Rangers fans in bringing in Donald Brashear to replace Colton Orr (now with Toronto).

After all the negative emotional reactions to “The Donald” wearing a Rangers jersey, what were the Rangers really to do? Whatever the reasons for not resigning Colton Orr, the bottom line is that they did not resign him and the Rangers needed to fill that spot on the roster. You can all hate on Brashear all that you want, but he is still a bonafide deterrent and the Blueshirts have filled that role with his signing. He will, however, have to win a lot of Rangers diehards over.

What’s going to happen to Callahan, Zherdev, and Dubinsky (the first two of which have filed for arbitration) as far as the contract negotiations. Who is going to step up and be counted on from the youngsters? Grachev? Anisimov? Or will it be someone else?
As far as defense goes, will the healthy stock of d-men in the minors and juniors finally bring the Rangers a jewel? In my opinion, I believe the center spot must be addressed. Also, I know I’m repeating myself from past posts… but a tough, stay at home d-man would be nice, wouldn’t it?

I also believe that GM Glen Sather is not done yet making deals. Could there be a trade on the horizon? Or maybe two? Slats has something up his sleeve, but what? I don’t know for sure, but stay tuned… something must be brewing.

On another note, yours truly has been invited to Alaska to attend the golf tournament put on by the Scotty Gomez Foundation (I believe there will be fishing as well). I want to thank Scott and his dad Carlos for extending this invite and I’m sure it will be a blast! I will have a full report when I get back (Leaving tomorrow, be back sometime this weekend)! In the meantime, check out the Scott Gomez Foundation website at: http://www.scottygomezfoundation.com/


The Dark Ranger said...

Have a great trip and tell Scottie, The Dark Ranger thinks he's worth 7 million a year (in Montreal, that is). Safe travels and get back for more coverage Kots...


Troublizing said...

Kotsy Happy Ranger Birthday !

This date in Rangers history: July 10, 1980

The Rangers sign free agent defenseman Chris Kotsopoulos.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Hey, Dark it is what it is and I will let you know how the trip went.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Troublzing, Thanks for the update. Has it been that long wow!

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