Rangers Made the Right Call

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Alright Rangers fans, I know that I'm a little late with my latest post, but now I feel that we have had the time to digest Nik Zherdev's talent and skills being shown the door by Glen Sather. I believe 100% that it was the right move and I commend Glen on making this tough decision. When you look at Zherdev's numbers, you say to yourself, "How could this happen"? Well, to me, it's really simple. This is the NHL where you have to show up every night! Not when you feel like it. Zherdev, unfortunately, fell into that category and it was almost like the second coming of Alexei Kovalev (remember him)? Some nights Zherdev's skating, stickhandling, and overall talent was amazing to witness. On other nights, he would totally disappear. Sorry, that just doesn't cut it with me. Look at Ryan Callahan, for example... while he's not perfect night after night, he will give you his all and that is all about having heart. Nik Zherdev lacked in this department. It's one thing to have the world by the tail, but if you don't have the heart then you just waste the talent. It's sad, but true! The Rangers made the right call on him.

Now, onto Brandon Dubinsky and his rather puzzling situation. I honestly haven't a clue what's going on there. Should be he signed by now? Yes! Is there something holding this signing back? A potential trade or new addition? Obviously center is a weak spot for the Rangers so it's going to be very interesting to see how this ends. Stay tuned!

On to other happenings in the NHL... what were the Chicago Blackhawks thinking when they signed Marian Hossa to that ridiculous contract? Was there a doctor in the house? Just asking... The Dany Heatley story is starting to bore me as well as many other hockey fans. Time to get this situation straightened out once and for all... Last but not least, Theo Fleury. Wow! When's the last time you heard his name? Theo has made some rumblings about playing again in the NHL. Crazy? Probably. But you never know. Over and out!


Troublizing said...

I think Zherdev has the skill but not the will. He is not a Torts guy and he didn't get a goal in the final 14 games 7 of which were in the playoffs. Bad fit for this coach.

In other news The Hockey News Preseason predictions picked the Rangers for 13th in the conference !

Kotsy's Korner said...

Troublizing, Unfortunately too many players over the years have fit the bill of plenty of talent but no heart.

I can't tell how disappointing it is to see all that skill go to waste.

13th? What does the Hockey News Know? LMAO.

Jess Rubenstein said...

THN picked the NYRs to finish 13th is almost a lock to mean the Rangers will make it to the Cup finals.

CK what gets me is that when you look at players like a Zherdev who do not always give their all every night then you wonder why they bring in a Kotalik and a Lisin both who also have reps for being part timers.

Give me a roster of Callahans everyday

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jess Rubenstein, Jess you are absolutely right. I can't explain it other than you are what you are and it is what it is.

I think with most European's Hockey experts fall in love with the talent and forget about the "Heart" of a player.

Let's hope Kotalik and Lisin break their habit.

The Hockey News? Who are they? LOL

JohnM said...

We have to believe that Dubinsky is trying to be a team player on the contract front. It is typical from this kid. Dubi has been nothing but a class 1 Ranger from hist first day at MSG.
My take on Nicky Z is why pay him 25 % more than Kotilik when he doesn't score more.
I want Heatly. He is a legit goal scoring machine. Heatly would give Torts the 1 -2 punch the Rangers have been lacking since Mess and Gravy. Move Roszi, along with 2 kids and get Heatly here immediately.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM, I agree with you on Dubinsky. Contract needs to get done.

As for Zherdev, I think I've said enough.

Heatley would be a nice addition. What it would cost the Rangers player wise for his services is anyone's guess.

I still believe "Slat's" has something up his sleeve. We will just have to wait ........

Jason said...

Not to dwell on the topic of Zherdev, but he is a bit more aware of what is going on around him than may appear. I have read some of what he had said in a recent interview to a Russian reporter (in the original) and there appears to be somewhat of a disconnect as to what gets translation and how. I think for many guys with talent (Kovalev included) it is difficult, if not impossible, to display that talent night after night if physical or defensive play is not their forte. I guess you can't say "I'm going to be brilliant tonight" and go out and do it. There are exceptions, of course, but that's what makes players like Ovechkin so special. No one has ever put Zherdev in that category. Maybe I have somewhat of a soft spot for players with deft moves and soft hands. In any case, players like Kovalev and Zherdev are what they are. I don't believe that they purposely take nights off. They just don't have it on some nights, which separates them from the elite of the NHL. They frustrate coaches and upset fans.

Dubinsky's situation is a bit puzzling. Forgive me if I remain skeptical of Sather and his abilities to put together a complete roster. I hope he doesn't screw this one up and leave the Rangers even thinner at center. Fleury in Rangers' camp for a tryout? I hope not.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, To often the NHL experts get mezmorized with the overall skill and talent of the Russian players.

At first look, We all fall in love with the skating and stick handling ability they bring. As time passes you find out who has the heart and who hasn't.

Sorry I don't buy the "Translation Difficulty". They seem to understand the "Translation" when it comes to how much money they want to play in the NHL.

The biggest problem is when they don't produce and get publicly taken to the wood shed by the Coach, Media and Fans. Only then it becomes a Translation problem.

I know this much that "Effort and Determination" has nothing to do with talent.

Jason, I can't put a finger on the Dubinsky situation as well.

Theo Fleury should stay exactly where he is .... Retired.

Joe Tucc said...

I remain a fan still of Glen Sather despite not being able to re-sign Zherdev. I don't think Sather ever believed that Zherdev was ever going to accept the terms that the Rangers were offering. That is evidenced with the comments he made in the Russian interview. Something along the lines of "I'll sign on the dotted line when they meet my terms only"...or something along those lines. To me that is why they signed Kotalik. Not thrilled about that move, but again, myguess is heis here toplay alongside the captain.

In the end, you get a 50pt season out of a valuable asset of a defenseman in Tyutin. But, if there is one area where there seems to be fat it's the Blueline, so the talent coming in with Gilroy, Del Zotto, Sangs, even Sauer and now McDonough makes the whole move an easiuer pill to swallow. Like a shark replacing it's teeth.

But, onto Dubi...Get this deal done already! I really hope they are not planning on moving him for a bigger name down the middle. All of these namesthat have been mentioned all started out with similar numbers to Brandons in thier first couple of seasons. Now the Rangers have serious top line talent Gaborik, and a homegrown kid in Dubinsky to play with him. Dubi is already proven here. MSG knows what it'sgoing to get with him. Hard work, and exciting two way physical hockey. That's why the place loves him! Time to ink this contract already.

I don't even want to think about this team without the physical presence Dubi brings into the top 6. Playing Philly, Wash and Pitt will not be fun to watch!!!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Joe Tucc, Zherdev is what he is. A big disappointment.

I too believe that there will be new faces on the D. Gilroy is a lock, unless he absolutely tanks in training camp. The other will be interesting to watch out for. Who will step up and take the job.

I think I've said my piece on Dubinsky, Get him signed!

Leatherneck said...

hello chris,

I agree with the Zherdev decision as well and concur, Slats isnt done yet, I have a feeling there is a major blockbuster is being planned, now who would I go get? Dustin Brown and Colten Tuebert from the Kings, and add a decent second center and sign Dubinsky. Team toughness is a must in our Division

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Dustin Brown would be a good fit. Signing Dubinsky would be nice wouldn't it?

What Glen Sather has cooking? I don't know. You can bet on it he isn't done tinkering with the Roster. Just my opinion.

Joe Tucc said...

"I have a feeling there is a major blockbuster is being planned, now who would I go get? Dustin Brown and Colten Tuebert from the Kings, and add a decent second center and sign Dubinsky"

Leather- I was praying that Teubert would fall to the Rangers last season. There isn't a defenseman in the system like him. And...there hasen't been a defenseman in the system like him since Kloucek tore up his knee. Its one area this club just never addresses year after year.

Would love to have a player like Brown here too...but I don't think LA will part with him anytime soon.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Joe Tucc, We can dream can't we? LMAO

The Dark Ranger said...

That's a lot to cover Kots...pretty much all of this has kept the off-season incredibly captivating. I like the direction our Blueshirts are going...certainly Slats wasn't afraid to listen to Torts and add the necessary speed to the team...chemistry we can only hope.

Happy summer by the way.


Leatherneck said...

Hello Chris...your opinions on the Prospal signing?...I dont like it

Kotsy's Korner said...

Dark Ranger, I have to agree with you. The Rangers did not stand pat and in today's NHL you can't.

It will take some time for the Rangers to jell, but it can be done.

I'll have a new post up soon. Keep n eye out for it.

It's Hockey time again!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, What's going on. I don't think it's a bad move picking up Prospal for 1 year at a good price 1.1 mill.

If it works great, If he scores 20 goals I'll take it. If he doesn't no harm done per years on contract.

Like I mentioned to the previous response, I'll have new blog up soon. Hope all is well.

Leatherneck said...

I am doing well...things with ashley are working as I expected...which is great...patience has worked in this case...and frankly I am a very now type man...now...Rangers....no grit...they will be walked all over..Brashear...280 PIM's in my estimation...who else will fight and hit?...no...flyers got stronger and more physical..pens did too...caps are tough..how will we compete with toronto??...they are veryyyyyyyy tough...and...if our powerplay flounders...it'll get worse

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Good to hear about you and Ashley.

I can't disagree with you on the toughness, grit aspect. I do believe the Rangers will see this and remedy it before it becomes a problem.

I also believe that there is one more "Big" move yet to be made.

Leatherneck said...

So...you like the make up of this team Chris? you think its a contender or pretender team? whay would you do to improve the team Chris?..if the GM

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, I want to say contender, but I have to see how quick this team will jell.

Gaborik is the key . If he is truly healthy then this team has a chance to rock.

I want a seasoned center iceman (Get Dubinsky Signed). A tough stay at home d-man that plays with an nasty demeanor! Sound familiar?

Would really like to see a Del Zotto or someone like that step up and show the world they can play in the NHL.

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