Rangers Blank Bruins

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Well, that's more like it! The Rangers were all healthy and back to their usual selves. The King played like The King and Marion Gaborik took care of the only goal scored as the New York Rangers defeated the Boston Bruins in a Sunday matinee at the Garden. The timing of this shutout for Lundqvist was perfect considering the 50th anniversary of the goalie mask being introduced by Jacques Plante. The Rangers, as a team, really needed this one!

After dropping two in a row to a couple of bottom feeders (Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders), the Rangers played with enough effort to get the job done. They played with something that was clearly lacking in the previous games. With Marion Gaborik, Sean Avery, and Chris Higgins back- the Rangers had the full lineup intact. What was clear to me was that the Rangers gave as good as they got in the hitting department and it was about time! I mean, really, getting physically manhandled by the Islanders and the Wild was embarrassing. Today was definitely different and it showed. I mean, really, how much effort does it take to hit someone? Not too much, but I digress...

It was very nice to have Gaborik back from his injury today. Gaborik's goal was typical Gaborik. A quick release and it's in the back of the net. He gave no chance for Tim Thomas to set up. Also the great penalty killing today by the Rangers was to be applauded. The Rangers killed off all 5 PP's today that the Bruins had. The Rangers also needed a game like this from Henrik Lundqvist and he most certainly delivered. Good job all around!

Now it's on to Vancouver and the West Coast for some late night hockey (for us East Coasters). Over and out!


greg m said...

hey kotsy,
it was good for them to get this win, and altho i dont think boston is not considered a bottom feeder, they still are only playing 500 hockey.its nice to see the likes of byers and parenteau getting good looks and scoring goals in the absence of gaborik,and i think it was you that said that they may have to get use to playing with out gaborik sooner or later.and king henery was on time today playing a great game.i still would like to see a lot more physical presence in front of the net.im ready for a west coast trip, i love late night hockey.

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, I was referring to the Islanders and the Wild as Bottom feeders, although lately maybe they're not LOL.

The win over the Bruins showed me that when the Rangers get engaged with some physical play and energy they can be successful.

The west coast trip will be interesting to watch from a standpoint of seeing who will step up and not just rely on Gaborik for offense.

Jason said...

I think this game was more of a barometer for the club than those at the onset of the season. Lundqvist put it correctly during a post-game interview yesterday when he said that he got spoiled by lots of scoring early in the season. I think we all have been spoiled, especially after seeing how hard the Rangers labored to score last year. What still disturbs me a bit is an emotional reliance on Gaborik. I know the players will say that they have to step up when he is not in the line-up, but the previous two games showed otherwise. The team looked downright sloppy and disorganized . . . dear I say it almost afraid. The call-ups were the exceptions, because they do not have a Gaborik in Hartford. With someone so prone to injury being an offensive crutch, this is a type of mentality that the team has to shake.

Any Western Canada swing can be challenging, and this will be no exception. The team better work their butts off, as there would be no let-up from the opposition either in BC or Alberta. I am sure Renney would be paying extra attention.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, Deep down as a player you do have a "Crutch" to rely on a superstar type player. Gaborik is obviously that player for the Rangers.

This team will have to find a way to play well when he's either hurt or not contributing. If not it spells doom for the Rangers in the end.

Western road trips can make a team come together or it can totally demoralize you. Lets hope for togetherness LOL.

Mr.Greek said...

Hi Chris, we gave it a good shot last night but lost to Tampa. I did not realize that the Leafs had the 2nd best power play going into last night's game. We just need to work on the rest, in the last week we have played much better. Iam glad Burke did not trade Kaberle, he would be hard to replace right now. He is playing some excellent hockey for the Leafs right now.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr. Greek, I watched most of the game and I thought the Leafs showed more offensive pressure.

Kessel must be tired from all the shots he took LOL. Can the Rangers have Kaberle?.... Please!!!! LOL.

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