Spreading the Christmas Cheer!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hey there, guest blogger here filling in for Kotsy as he enjoys the Holidays...

Another nice win for the Rangers tonight! 4 in a row? Wow, unbelievable! It's nice to see a streak finally put together by the Blueshirts. Let's all hope that they can keep this going after the short Christmas break. And boy, oh boy- isn't it great that we won tonight? I, for one, will be resting much easier knowing that Chris Drury's Christmas will most definitely not be ruined this year (To be fair, he's playing great since Torts called the veterans out).

I would just like to talk briefly about the holidays. A nice time of the year which consists of spending time with the family, giving, receiving, and just having an all-around good time. Santa Claus is getting ready for his trip around the world to deliver amazing gifts to those who have been nice and coal to those who have been naughty. And, oh boy... are there those on the Rangers who have been naughty...

I hate to continue to beat up on this "dead horse" that Kotsy has mentioned in previous posts, but I would hope that Santa has some nice lumps of coal ready for certain individuals on the Rangers blueline. Michal Roszival and Wade Redden (check out the rare picture of Redden and his twin brother to the right) have certainly been naughty since they received their contracts from the Slats Claus two off-seasons ago. I mean, really, how can anyone defend these guys? They don't provide any offense, they don't hit, they are slow, and have no confidence. Other than that, I guess they are doing a great job! I'm working on compiling a soundtrack (available this upcoming off-season) of the various sounds they make while getting destroyed by their opponents. Beautiful sounds, I tell ya. It sounds almost as good as the backboard sounds from the numerous wide slapshots by Alice Kotareek.

But, to be fair, Slats has given us Rangers fans quite a nice gift this past off-season: Marian Gaborik. What is there to really say? This guy just gets the job done. He's just a pure scorer, sniper, or whatever you wish to call him. For once, a lucrative contract handed out to a FA seems to have paid off for the Rangers. It's a scary, scary thought to think of where this team would be had Montreal not traded with us for Scotty Gomez. Yikes! And, as usual, Henrik Lundqvist has been a pleasant gift for the Rangers. The guy truly is amazing and it showed just how important he is when he wasn't on the top of his game- the team struggled mightily. Does he give up softies? Yes. Does he have a weak high glove hand? Yes. But without this guy, we might have John Tavares right now.

Before I bid my farewell, here's something (albeit silly) for us to all enjoy. A nice little video of all your favorite Rangers: http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/O0zpIybBAtefw3dY

Happy holidays, everyone. Stay safe. And most importantly... LET'S-GO-RAN-GERS!

-- Anonymous Guest Blogger


Joseph said...

Rosy and redden as elves-CLASSIC!

Kotsy's Korner said...

That is funny big time.

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