Rangers Shutout in Shootout

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I just got back from a friend’s house after watching the Rangers lose 1-0 in a shoot-out to the hated New Jersey Devils at MSG. What I witnessed was a classic goaltenders duel between two of the finest in hockey today.

Marty Brodeur out-dueled Henrik Lundqvist by stopping 51 total shots and 4 in the shootout. Lundqvist had quite the game himself by turning away 45 shots and 3 in the shootout, but it just wasn’t enough to get the 2 points. The final shooter in the shootout, Patrik Elias, nailed Lundqvist with a clean shot over the shoulder to seal the victory for the Devils. Both teams had their chances in this one, but sadly for Rangers fans- Marty wins the day.

I was happy to see that the Rangers were able to compete and play hard against one of the elite teams in the NHL. At least the Rangers salvaged a point and they proved for one night that they are capable of playing at a high level. I do realize that goal scoring is still the Rangers' Achilles Heel (proved again in the shootout) and needs to be fixed, but their record in the last 13 is damn good. In the last 13 contests the Rangers acquired 20 of a possible 26 points- can’t do much better than that!

How about the Alex Burrows and Stephane Auger controversy? All I can say is that if it’s true, then the NHL has a big problem. If not, it will just go away fast. In my day referees were mostly respectful of the players and the game. I will say this though... some thought they were the show- instead of the players.

Lastly, one more topic. My Quinnipiac Bobcats have sort of hit rock bottom after a blazing start in the ECAC. After getting 7 wins to start the season they have now lost 6 in a row in the ECAC. Struggling? Yes. Down and out? No. It’s time for the players to dig down deep and play themselves out of this funk. What other choice do they have? Over and out!


JohnM said...

It was a TRUE 0-0 game at MSG. 50 shots aside! Not the typical NHL 15 shots to 23 shots on goal game that kills the sport in my opinion. A great deal of drama. Huge oooh's and aaah's effect! That game reflected everything I like about hockey and why I have developed such a great passion for it starting some 35 years ago. Lets figure out why that game is no longer the STANDARD in the NHL today instead of a once or twice a year feat accomplished by the teams and coaches and then we can make this league watchable again. This game should be sent around the NHL as the Gold Standard. To officials, coaches, broadcasters, and coaches and players.
I mean , I was actually in a tirade at the end of regulation about a few icing calls!! I haven't been that riled up all season this year or last!

greg m said...

i hate when people say it was a great game anyway, its only a "GREAT" game when your team wins.i know you say the rules are the rules but i still think that if a game goes to a 0-0 tie even after ot, then the game should remain a 0-0 tie in the standings.the goalie gets credit for the shut out but not the win, huh?and over shadowed by henrys spectacular game, was yet again the rangers inability to put the puck in the net....i know i know marty had a great game to.but your right the bright side is that they were able to compete with one of the better if not the best team in the league.i thought i heard that d bag on versus say he didnt think the rangers would make the playoffs...maybe i was hearing things. every loss to the devils is a painfull one, lol i liked it when the devils were in kansas city.
those are some alegations that burrows made on auger,id like to think a nhl ref is better than that.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM, You know you are actually on to something here. Now that I look back on the game, Not a lot of penalties which kept the flow of the game going for both teams.

If only the NHL would listen to the people who pay for their product instead of usual suspects. Good post certainly makes you wonder.

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, It was a great game to watch regardless of the outcome. As a former Ranger and fan I feel your pain.

The Rangers proved to themselves that they can! compete at a high level with the best. Just got to find the elusive scoring that has plagued them all season. Not an easy thing to do though.

I would take Keith Jones remarks with a grain of salt. He's a color analyst and has to make up some crap. I do it too on the Radio for the Quinnipiac bobcats.

I agree with your OT assessment.I didn't like OT when I played and don't like the shootout either. Unfortunately I am not in charge, If I was I would abolish OT period during the regular season.

Greg, All I'm saying is that if it's true about the Burrows situation...We Have problem Houston LOL. If not it will disappear fast.

Wrath of Sanity said...

A damn shame they couldn't just slip one past Marty. I thought for sure that Gaborik attempt in OT was going to go in. Still, losing and getting points doesn't hurt too badly...

Big game against Ottawa tomorrow night. I'll be looking forward to it.

Pauly D said...

Wow, some really good points from the comments! I had felt going into the game last night the Rangers would have something to measure up to, let's face it the Devils are one of the hottest teams in the league. With that said, The Rangers held there own, I thought they played hard, smart, Physical, etc....But what I loved was the fact they didn't look like they were being out played. I felt the Rangers had the better of the chances, and didn't think King Henry had to stand on his head to keep the Rangers in the game at any time. Yes he made good saves and many of them but the rangers didn’t get held in there zone for long stretches and seemed to find it easy to break that dreaded 1-2-2 with very few neutral zone turn-overs. Now if they can only find the back of the net with more consistency! Overall a well earned point! and something solid to build upon…

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, The Rangers held their own against a tough Devil team and had their chances. Scoring is still a problem.

Looking forward to tomorrow as well. Got to keep it going.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Pauly, No question the Rangers played the Devils even for 65 minutes. The game had lots of flow and was not slowed down by the NHL's penchant for penalties. They let the players play.

Rangers are on a mini roll right now collecting 20 of 26 points. It's got to continue for the East is tightly contested.

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