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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Now that the Rangers have passed the ten game mark (11 to be exact), 1/8th of their season is behind them. With no Marion Gaborik, Vinny Prospal and Chris Drury the boys in blue have themselves a very nice 6-4-1 record for a total of 13 points. I, for one, feel that it is quite an accomplishment and well deserved. The team has pulled together and picked up the slack.

There have been many pleasant surprises so far this season. Sean Avery’s play, Brian Boyle, Brandon Prust, Arty Anismov. I could go on and on, but really it comes down to two players: Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky. What can one say about these two? They have grown into bona fide team leaders who are currently leading the team in all offensive categories. Callahan leads the team in points (4G 9A 13Pts) and Dubinsky in Goals (7G 4A 11Pts). The effort these two are putting out every night is just what the Rangers brass and fans have been waiting for. It’s like it has finally clicked in their minds that they can be the men on the team that you can count on. The “I Can” attitude is there… and you can see it! The maturation process has taken its course with these two players and believe me, they will be better off in the long run.

For me personally, I had a short and to the point talk with Brandon Dubinsky at a Ranger golf outing. I looked him straight in the eyes and said- “It’s time isn’t it?”. He looked at me and nodded his head and said- “yes it is”. We both knew what the point of the conversation was- that this was the season to shine… And so far so good. Just one more thing- the growth of Callahan and Dubinsky will rub off on others, and that folks can only be a positive. Next up- The Flyers… YUCK!

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Wrath of Sanity said...

Gotta love a home grown line playing as well as they are right now. I hope they can keep it up, they will need to for the Rangers to be successful. You never know how long Gaborik will be out for so we'll need continued effort and scoring from them to scratch out some points.

I wish this team could acquire a physical defenseman at some point who is not a liability on the ice. Easier said than found though, I guess.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, Yes it's nice to see Callahan and Dubinsky growing as hockey players. Their development is needed for the Rangers to become a serious threat in the NHL.

In a perfect world it would be nice to see a real physical "D" man that can actually play. Unfortunately you're right! LOL.

GENO said...

Hi Kotsy, inspirational style of play. Finally, the boys are getting their acts together and are leaving everything on the ice led by Callahan, Dubinsky & Anisomov. By the way, ALL HOME GROWN ! Lets not forget Boyle, Avery, Fedenko & the young D-Men. The King is playing like one again to pick up any lazy moments on ice that have occurred. Maybe all it took to get Tort's message across was the injuries to Gaborik, Prospal & Drury to play as a team and STICK UP for each other. That part of the game has been missing for quite a long time, and now it has shown winning results. The only sour point I still see is that they still don't have that intimidating type of D-men. You know what type, the kind with the mean streak, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to clear the paint and can play ! But, where can you find one ? I don't see many more Prongers on the horrizon for any team in the near future, so you must make do, and maybe Slats can tweak the D with an addition who can at least bring that mean streak to protect that paint!!! At this point, it has been good hockey and I know it will continue with ( C ) Callahan & ( A ) Dubinsky leading the way. Yes - Captain Callahan - Alternate Dubinsky. .......... Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, What's happening now has been a long time coming. The home grown players are starting to pay off. Callahan and Dubinsky are leading the way and others are following. Can they sustain it? Let's hope so.

Hard work, energy and effort is a simple formula for being successful. Sticking together as team is also important and you can see that in this team.

The tough crease clearing "D" man is always on everybody's mind. Trust me the Ranger brass is well aware of it. Getting one is like winning the lotto LOL.

greg m said...

Hey Kotsy,
going back to your last post, i thought i saw a hint of callahan and dubinsky steping up, as well as anisomov.everyone has a good game here and there but there leval of consistancy is impressive.in all honesty i didnt think that dubinsky was worth all the hype he recieved when he was signed in the summer before last, but this is the play weve come to expect from him.im glad to see them playing well, and should only get better when gaborik returns.the next thought i have is i hope he doesnt become trade bait for a mid season hail mary deal....you all know what im talking about.in the mean time i like what i see and am very optimistic they'll make the playoffs at least!

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, Yes there was a hint of them stepping up before. In fact the team as whole has stepped in a huge way. Let's hope they don't forget all that they have learned about themselves without Gaborik, Prospal and Druy.

As for Dubinsky, He's finally getting it as to what kind of player he can be and that's a good thing. I think he now understands what it takes to be a team leader and an important player the team can count on. You have tip your hat to him.

Trade? Only the shadow knows LOL.

Scoop said...

Another solid win, the team is looking good. Dubi and Cally are beomcing forces. WOuld really like to see Boyle play with more edge, with more meanness. With his size he could really be a menace out there, so much more effective than he is. he could really hurt people. He is playing much better this year than last though when he played like, as Larry Brooks said, a "creampuff." Boyle could be so much more of a weapon and factor. Gentle giant syndrome I guess. Like Huber, Creighton, etc.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Scoop. It's nice to see how Dubinsky and Callahan have grown together. Let's hope the best is still come for the both of them.

Boyle has been fantastic this year. Sure he could probably be a little more physical, But I'm certainly not going to complain LOL.

Cassie said...

Hello Mr. Kotsopoulos. My name is Cassie and I'm one of Kenn Venit's students at Quinnipiac University. Our final project is coming up, and I decided to do mine on fighting in hockey. I want to explore it at all levels, including the NHL. I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some questions. I apologize for leaving a comment here, but I wasn't sure how else to contact you. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you. Cassie

Leatherneck said...

Hey Chris
Even with the current losses and figuring in the loss of Gabby and Drury this team has exceeded expectations. Boyle Avery and Prust have made for a great line and a 3rd line fitting. Gabby and Drury should be put with Frolov and give that a go and see if it will jump start Frolov..Keep the kid line together og AA, Dubi and Cally and finally a 4th line of Christensen, feds and the boogyman..Stepan thrown in the mix with different lines....as for my hope...honestly...I want us to be in a great draft position versus a playoff appearance just for the sake of making it in...overall...great showing so far....lundqvuist has been soft in a number of games with the cheapie goals...he needs to tighten up in net...and as always we keep talking of the crease clearing D-man we have always lacked...Sauer...like his game?...Lad has been steady

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Can't really argue with any of your points. The team has at the very least stuck together through the injury's. Lundqvist has his moments no question, But he's still the man in charge.

The play of Sauer has been fine so far. I would like to see him use that size he has more often. He is a big guy that sometimes plays small.

Leatherneck said...

Hey Chris,did you watch the game last night and the disgusting display of officiating by the NHL referees yet again in Pittsburgh? There is a lot of talk and last night I immediately wrote on the Ranger Rants site about this conduct unbecoming of an NHL referee crew. How can we as fans make our point to the NHL that this is finally enough and not acceptable?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, It was a disgrace...The good thing about the game is the Rangers came back and ruined what was planned win for the Penguins.

I guess as a fan vent all our frustrations in every which way, but do you really think Bettman and his boys will listen?

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