Rangers Lose to Pens

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I was in attendance last night for the Rangers and Penguins battle and I was very interested to see how this game would compare to the debacle in Pittsburgh. You know, the one where the Rangers had to overcome horrible officiating to grind out a 3-2 OT victory. This one didn’t quite have the shenanigans as the previous meeting (although I believe Sidney Crosby got away with 2 slewfoots, just saying).

The Rangers lost this one by a score of 3-1. It all came down to one period of hockey and that was the 2nd period. The Penguins outplayed and outscored the Rangers by a 2-1 margin and it could have been more if not for Henrik Lundqvist. There were way too many odd man rushes given up by the Rangers. 2 on 1’s, 3 on 2’s, you name it. I think I counted at least five 2 on 1’s. It’s one thing to be aggressive, but it’s another to be smart about the situation. Pittsburgh took advantage of the Rangers aggressiveness and put the game away when Chris Conner made it a 3-0 game. Gaborik did answer with a goal late in the 2nd and the Rangers tried valiantly in the 3rd to rally but to no avail.

The game did have a couple of spirited scraps. First, Brandon Prust and Mike Rupp. Prust was giving away many pounds and inches to a super heavy weight in Mike Rupp. I think Rupp was surprised at how tough Prust is as it was probably scored as a draw. The 2nd bout was Sean Avery trying to rile up the Garden and his troops immediately after the Penguins made it 3-0. His dancing partner was Tyler Kennedy (Tyler, please take off your helmet if you wear a shield) and I’ll give Avery the unanimous decision on that one.

The Rangers are 4-3 in their last 7 games. Now it’s off to take on the struggling New York Islanders for a home and home series starting Thursday in Long Island (then back at MSG on Friday). Got to get ready for these two games. The Islanders may be down but they will be a perfect trap game (or games) for the Rangers. The Blueshirts will have to knuckle down and get back to outworking their opponent. If they, do they will be just fine!

Lastly, to all of my loyal followers, what is it that the Rangers need to get deep into the playoffs this year:

  • A number one center?
  • A proven scorer?
  • A tough, stay-at-home D-man?
  • Something else?
Let me know what your thoughts are on this. Over and out!


grassrootsconservative said...

Kotsy, it's gotten to the point for me where I can't even watch a Rangers/Penguins game. I get too mad and it isn't worth it to me to take years off my life. Crosby is a grade A scumbag. I'm sorry I had to post that but that is the way I feel. The NHL has gone into the toilet since the days guys like you played. Thank you for this blog.

bp7589 said...

Hi Chris,
Crosby's slew foot, non-call is just the latest in the Sidney see-no-evil NHL policy.I think this game really exposed the Rangers for what they are...a hard-working, grind it out team that needs elite goaltending to keep up with the more talented teams. Outside of Gaborik, there is no other pure goal scorer on the roster, and that shows up when they play the Pittsburghs and Washingtons.
I'm also starting to wonder about Tortorella, and whether he is the right man for this roster.
What do they need, besides another sniper? A big,physical, crease-clearing defenseman.
I know I'm not breaking new ground here,just interested in your thoughts.
Thank you,

Kotsy's Korner said...

Grassrootsconservative, Thanks for the response...Scumbag might be a little harsh, But what he did last night must be looked at by the NHL.

Much like Ovechkin's indiscretions with his kneeing incidents, Crosby needs to be disciplined. These are career ending type plays.

It's time for the NHL to step up to the plate and answer for this. I won't hold my breath though as we all know who's in charge of handing out the suspensions and fines...Don't we! LOL.

Kotsy's Korner said...

bp7589, I was there to witness Crosby's actions and he and the other so called stars of the league need to be taken to task on it.

The NHL can't continue to be blind in these situations players careers are at stake. While I believe Crosby is the best player on the planet, it doesn't excuse him from being punished by the league.

As for the Rangers, it's no secret that the Rangers can play with anyone as long as they all as whole work, grind and recieve great goal tending. When they lack in one of these departments that's where they get in trouble during a game.

At the top of my list it would be a proven scorer and stay at home crease clearing beast!

greg m said...

crosbys a punk we all know that, and least we forget who he plays for,tho never was a scumbag,mario was the bigest whiner of his time. good questions for the play off run, id say a number one center that is a proven scorer and a big buekabom type hard ass hiter on D.the kind of defenceman that makes you play with your head up when you go in to the corner, and look over your shoulder when your out in front of the net.
and id like to see them get some consistancy, if your going to suck , suck all the time and stop stringing me along, if there going to be good, make it worth my while when i watch 60 to 70 games a year....

B.J. McSitteer said...

Hey Kotsy, it should be an interesting home and home, being that the Isles FINALLY won a game and then had to sit and lose any momentum. Only one thing to know about NYI, they can't score period! Man, I thought the Leafs were lacking. Of course beware the sleeping giant in Taveras. Solid goaltending and dicipline should easily give the Rangers 4 points though.
I'm sick of the stars getting away with murder as well and it's time to be accountable. Once again I stress integrity!
So the big trade deadline acquisition is the topic dejour. Obviously a centreman is needed, but to strive for the magic "16", the Rangers need a mid-low talent large defenceman or two. Why mid-low, because they need guys to keep it simple, who won't get over confident and strive on the added playing time. Although long retired, a player like Sylain Lefebvre (of Leafs days not the Rangers) comes to mind. Once the panic in front of the net is gone, the entire team will naturally be eased and then the giveaways and odd man rushes will be minimized. However, under Torts, these guys would likely have to be either unproven or career underachievers itching to showcase themselves and willing to relish the stylings of the hard nosed coach. The league is full of them, all Sather has to do is find a way to get one.

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, I stand by my comments on Crosby. As for the Rangers a proven scorer would help. It would make teams have to defend two threats instead of one in Gaborik. The other options should be looked at too.

Kotsy's Korner said...

B.J. McSitteer. The Islanders could very well a trap situation for the Rangers, The "Boys in Blue" had better be ready to ramp it up a bit and take this weekend seriously.

Whatever moves the Rangers may or not make will have to make sense cap wise and player wise. I'll stick to my guns and hope for a proven scorer and then the crushing D man we have all been waiting for in NY.

greg m said...

I agree with on crosby, he did get away with the slew foot...you mention gaborik, it seems all the guys that steped up, in his absence,seem to have disapeared since his return with the exception of Callahan and Dubinski....almost as if they Rely to much on him... If that makes sence.

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, It's very fine line how players react to having their top gun back in the lineup. Some back off their game kind of like that "Alpha Dog" mentality. In this case I hope it's not true.

As for Crosby, I said what I said and that's all there is to it.

grassrootsconservative said...

Ah, I think you guys are forgetting the time Crosby punched Boulton between the legs when Boulton was tied up in a fight with another Penguin. That's why I say scumbag. I don't think I've seen anything in hockey so low as Crosby on that move. Disgusting.

grassrootsconservative said...

One more thing, Chris, what do you suspect is going on with Drury? Now they are saying his return is pushed back. I think it sounds fishy.

Kotsy's Korner said...

grassrootsconservative, I've said all I can say on Crosby. What he did was dead wrong. As for Drury? Good question. It certainly is taking a long time.

Leatherneck said...

Hey there Chris, Rangers need to stay the course only addition I would make would be to bring up Dale Weise. Seems Drury is gonna be back in a few weeks and that means Todd White is done as a Ranger. We do need a crease clearing D-man other than Sauer, yes Sauer has been exceptional and in my opinion has to be paired up with Staal. Del Zotto needs to sit so bringing up Valetenko, McDonagh or Kunderatek might not be such a bad thing.
Help from outside of the organization? NO...N ..O...NO if anything we should trade some of our assets for draft choices ie Gilroy, White or the Christian Thomas, Ryan Bourque.and such players. Now one or two players from the Pacific Division are players if we can trade for, then to explore the feasibility of such a trade, and that is Ryan Getzlaf, Colton Truebert and Braden Schenn. Other than that no need for any over haul. Again this team has far exceed what I thought they would accomplish as a team and my stand is still the same I prefer a high draft choice over a 1 and done series in the playoffs. This team is building into a very strong team that will contend for the cup in the long run soon.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck,Good to hear from you. If the Rangers make any moves it should be for a proven scorer 1st. Difficult to defend two dangerous scorers than one.

One never knows what will happen when it comes to wheeling and dealing in these days of the CAP. Who and who isn't going to available will depend teams playoff outlooks. Therefore you can't ignore a deal that makes sense.

If the Rangers are in the playoff picture which I think they will be they have to explore all options.

As usual your comments makes sense when it comes to the future.

Leatherneck said...

So..you have my curiosity Chris, who will you want to pursue for potential trades who are you willing to give up from this current Rangers Roster and prospects..Stepan with Dubs and Cally should be awesome, and when will Trots pair up Sauer with Staal?? They will be a very formidable shut down pair with a bite to them...what do I know...eh...lol...I thought about that question some more in regards trades and who versus what...frankly I love the core of this team and I will boldly add Sauer to that core...Can you tell I am impressed by him?...Core of the team in my opinion is, Hank, Staal, Girardi, MDZ and Sauer...Cally, Dubi, Stepan, Gabby, Prust, Boyle, Anisimov..I think these players together for a few years will be pretty scary bunch when you add in prospects such as Werek, Weise, Krieder, McIlrath, McDonagh, Valetenko and Johnson...thats a pretty good team...is it worth subtracting from that to just add for a year or two a rental player?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, I hear you loud and clear on the core of this team. It's starting to shape up nicely for the future. I like what I see.

Let me put it this way to you, ONLY and I mean ONLY if you feel you can improve your team do you make deals. You just can't ignore it in today's NHL.

If a trade is to be made and it it includes part of the core or prospects you still have to look at it very seriously. There are no guarantees that all of your projected core will come to fruition. Remember Sanguinetti and Potter?

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