A Much Needed Rest

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well Rangers fans we are now at the All Star break. Some might say I took mine a few weeks ago with this blog, oh well that’s the way it goes! Anyway, the New York Rangers definitely needed this break with all the injuries this team has had this season. I’m not going to sit here and feel sorry for the “Boys in Blue” because in the NHL one never knows how things will go from year-to-year when it comes to injuries. Last year hardly any games lost due to injury, this year it’s the complete opposite. What is impressive is how this team has been able to ride out the storm, so to say, with key players missing (Callahan, Dubinsky, Prospal, Christensen, Boogaard, Girardi) from the lineup and just as impressive are the call ups from the CT Whale who have done a admirable job. The organization from top to bottom has held this team together. Now is the time for a little rest, get a few of the walking wounded back after the break and push onward toward the playoffs.

Just a few quick hits… Who cannot be impressed with the play of Mats Zuccarello? I, for one, was skeptical about him but have to admit he’s been a pleasant surprise. He has the hockey smarts and his shootout goals have been nothing short of spectacular.

I love the play of Ryan McDonagh. He’s looks very calm and cool when he’s on the ice. Very steady in the defensive zone. This was a great pickup by the Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Biron have been superb, in my opinion, this season. When you get goaltending like they have provided for the Rangers it bodes well for the playoffs. The “King” has and will continue to carry the load, but you can’t underestimate Biron’s contribution to this team. He gives Lundqvist the much needed rest he deserves and in turn Lundqvist’s performance level has never been better.

On the down side of things the power play needs to pick up it’s pants and get productive. Too much thinking and not enough shooting for my liking.
Stop looking for the picture perfect goal and SHOOT the puck!

This past Tuesday my co-host Pauly D and I had the great pleasure of talking with Ranger legend Steve “Sarge” Vickers on our Blog Talk radio show “The Instigators”. It was just awesome to hear Steve talk about his time with the Rangers. We were joined by another great Ranger Ron Greschner and let me tell that the stories were hilarious and informative at the same time. You must go to the link and listen to this once in a lifetime show. You will not be disappointed.


I’m off St. Lawrence and Clarkson to do the color on the radio for the Quinnipiac Bobcats huge ECAC games this weekend. Just hit the link if you want to listen in. Over and Out.



Leatherneck said...

What is going on Chris? All is well? Yeah thank the Lord for the break as our Rangers truly needed this break. Pretty soon we are going to get healthy and that brings up the question of roster spots. I know that when Callahan gets back I would like to see him on the Boyle and Prust line. I seriously think they will mesh very well. We will need a 7th D-man and I would recommend we bring up Valentenko to fill that role. I think Zuccarello is here to stay and now we have the offensive version of Reijo Routstaleinen. Haha... On a sad note I think Chris Drury and Derek Boogaard will be done as Rangers and honestly Kris Newbury can fill both of their roles as a faceoff man and a scraper for much much less and simply just as effective. Time to have Drury relinquish his captaincy and hand the letters over, the "C" to Callahan and Dubinsky or Prust vying for the other "A". I really can not defend Drury anymore, he has been a True Blue and a warrior as a hockey player, however that does not justify his contract versus his production. In a perfect world I pray he regains his touch but it looks like he is getting worse not better. This team has turned the corner and some tough decisions must be made one of which will be Drury. Ironically this is a great place for the Rangers to be having to make these tough decisions.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, It's been a long time since the Ranger's will have to make some tough decisions to make. I still would like to see more offensive production from within or trade. That is my biggest concern moving toward the playoffs.

Roster spots should be judged by the production of the player, What type of role he plays and what is needed most to better the team.

This team has made great strides this year. The management has done a fantastic job bringing the team to where it is. The coaches and the players have something good going on and believe in one another. They shouldn't change a thing about how they go about their business.

B.J. McSitteer said...

Hey Kotsy,
You gotta give the Blueshirts some credit, they're holding their own. I've got to admit, I'm a little surprised but good goaltending alone gives you a chance to win every night. It'll be a tight run down the stretch but they do have a little breathing room. It's a bit premature to talk play-offs but it appears as though a first round against Tampa may be they're best bet.
The deadline's coming soon and they deffinately need some more scoring. As always I offer up a couple of Leafs. They're leading scorer MacArthur would be a huge pick up, he's a free agent and dirt cheap. With his career year I can only asume he's going to test the market so for the right pick I'm sure they can get him. I'm not convinced Grabovsky is the long term star he appears to be either, but he's on fire with only one year left so hey.
One last thing, about the all-star game. I feel with all the injuries it was a good oportunity for them to add Taveres to the game (after all they're aren't any Isles in the big one). And I think they should have taken MacArthur over Kessel if for no other reason than Kessel will likely be there many times where this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Clarke. What do you think about a feel good player going over the household name?

Kotsy's Korner said...

B.J McSitteer, Yes the Rangers have held it together quite nicely through this injury ravaged season. This is not the Rangers of old and for Ranger fans it's nice to see.

I'm not so sure the Rangers want to look north for some scoring. No offense but something's wrong in T.O. Like there's a curse or something (44 yrs and counting)LOL.

As for the All Star game? I'll probably not see much of it and yes it would be nice to see a player you wouldn't expect to represent his team.

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