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Monday, January 30, 2012

It’s been awhile since my last post. No, I have not given up Kotsy’s Korner and I apologize for taking so long to get back in the swing of things again. I have been busy and lazy at the same time so that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it! I am in the process of launching my own personal web site “ChrisKotsopoulos.com” thanks to my brilliant son Cody Kotsopoulos whose work is incredible (You can check his website here: http://www.kotsysdesigns.com). There will be plenty of nice surprises so be sure to check it out when it’s launched.

Okay now let’s talk about the New York Rangers and the wonderful season they have going on so far. With 10 weeks to go the Rangers are sitting nicely at the top of the Eastern Conference with 66 points. Home record is 15-5-2 while on the road this team has a NHL best of 16-7-2. Backed by a stingy defense and great goaltending the Rangers have allowed a league best of 96 goals against. The goals for at 132 is right in the middle of the pack and has been sufficient for now. Things are looking good for the Boys in blue and I think going forward the Rangers are a serious contender for the cup. However I feel that they need to do a couple of things in order for that to happen. One is picking up a proven scorer at the trade deadline (Jeff Carter anyone)? They also need to think about picking up a true PP blue liner who can make a difference. How about Ryan Suter or Shea Weber? They should at the very least be explored as to what it might take acquiring one of the two. When you are this close to winning a Stanley Cup, sometimes you have to sacrifice some of the future or prospects so you can go for it. It’s a cruel world, but let me remind you a chance at a cup doesn’t come along that often. Therefore, you look at all options to make your team better. I’m pretty sure Glen Sather and his staff are looking into the possibilities and will make something happen when the times right.

Other musings from the NHL. First I want to add my name to list of potential buyers of the Phoenix Coyotes. I hear there are 3 potential buyers according to Gary Bettman. Well I want in … as long as the NHL is willing to loan me the money to purchase the Coyotes. I don’t think I could make the situation any worse than it has been? Right? Just a thought!

I have no problem with Tim Thomas and his refusal to show up at the White House with the rest of the Boston Bruins. Look, no man or woman has a right to tell another person what to do. It wasn’t a “Mandatory” team function it was an invite. He chose not to go. Get over it people.

I see Mr. Ovechkin declined to participate in the NHL All Star game this year in Ottawa. The fans vote you in and you pull a no show? Funny… when the star was shining brightly on Ovechkin he slurped it up and bathed in it big time. Pure arrogance at it’s best.

Trouble brewing in Pittsburgh? Sidney Crosby and his agent Pat Brisson apparently aren’t too happy with the team doctors on the Penguins staff. Word is they have mishandled Crosby’s concussion and neck problems. Not a good for the Penguin brass. Boy! The last time a high profile name complained about team doctors was Eric Lindros when he was with the Flyers and we all know how that worked out don’t we!

Well that’s it for now. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion and remember to check out the “Instigators Radio Show” with Pauly D and I every week for the best in hockey news. Over and out!

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RobC said...

The Rangers definitely need some pop on the PP. The defense has carried them, the "boys" giving up their bodies on a nightly basis, is a recipe for disaster...An injury doesn't seem far away. A proven PP scorer (Rick Nash) will cost....a deal will have to include fan favorite, Dubi, among other young talent. Shea Weber would be great too, but I don't think Erik Christensen or Wolski gets him. I agree that Ovie should have put his ego aside and gave the fans, who do help pay his salary and buy his merchandise, a show like only he could put on. Tim Thomas should have put his political views aside and joined his TEAM on the White House visit. He showed his teammates and ownership a great disrespect. He should realize by now that it's an honor and a privilege to play in the NHL and that an invite to the White House is as well, regardless of political views. The White House invited the whole team correct? No one was asked if they voted for the current administration and if they said no, the invitation wasn't rescinded, was it?....He wasn't invited to share his views on the world, we all have them and not everyone agrees with them. He was invited because the TEAM won the Cup and he was an important part of them winning, but he was a loser for not joining his team to accept the accolades of winning.

Welcome back,

Kotsy's Korner said...

Rob, This team cares for each other and that is why they give their bodies up every night. A proven scorer or a stud d man will cost you. If that's what's need then you have get the deal done.

Ovechkin's arrogance never stops. The fans who pay the big bucks to watch him deserved better.

As for Thomas, Sorry totally disagree with you. I will repeat myself no man or woman has right to tell another what to do. I've been apart of what they call team functions that are mandatory. This wasn't mandatory and if he feels that he shouldn't attend then so be it. Who are we to judge?

Great to joust with ya! LOL.

Leatherneck said...

Welcome back Chris, how about them Rangers? Our two enigmas are Richards and the powerplay, once these two are in place we will be a very dangerous team during the playoffs. What a defense...eh and to think how wonderfully Stralman and Bickel have fit in with the group. Staal looks out of sync to me. I am not too worried about him though. Your opinion Chris, should the Rangers make a play for a Ryan or Nash at the trade deadline or stand fast? I think we need to stay the course and make no such moves. At free agency we will have a shot at Zach Parise and that would be the move to make. I would like to see the Rangers move up in the draft though as I would not have envisioned us picking as low as we appear to be this year.
Richards has to get going first and then the powerplay for us to have a shot at the Cup.

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