Stanley Cup Finals, Ron Duguay

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alright, here we go! The Stanley Cup Finals are about to begin and it’s the Boston Bruins & Vancouver Canucks set to do battle. The Canucks disposed of the San Jose Sharks in 5 games. And really, in my humble opinion, they were clearly the better team as this series proved. With Luongo and the Sedins firing on all cylinders, is this the year that Vancouver finally puts it all together? The fans of the Canucks have never tasted the Cup and have waited patiently, but a failure here would surely fire up the faithful… and not in a good way.

As for the Bruins, they came off a very grueling seven game series against Tampa Bay- who really tested the Bruins heart. Tim Thomas came up big in goal, especially the final game pitching a 1-0 shutout and basically bailed the Bruins out from that “Choke” moniker. The Beantown boys are going to have look to the past and muster up the ghosts of Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, John Bucyk, Gerry Cheevers, Etc… If they want bring Lord Stanley home.

With all that I’m going with… Drum roll please… Can you hear it? The Vancouver Canucks in 6. I know, I know. I was a Bruins fan growing up and all that, but I just feel the Canucks are a more balanced and steady team. That’s not to say the Bruins can’t win (You still have to play the games people)! I just see to many inconsistencies in the Bruins game. Some nights they are unbeatable and others, well, a beer league team would give them a tough time. That’s all I got once again my pick Canucks in 6!

One other thing I’d like to comment on is the officiating so far in this years NHL playoffs. Do us all a favor… PLEASE stay out of it and let the players decide the winner of this years Stanley Cup. You and the NHL executives are not the show. You never have been and you never will be. Take a hint… look back at game 7 of the Boston/Tampa series. There were no penalties. Now, I don’t expect a penalty free game in the finals… however I do expect penalties that called are earned and not made up because of the silly NHL rules. The fans of this great game deserve better! More common sense and less embarrassing moments that has littered this years playoffs. Now wouldn’t that be nice?!

Also a reminder to tune into the Instigators Hockey Show this Tuesday as Pauly D and I will have former Ranger and friend Ron Duguay on as guest. “Doogie” and I were teammates in my only year with the Blueshirts and this is a rare appearance so do not forget to tune in! Over and out!

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Boogaard Passes Away, Conference Finals

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well this is not exactly how I wanted to start my blog, but the tragic death of New York Ranger Derek Boogaard is something that needs to be talked about. I met and chatted with Derek at a Ranger golf outing before this past season started. We talked for about five minutes and discussed his coming to New York and what the team was going to look like. We also talked about his role on the team and what his expectations were. It was the usual hockey jargon that a present day player talking to a player from the past would be like. I found Derek to be a engaging individual, although a little bit on the shy side. But overall just a real nice person. His passing has struck the Ranger family hard. How and why this happened doesn’t matter at this time. What matters is that his life was cut way too short at a tender age of 28 and to me that’s brutally unfair. It’s a sad time for all. My heartfelt condolences goes out to his family, friends and his team mates.

Here are my picks in the Eastern and Western conference finals.

Boston Bruins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

The Bruins slapped the Flyers around like they were nothing. Revenge and payback is what the Bruins got by sweeping the Flyers 4 straight, really embarrassing the Flyers. The Bruins look strong and have that something extra going on that will be tough to deal with no matter who is in their way. Tampa, on the other hand, has really defied most of the experts (Not me) in disposing the over-hyped Alex Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals. The Lightning have won 7 games in a row and have a confidence level that is sky high. This one is a tough call for me. I still have a soft spot for the Bruins as I grew up a big fan of theirs, but I’m going against my heart and taking the Lightning in an upset. Going the limit of 7 games.

Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

The Canucks had a tough go with my dark horse pick Nashville, but in the end the more talented team won. I think that was pretty clear to see. Vancouver has edged even closer to the high expectations that the hockey world has given them and are now one round away from battling for Lord Stanley‘s cup. San Jose, on the other hand, squandered a chance to rest up when they allowed the “Euro Wings” to climb back after a 3-0 deficit and take it to 7 games before the Sharks finally put an end to it. They probably could of used the rest heading into this match up with Vancouver. The Sharks are battle tested and are as close a team as they have ever been. I see this one as a tight, long series as well going 7 and my pick is the Canucks.

So there you have it. Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you think and post your thoughts on here in the comments section. Over and Out!


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