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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The second season begins Wednesday and Thursday for the NHL. The teams that made into the top 8 in their respective conferences will do battle for the right to hoist up Lord Stanley’s Cup. It’s really the best time of the year for players, coaches, and last but not least- the fans. There is no feeling like playoff hockey. It’s just an major rush of adrenaline, energy, and emotion all mixed into one for a player. It’s simply put, one of the greatest feelings you could have knowing that every play could be the play that makes you or breaks you. I for one can’t wait , let’s get it going already!

Okay now for my “Expert” picks in this years playoffs. Here we go!

NY Rangers/Ottawa Senators. I got the Rangers in six. If the Rangers play their game of tight defensive hockey and score first I see no problem. The Rangers cannot get into a shootout type game. I know that they have struggled with Senators this year, But it’s the playoffs and it’s totally different. Lundqvist as always will be the key. Senators are dangerous offensively and have plenty of talent, But I don’t see the upset here. Call me a homer LOL.

Boston Bruins/Washington Capitals. Bruins in 5. Unless Alex Ovechkin and his merry men have found their hearts and game, I don’t see them beating the Bruins. Boston are tried and true. They are solid in all areas up and down the roster and Tim Thomas is a huge advantage. Washington’s roster isn’t especially in goal.

Florida Panthers/NJ Devils. Panthers in 7. Okay if you want to call this an upset go ahead, But I’m going with Kevin Dineen’s squad. Devils are good, no question however the feeling here is the Panthers will continue their remarkable year and advance.

Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers. The Penguins in 6. This is the one a lot of people are waiting for. Some fans are expecting a blood bath and are salivating for it to begin. The Flyers have owned the Penguins lately and feel real good about themselves. Pitt is finally healthy and Crosby and Malkin the two dirty whiners (Not my words just some coaches around the league’s words) will be handful. I still feel there is too much talent with Pitt for the Flyers to deal with.

Vancouver Canucks/ LA Kings. Vancouver in 6. How much longer are the Canucks going to be knocking on door of Lord Stanley’s Cup? If not now when? I think the Canucks have one last run left in them, and this is it. The Sedin twins must put up or just fade away. Too many times you would have and could have. It’s getting old. The Kings struggled most of the year and I liked this team going into the season, not now… they don’t have what it takes.

St. Louis Blues/ SJ Sharks. I’m going with the Blues in 7. I don’t fully trust this team, but head coach Ken Hitchcock has done a fantastic job since he took over ( Probably saved John Davidson’s job). The Blues are tough at home and don’t lose often. San Jose is kind like Vancouver to me, Last chance for redemption of being touted year after year? I know one thing this will be a physical series.

Phoenix Coyotes/Chicago Blackhawks. I’m going with the Coyotes in 7. This one was tough for me. I played with both head coaches Dave Tippett and Joel Quenneville. Chicago’s been there and done it and has a load of talent there is no questioning that. How can you not love the way Phoenix continues to persevere with all the crap it go’s through with NHL and it’s pending sale or relocation? It’s simply amazing.

Nashville Predators/Detroit Redwings. Going with the Preds in 6. Nashville continues to be the NHL’s under the radar team. You don’t get much news or highlights on TV about them. Barry Trotz is one of the best coaches no one has ever heard of. His team the same. As for me going against Detroit? If I have to explain myself, then you don’t know me too well.

I would like to end it with the hope of a great playoff hockey. One that is not disturbed by uneven officiating. Call the obvious, but for the most part let the players decide the outcome of the games.

Remember to check out my website for some interesting stuff and tune in Wednesday nights 8:30 for the Instigators Hockey Show with myself and Pauly D. That’s it feel free to agree? Disagree? Or give me your picks if you dare. I’ll be waiting. Over and out.

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