Detroit "Machines" Pittsburgh Again!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings proved once again to the Pittsburgh Penguins about life on hockey's biggest stage. There is no stage fright in the Red Wings, just a flat out - well oiled machine. They were faster, stronger, quicker, and really embarrassing the Pens from one end of the ice to the other. Once again, when Brad Stuart blasted the puck by Marc Andre Fleury, did anyone in this world not believe Pittsburgh would surely score - and score enough to make it a game? Well, they did not.

Where's the stars of Pittsburgh? Crosby looked like he was trying at least, Malkin was totally missing in action, and I wasn't too sure what Marcel Hossa was doing out there tonight for Pittsburgh (Rangers fans, beware of potentially overpaying for Marian Hossa this off-season!). I could go on and on, but the fact is everyone believed this could be the Stanley Cup Finals series that will be remembered (what a joke). So far, this series reminds me of a fine talented, tried and true NHL hockey team (Although sometimes boring) playing against the worst team in a mens' beer league! Maybe all the calls that went Pittsburgh's way in the first 3 rounds made a difference? Maybe not? But now the playing deck appears to be even in the finals and the Pens can't score a goal? Embarrassing. They have shown no passion and have looked so far out of it that it's laughable.

I'm pretty sure of one thing, the NHL is not laughing and hockey purists are a little shocked (I know I am) at the Penguins performance. Pittsburgh, you're going home now... show something or this will be a Stanley Cup Finals easily forgotten!

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Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

Hey Kotsy.

Let me congratulate you for your blog, that's a great one from what I've seen so far. I discovered it thanks to your son who posted the link on a forum. I followed it and found the place. I'm actually a die-hard Rangers fan from France who is also running his own blog ( with his thin knowledge but with passion. I'm in my " I want to know everything about Rangers history" period, so finding this blog is a real bless for me as you are part of Rangers history.

I see you played for the Whalers in the 80's, pretty funny since I know (have seen played/met...) one of your old teamate Michel Galarneau who should have been in Hartford at the same time than you. He played here in my Hometown, Brest (team: Brest Albatros) in the late 90's and helped us to win the French championship. Great memories for me. Thanks for your blog, I will follow it with interest from now.

To bounce back on the DET-PIT finals I must admit that I'm a bit disapointed by the Pens. But I'm not so surprised because, to be honest, they were not really impressive at all in the early rounds from I've seen. Our blueshirts could hope better. I have some difficulties to forget the call on Straka in game one, Hollweg's penalty in game 3 breaking our momemtum and of course OT goal from Hossa while there was clearly an offside. Well What's done is done. I can't wait for the next season to begin, our youngsters have shown so much this year, that can only be a good thing for the future.

See you soon, regards from france,


captjameson said...

funny how the shoe is on the other foot now and the pens are the ones on the bad side of a call and a dive or two. if they haven't learned you have to be better than the refs too then they have no chance at winning.

Crock said...

You are right I am sure the NHL is not too happy about the way this series is going thus far. After game one 4-0 and game two 2-0.

Hope the Pens show up at home or like you say it will be a series forgetten real soon.

Hope not .....


Mr. Hockey said...

Iwonder what 66 is thinking when he watches HIS team playing the game by the RULES he lobbied for with the NHL-and not being able to control the the game on the ice like they were intended to do when this whole thing got started!-I find it kind of funny to watch a team full of the SKILLED players --you know the ones the NHL want to go unchecked or slowed up so WE can enjoy the game!--yeah those guys -- Well I think it's ironic that it's that team that was reverting back to the kind of hockey that was played before 66 went to the soapbox asking for the changes that the league made. If the Pens played the GAME as nasty as they did after the stopages maybe the Wings would't make it look so easy. 66 might not enjoy watching, but he has to realize that if the rules can't help his team gain control of the puck than they have to battle for it!-during the play not after the whistle.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff: Great to hear from you all the way from France. Yes I did play with Michel Galarneau in Hartford. Unfortunately we weren't very good then so the organization didn't really have time to develop the young talent. Pens aren't getting the calls they received in the first 3 rounds. As the Rangers found out it's tough to fight city hall! What comes around goes around for the Pens! I'll keep an eye on your blog as well...

Captjameson: Couldn't agree more..

Crocks**t: I couldn't resist! I hope not too, but it could be a huge disaster for the NHL.

Mr. Hockey:At 6'4"- 220+ lbs. he had no reason to cry. All he needed to do was swat a few players in his day and then no one would have clutched & grabbed him! As for the Pens- let's face it they've been slapped by a highly efficient hockey club (if not boring- yawnnnn). I don't think this is what the NHL had in mind with the big build up of this series..

captjameson said...

LeMagnifag was a sandbagger on the ice before his courageous (and i mean that) bout with lymphoma. david shaw gives him a high stick (not hard but enough to get his point across) after a high cross check from Mrs.66, and fruit boy goes down like he was shot. wasnt even cut. this is the culture he created on his team. whining and diving. great player but thin skinned and unsportsmanlike.

captjameson said...

lets go CCCP wings!!

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