Detroit Cruises 4-0 Over the Pens

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings withstood an early attempt by the Pittsburgh Penguins to show what they're made of by shutting down the Pens on 4 consecutive PP's (Well, really 3). The Red Wings do what they do best (yawn!) - make you look silly with their tried and true style of play.

I got to give them credit, it's not just what they did to the Penguins, Stars, Avalanche, and Predators - they do it to everyone! Great defense, timely scoring, and they sort of grind their opponents into submission. Chris Osgood barely broke a sweat as Pittsburgh really didn't show up. The Penguins lacked speed, intensity, and had no physical presence at all (Detroit's game plan may of had something to do with it). It really was disappointing for hockey fans in general, the Penguins were terrible and the Red Wings... well they were just being themselves. Pittsburgh better snap out of it, or they are going to be totally "machined" by the 'Wings.

Just one more thought; the NHL must stop the micro-managing of this wonderful game. Let the players play! Let the players decide the outcomes of the games! The players need to be able to play their game and not be in the fear of the ridiculous calls that are being made (this goes for both teams, some horrible calls were yet again made both ways).

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Martyd said...

Great job Kotsy.

I think reducing the amount of zebrae on the ice during a game would bring a better quality of officiating. The old system where linesmen acted as a backup calling the double minors or majors that are missed was much better.

It's a shame that the officiating is ruining the game, expansion has watered down the quality of the officiating and the requirement to have 2 ref's per game further dilutes the quality.

I understand that error is human but the league wants to make sure they get it right, then why not use some of that video reply to catch the missed majof calls? Slow down the game some, well maybe but to miss a 5 minute penalty definitely changes to complexion of a playoff game.



Kotsy's Korner said...

martyd: I agree with ya. Sometimes change is good, in this case... I'm not so sure that it is. I appreciate your input and thanks for reading my blog!

Mr. Hockey said...

The best hockey games I saw all week were played by teens! The Memorial Cup was GREAT HOCKEY and the officiating was what it was intended to be! Hats off to the CHL, for a great event!--I'm watching game 2 right now--It's the first time in a while ( since game 1 ) that I've seen a team make the Pens chase!! thats all they seem to be doing thru a period and a half. It's not the best hockey to watch ,but I sure am enjoying it. Not the quality of the play , just the fact that that the Pens are not having it their way (so far).I didn't think Babcock was a good choice as a finalist for coach of the year(because of the Wings talent) man was I wrong,this guy has everyone on board.His system is embedded in everyone--I've seen this team play plenty of games this year and they never vary from their game plan! I've actually seen them gain the red line and dump for a change, when they could have had an odd man rush --thats disipline-- Just like Jagr does!!!I'd hate to admit it, but could you see our Rangers moving the puck and scoring goals against this Wings team? --I'm sure if they got this far Renny and the staff would have come up with something, but then again they didn't come up with a consistent fix all year!If the Wings can make it look simple against that Penguin fire power,I'm afraid that our guys would have looked like the Kitchner Rangers against these guys!!--Oh by the way Spokane is in the USA they won the Memorial Cup maybe the NHL can some how get more phoney hockey fans from the States into the game now?

Crock said...

You hit the nail right on the head with you last thoughts tonight.

It is getting to be no fun to watch at all. All the calls missed. All the goals that have counted when they shoud not have counted through the play-offs. All the goals that should not have counted and have counted in all the series of the play-offs.

Sad, sad, sad for the game but just love reading what you are thinking because it is the truth.

Hope the Pens show up in game three cause they look more like they are happy to be there and going through the motions.

Tomorrow night is key as you know. If the Wings win the Pens are done. If the Pens win then we may just have series.

Only time will tell and am sure the NHL is hoping for the same thing. Four games and over is not what they are looking for.

Keep up the great Blogs man and thanks ...............


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