Pens and Wings to Battle for Lord Stanley

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

With all the squawking & cries of injustice during the playoffs, the NHL still got it right. Yes, there’s much to discuss and dissect about the good and bad of the playoffs, but in the end we all have to admit the two best performers of the playoffs are in!

The electric & young Pittsburgh Penguins with Crosby, Malkin, Fleury and the Detroit Red Wings with Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Lidstrom - a machine in their own right. I can not argue with this match-up, they were the dominant teams (although Detroit looked a little shaky against Dallas) and the numbers don’t lie. Pittsburgh boasted an astounding 12-2 record during the playoffs, while on the flip side Detroit posted a nice record of 12-4. Detroit scored 55 goals and Pittsburgh scored 51 goals. And lastly, both teams had a goals against average of less than 2!

Yes, in the end, the right teams made it to the finals. I only hope it captures the casual sports fans attention. I already know the hardcore fans can not wait. The young guns of Pittsburgh against the tried and true vets of Detroit. It should be a great Stanley Cup Finals. Stay tuned!

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Mr. Hockey said...

Well Kots you are right, the real fans can't wait and the phonys are wondering why the NHL went up against the Tigers(in Detroit),the Pistons and what else- Pinks on Speed?Let me say this, if some SPORTS FAN would rather fall asleep watching basebazzzzz, or think that the NBA is exciting- than why waste time trying to get them into HOCKEY? these FANS would'nt know real action if they fell down and landed face first in it! Instead of making up stories as to why there is a SCHEDULE GLITCH the NHL should be telling the media to watch a bit of all the games and see witch one they can't turn away from. If they leave the ice than they just don't understand and why bother explaining? (and for these jerks the NHL changed the rules?)I thought I heard my man Don Cherry say "the NHL won't fix this one"- the jacket was too loud and it drowned out the sound!,but Ilove him! Hope he is right but after the Sens and Philly (series that they didn't need the calls and non calls) and the Rangers series where I feel they did benefit from the non calls(the 0-17 on the PP killed the Rangers)Well I feel that this is the series that they will need the calls and the blind eye of the 2 refs. I can see Kronwall skating to the box now for leaving his feet and the leagues all-world skaters on the ice as much as they are on their skates!Well LETS GO WINGS at least they were ORIGINAL SIX!

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr. hockey: You're dead on again. It's nice to have a regular here like yourself.

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