Penguins Await Next Victim

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Pittsburgh Penguins put on a show of force in Game 5 with a message sending 6-0 victory. The Penguins were led by Sid the Kid, Ryan Malone (he’d sure look good in a Ranger uniform) and Marion Hossa. The Pens just looked like they were in high gear, where as the Flyers looked like they were skating with 2 left feet. Whatever hope Philly had coming off of Game 5 was quickly and decisively extinguished early and throughout the game. The Penguins smothered most of the offensive attempts by Philly with everything it takes to be a Stanley Cup champion: hitting, goaltending, good defensive play, and a terrifying offense to defend against.

I know how good the Pens are and so does the hockey world, however they have had some help by officiating (just ask the fans of teams they laid to waste). If you are a true fan, you know it too. That’s the part that is tough to swallow, they don’t need that kind of help. They are that good and the record speaks for itself! So, now we will wait and see who the next victim is - Detroit or Dallas. Whomever it is, they better be ready!

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captjameson said...

it's no secret the commish in charge in the early ninties, when Graves whacked LeMagnifag (his wrist was already broken), told the officials to ensure the Rangers didnt garner any advantage with Mario's absence. they are now coached to watch certain players instead of being coached to watch the game. weather it's for good or ill of a particular player it tilts the ice. bettman is a friggin nerd. way to ruin the game pee wee.

~Chaggy said...

chris....the Penguins won in 5 games...they won the series 4 games to 1...i know I'm not at Quinnipiac to straighten you out but I can still throw it at you from NC


Kotsy's Korner said...

~chaggy: Oops! My mistake on that one, typo. Thanks for catching that... it is changed.
I will wait a little longer to see if there are other comments before I comment back captjameson.

Mr. Hockey said...

Not what I had hoped for, if that beating happened during the regular season Iwould have loved it -even from the Pens.Richards and Carter sure didn't play like the core players they are considered to be.Umberger? I thought he was a healthy scratch ! thats how much I heard his name.( not the same as the Canadiens- this round was more like his game ). No doubt it's easier said than done but this was win or swim ! After the 2nd Biron had given up 5 goals and he still had made more saves than Fleury !! . Were the Pens that good or the Flyers that bad?? At least I don"t have to say LETS GO FLYE.... I'm not saying it.

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: Certain bias has been around a long time in the NHL. The problem is; it's too transparent and the hockey fans are not dumb. They see it and I don't blame them for their outrage.
~chaggy: I'll give you the credit you deserve (previously predicted the Pens over my Rangers). They are what they are - a great hockey team.
mr. hockey: The Flyers, in the end, were no match for Pittsburgh (who is?). Also, you're right on with Umberger being not much of a factor in that series. Lastly, the Penguins just ARE that good... not so much the Flyers being that bad.

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