Detroit Choking? Dallas Shuts Down Wings 2-1

Saturday, May 17, 2008

When Marty Turco assisted on Joel Lundqvist's goal at the 6:04 mark of the 2nd period, I don't think anyone watching the game thought, "That's it. There will be no more scoring this game," but that's exactly what happened.

The Dallas Stars came into Detroit and shut down the Red Wings with great goaltending by Marty Turco and not allowing Detroit second chance opportunities. I know I have said previously that it's just a matter of cleaning it up for Detroit, but I'll be more than happy to eat all of my words if Dallas can do the impossible! (are you listening Philly?)

Is it possible that I hear a slight choking sound coming from the collective throats of the Red Wings - or is it just a mere bump in the road? If I'm a Red Wing player or fan, I'd be really worried.

Some other observations I have from this series: What about Kris Draper's "Crosscheck" to the head of Brendan Morrow, did you see that NHL? Or is it a mirage? And one last thing, I love the fact that a 46 year old Chris Chelios is getting a lot of props for playing at his age (it is amazing), but to me he's showing his age. He's a little off-balance, slow, and downright clumsy looking! Well, that's it for now. Over and out!


Wrath of Sanity said...

I hope Philly & Dallas can come back to at least push these two series to game 7. As a fan that would be cool.

cmy999 said...

I would love to see Dallas come back and beat the Red Wings. As far as Philly, even tho I dislike Crosby I really can't stand the Flyers for all the dirty play throughout the years.
I might be wrong but this is the only team that deliberately went out of their way to hurt players on the other teams. This years team not so bad but their past lingers on

Mr. Hockey said...

Wrath of sanity has got it right 7 would be heaven for all true hockey fans!I think ( hope ) you're on the $$ with the Wings finding it hard to swallow,they can give all the same old answers to the what happened questions but I'm sure they never thought they would be flying back to Dallas! As the old saying goes "everyones got aplan until theve been hit " I think the HOME ICE lose was a big one to their minds! Can't wait for Monday night. I hope Philly plays the Pens like the last game , but puts them away when they get the chances. The Pens are to good to let up off their throats. I'd like to see them respect their talent, and then play them like they could care less! Beat em in the alley and on the ice! Hope the NHL puts a veteran crew in charge today, not some young company robots who are afraid to be sent back to the ECHL! Cammi Granato could go to the net and through her 120 pounds around the way this ref Pollack blows the whistel! I guess the NHL finds 5 on 5 hockey ho-hum ! Anyway LETS GO FLYERS! I still say drinking gasoline would leave a better taste in my mouth than saying that !

Crock said...

How can anyone not like Crosby? If you don't like him you better get used to the name because you'll be hearing his name for many, many, many years to come. I see signs of Gretzky in that young man!!!!!

Just like Avery .... you hate to play against him ( Crosby ) but love to have him on your team any day of the week.

I agree with all you mis calls as the list continues to get longer and longer with each of the series that pass bye here.

But you know and I know Kotsy that players feed off of this adversity all the time. Another player you love to have on your team but hate to play against in Morrow of Dallas. Kris Draper got away with one on that hit but you know and I know it addas fuel to the fire to play better and in the long run to turn the series between Detroit and Dallas into a series now.

As you said and I was saying as I watched the clock run down in the third period who would have ever thought that would be it for scoring in the second period. You are right also that Detroit better start to be worrying because if Dallas wins game six watch out going back to Detroit.

The Choke Wings .... I like that.

Got to give Dallas all the credit in the world for what they are doing because all of the hockey world thought when Detroit was up three zip that Detroit would walk into the finals.

It's OK Brendan Morrow keep taking one for the team. All I know is I wish I could have tickets to a packed American Airlines Center tomorrow night for that game. The building will be rocking big time.

But now that I think about it I would rather be on my couch and watch the game. If Dallas wins that game watch out Red Wing fans cause game seven with the Stars will not be easy even if Detroit is playing at home.

See Pittsburgh are in the finals. Great game today Penguins and enjoy the rest but don't get too comfortable.

Who would have ever imagined Sydor with Pitt having to play the Dallas Stars in the finals. Could be you never know in this great game of puck.

Keep up the great commentation Kotsy. Just love reading your blog man ..............


Unknown said...

You wish you had the money Chelios has.. he makes more than the whole whaler team.. Your jealousy is apparent. Your golf game must suck. If you were any good at the game, you would of been playing on the celebrity tour with Petey..
Instead of trying to get a job at 50.

Joe Cocker

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: Philly just didn't have the weapons to compete with Pittsburgh. As for Dallas... we'll see.
cmy999: The past lingers on for most Rangers fans when it comes tot he Flyers (that's the way it should be).
mr. hockey: Wrath of Sanity does have it right, however it did not work out with the Flyers. We'll just have to wait and see with Dallas tonight!
crock: Thanks for the comments! Yes, I agree, Crosby is the best in the game. Dallas and Detroit is a wait and see situation in Game 6.
rogers: Oh well?

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