Pens and Wings on the Brink

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I hate to say I told ya so, but in my previous blog I told you it would take a miracle for the Flyers and the Stars. Well, I think the miracle has left town. They gave it a shot, played hard, and tried to overcome the lousy calls. But in the end there's just too much talent with Sid & Crew, as well as Zetterberg & company.

The NHL is going to get what they wished for (was there any doubt?) - a star laden final. It's just a matter of the cleaning up of the existing series and then the acting... I mean the Stanley Cup Finals will begin (is there not a better looking trophy?). I really am wondering which way the wind will blow - Pittsburgh or Detroit? The NHL has a tough choice, the up and coming stars of Pittsburgh, or the revitalized Detroit Red Wings (Oddly enough, empty seats in Hockey Town are common these days).

Anyway, I'll be gone for a few days. I'll be playing some golf in Connecticut. I'll be back soon though. If ya disagree with me (or agree) - feel free to comment!

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captjameson said...

holy crap kotsy, i cant beleive they called that goal back from detroit! the officiating has been so bad the rule book seems as though its not fit to print on TP.

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: It's just a make-up call for earlier indiscretions in this series. About the rule book its only applied when they FEEL like it.

Crock said...

Kotsy you are right when you say it depends what day of the week it is and what game it is in the series for the officiating to help with the outcome of these games.

Sometimes they let them play and some times the don't. Depends what game it is in the series.

Unreal, the NHL needs to take a long hard look at officiating for the future cause these teams battle all year long for a little better fair shake than that in the play-offs.

Same old story throughout the play-offs. Counts one day and doesn't count the next day.

You are right Kotsy ........


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