Penguins & Redwings Roll On

Monday, May 12, 2008

Watching the game last night in Pittsburgh, I felt (well, almost) sorry for the Flyers. They know they are overmatched on talent and skill up and down the ice. Philadelphia played a much stronger game overall and were right there, even up until Steve Downie’s gaff allowed Pittsburgh to score the game winner. My observations of the game are that the Pens are the most talented team in the playoffs and last night the Flyers played them tough only to be beaten really by the lack of skilled players (no offense).

Martin Biron bounced back with an excellent performance, but it wasn’t enough. Also, if you’re a Flyers fan you have got to be going out of your mind with all of the horse bleep calls that are going against you (and somehow are rarely being called against the Penguins). Well, I regret to inform you but - get used to it! The Pittsburgh Penguins are the “chosen ones” by the NHL. If you can’t see that or don’t believe that, then what do you think you’re watching? Trust me on this, you can’t beat City Hall (NHL). The Flyers are going to need a miracle!

Now on to the machine that I call the Detroit Bore-Wings. I’m sorry, I just don’t get a thrill watching these guys. Dallas is much like Philly, in the sense that they are way too under talented to compete with the Redwings. Marty Turco played well and his team played about as well as they could in Detroit, however they are now down 2-0 in the series and heading back to Dallas. The Stars are in the same situation as Philly - come up with a great effort, hope the NHL doesn’t screw you with the calls (What if Sean Avery hit Ribiero with the butt-end of the stick, do you think he would be suspended? I would say yes), and just try to get the win. Good luck Dallas and Philly, you’re gonna need it!


Mr. Hockey said...

I think we are all witnessing the new "Big Red Machine". I felt having Babcock as one of the final three up for coach of the year was a joke considering how good the Wings are ( I felt Stevens from Philly was the choice and he wasn't even a finalist, shows what I know!). These guys dominate 5 on 5, short handed, and forget obout on a power play, the system is followed by everyone 1st line through the 4th their defense have to be the best three pairs in along time. I'm sure Tippit hates the fact that his guys are making passes when the passing lanes are disguised as Red Wings sticks,it also has to kill him to see his D just standing and watching (I have alot in common with those guys, because thats what I do - stand and watch) If they gave the Stars their own puck to use I'd bet the Wings would attack that one too and take it away!
I'm not a particular fan of Hatchers, but that HOOK they called on him, when I thought he stood up 71 and played him perfectally (Pens score a PP goal 3 or 4 ticks into the PP) it's just one more questionable call that makes me feel as if the refs are instructed to call the games with one eye! I said it in the Ranger series - they are a damn good team, they would be tough to beat any night, but even lucky teams don't get as many calls as they do!As any working stiff in this Country has come to understand, if they are paying attention - its all a farce, the ceo's the owners the rules makers do whatever they want and they don't care who notices that something is wrong.

P.A.T.I. said...

I like it. Keep stirring it up Kotsy!

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