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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Correct me If I’m wrong, but did it seem a little boring watching game 1 of the Western Conference Finals (Dallas at Detroit)? No excitement, no intensity, and seemingly just a routine day at the office for Detroit. While on the other hand, Dallas hardly looked like they were even there! Detroit’s like a machine that gets the opposing teams to play into their hands. It’s effective - but boring! I hope Dallas can make it interesting, or this will be over real quick (Detroit in 5?).

As for the Eastern Conference finals, the so called “Battle of Pennsylvania” - which might not end up being that much of a battle in my opinion. The Penguins, in my estimation, are too talented for the Flyers. The Flyers have been playing outstanding hockey, but I feel that they have met their match. Crosby, Malkin, Hossa, Gonchar, Sykora, Malone, Etc. Philly just can’t cope with that line-up! If there’s any hope for the Flyers they need to get a better performance from Martin Biron than he gave them in game 1 - he was horrible! If he doesn’t deliver, the “Battle of Pennsylvania” will be a slaughter. If you disagree let me know, I dare ya! Over and out.


captjameson said...

that blast from malkin was unreal. biron might as well have grabbed his socks and let Gino spank him raw. i love it. fly girls are over matched

Crock said...

You are absolutely correct throughout the play-offs thus far. Your blogs are interesting and entertaining. Can hardly wait for a full year of this between college and the pros we should be in for an entertaining year.

The only thing that seems to be bad this play-off year is the inconsistent calls and miss calls of the refs. Goals and no goals are just way out of whack. Call games one way one game and then call games another way the next game.

They said a two man ref system would make the game so strong. Just don't see it.

Wake up NHL you are missing the game some nights the way it is supposed to be played and officiated.

Gets frustrating when you see the new NHL and what is taken away from the game as a fan with the way the game is played today versus the way the game was played when you were in the league Kotsy.

Keep up the great views cause they are right on the money thus far.

I have done well with my picks for the series so far. 7 for 8 in the first round and 3 for 4 in the second round.

Looking good in this round so far but at this point anything can happen from here on in.


Wrath of Sanity said...

Biron was awful in game 1, he made some very stupid mistakes. Giving up a goal just before the end of the period was a killer for the Flyers. I expect Philly to bounce back and play a real tough game in game 2.

Mr. Hockey said...

Just getting ready for game 2 of the Eastern Conferance.I never thought I'd actually be pulling for the Flyers(actually I do when they play the Islanders,I hate them more than mortal sins)! After game 1 I felt that the players who are protected by the new rules really started to take advantage of that blessing especially on the physical side of things.Just wondering if Malkin would take a shot at Hatcher, if he wasn't being held at the time? Wondering also if he'd play the same if they took the shield off the helmet? My $$$ says he'd tone it down a few notches. Was it just me, or did Sid the Kids head snap back further than J.F.K's every time Hatcher put a body on him? Just a few observations. The game is on soon so Let's go Flyers!! Jeez that hurt me as much as a sharp stick in the eye.

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: The Flyers are definitely overmatched by the Penguins and the men in stripes.
crock: I couldn't agree with ya more Crock. In the future I'm going to blog about the rule changes and what it's done for the NHL.
mr. hockey: It is definitely tough to cheer for the Flyers and by the way the JFK thing is a beauty!

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