Rangers Need Some Fine Tuning

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rangers fans, let's not get carried away with the current roster of the New York Rangers. I feel there is a good foundation of players already in place. All that I think is needed for more success this upcoming season is a little fine tuning, not a major overhaul. They have the goaltending in place with Henrik Lundqvist for at least 10 years. The youth and young legs are in place with Callahan, Staal, Dawes, Dubinsky, Girardi, Korpikoski, and maybe a few more prospects projected to make the roster next season.

However, the Rangers are not without a few flaws. They need to get tougher physically, especially on defense. They are not a physically intimidating team. Opposing teams are not afraid to go into the Rangers corner to get pucks. As a player you must have a little fear of going into the corners, opponents this year had ZERO fear and were free to do as they pleased. The Rangers also need a proven scorer (sniper type player). The reason for the rangers excellent defense this season is because of the lack of "O", it gave them no choice but to play a certain style (let's face it, they underachieved offensively)! Scott Gomez needs to have steady wingers to work with. The transition from New Jersey to New York is over, this is a must do. Lastly, the Rangers must find a quarterback-type defenseman to run the (rather LOUSY) powerplay. That's one area that cost the Rangers dearly this season.

I have a few other thoughts on Jagr, Avery, and Shanahan. First off - Jagr. Even though I have been critical of his play to my friends during the season (it was not his best, that's for sure), when you look at it... is he not the most dangerous offensive threat the Rangers have? If he isn't, then who is? I say bring him back for one more year. Next, Sean Avery; love him or hate him - you got to have him on your team. He's one of the few on the team that plays a nasty, physical-type game that this team sorely lacks (Oh, and by the way, he contributes offensively as well)!

Lastly, Brendan Shanahan. Maybe it's time, maybe it's not (I mean, I played against this guy...) I feel what he's done for hockey and the Rangers in particular is fantastic. However, there comes a time for everyone in sports to hang 'em up and this might be it for Shanny. He's a sure fire Hall of Famer, he should take his time and arrive at a decision at his own pace. He deserves at LEAST that!

Again, you can agree or disagree. But these are my ramblings. Over and out!


Mr. Hockey said...

To bad for Paul Maurice,maybe the Leafs should hire a dog trainer and not a coach because the team is loaded with mutts! I'd love to see a classy guy like Shanny stay but I think your right. Think about it if Shanny and Jagr leave thats over 1200 goals! If Jagr stays Washington is off the hook for their half,and he can't take nights off because he's so good when he plays that even a phoney fan can tell when he's just going throug the motions. I get fustrated with his game,no backchecking,half strides, giving up on the loose pucks,but I wonder if Dubinsky and Avery would have as much space without him? Wish I knew more about the cap rules so I could have a better idea as to who the Rangers can go after.Oh by the way if you need a hockey fix and you have direct tv,9:00 tonight on644 the alltitude ch.,the Arizona Sundogs and the Colorado Eagles play game 3 of the CHL championship.Unless you want to watch basebazzzzzzzzzzzz sorry about that even the thought of that game puts me to sleep!!!

Crock said...

Cannot believe the Rangers are leaving Avery to hang out to dry. After all the nights he wears his heart on his sleeve for the Rangers and that is the thanks the Rangers give this kid.

Hey some team will grab him fast cause like you say you love to hate this guy and want him on your team any day of the week.

Good luck Sean Avery ... the Rangers loss and only your gain $$$$$$$$$

Big fan of yours ..........


Leo said...

Fully agree with you Kotsy. We desperately need a PP QB (Redden would fit eh) and some physical update, cause as you said, we're a joke physically. It's too sad to see Shanny hang'em up, but it would be even more sad to see that his body can't give him a chance to be a competitive player one more season and become a "cancer" spot in the roster. Jags and Avery must return. Perry Pearn needs to go.

Greetings from Brazil, you have a fan there.


Kotsy's Korner said...

mr. hockey: A dog trainer? You're too much, haha.
crock: Plain and simple, Avery is a must sign for the Rangers this off-season.
leo: Leo, thanks for your comments. But I do have one question, how do you get your hockey fix way down in Brazil?

Leo said...

Well, to see the whole stuff it was via cable TV year's ago, now we got the internet. And we have a bunch of guys who plays inline hockey here (i'm one of them) and also some ice. Our national inline team is quite good and we're playing division I in the IIHF world championships.

I know it could be strange, a far country without a cold winter and no hockey tradition, but we have a lot of NHL fans here.

And everyday i'm here to read your updates.

Thanks for reply. =)

barilko5 said...

Hey Kots, I've enjoyed reading your blog. It's great to see you reconnected to the game.
On a personal note our friend in Florida is in trouble. If it's possible give me a call at 1-800-295-3770 Ext.3609. Your fan and friend Tom Gostlin

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