Detroit Wins 11th Stanley Cup

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings captured their 11th Stanley Cup with a 3-2 victory in Game 6. Led by Conn Smythe Trophy winner Henrik Zetterberg, the 'Wings once again showed that "The Machine" just doesn't care where they play!

Nashville, Dallas, or Pittsburgh on the road... Game 6? No problem. This team is built perfectly for post-lockout hockey. They are quicker, faster, and just too disciplined to deal with. The Red Wings basically take your offense away and put you in a straight-jacket-like blanket. You have no room to maneuver, pass, or let alone think you're possibly going to create shots! In the end, they deserve the Cup. They are the best and I really don't think any team can deal with them at this moment! Congratulations to the Red Wing players and franchise.

As for the Penguins, I really was surprised how a team that rolled through the Eastern Conference Playoffs with such ease, could look so inept against the Red Wings. You have to admit, no one would of guessed that the Pens would have been shut down they way Detroit did! I mean, really, 9 goals in 6 games? Who in their right mind would of predicted that! Maybe the young Pens cracked under the pressure. This is Lord Stanley's Cup afterall. Maybe Detroit was the real reason behind Pittsburgh's play in this series. I know now that Detroit is a "Super Machine", but I think Pittsburgh definitely felt the heat and did not perform as well as they could have (and did in the Eastern Conference Playoffs). All in all, the Penguins had a great season, it just came up a bit short against a better team.

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captjameson said...

malkin being invisible for 5 games didn't help the pens either. sometime you have to lose in order to learn how to win. zetterberg was everywhere doing everything, i'd have to say he's the most well balanced player in the league right now. he earned that Conn Smythe. chris osgood is not very humble is he? i i i, me me me, what a prick. gotta say though, detroit almost got bit by a bad non call. malone should have gone to the box for whaking lilja's stick out of his hands, no goal scored, and the game doesnt come inches and split seconds from being tied.

Wrath of Sanity said...

And now the off-season begins!

The finals turned out to be a little better than I expected after the first two bore-fests(I wasn't one who though it would be the "all-time" series).

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: I agree. Sometimes you have to lose - however, Pittsburgh's going to have a tough time keeping this team together with the cap and free agency.

I like your Osgood quote, haha.

And the non-call on Malone at the end is what I've been harping on. No consistency.


wrath of sanity: The series was not great, not bad. Definitely not what the NHL expected.

captjameson said...

kotsy, i'm bummed, it just hit me the hockey season is over. these next 3 months are going to be long even with UFA signings and the draft. seems there are some reasonably priced stay at home D out there like Commodore (cup winner), Sauer (NYR have his kid bro in the system), Hainsey (good 2 way guy) and Orpik all available. all will be right with the world if rangers can re-sign jagr and avery and sign at least one of those Dmen mentioned above. can't wait for training camp to open.

unfortunatly gas prices will prevent me from joining a men's league this summer. the towel heads and uncle sam have priced me out of summer hockey, damn sons of bitches...

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: Yeah, there's going to be a void, no question about it. Here's hoping that the Rangers pick up Orpik.

How far do you have to travel for your pick up hockey?

captjameson said...

40 miles. plus the dues to join. it's a roller league in morristown, nj. i'm out in west jersey near the pa border and commute 80 total miles a day as it is. unfortunately i havn't found any leagues near or on my way home to hook up with. i try to find roller because it tends to be a bit cheaper and more my speed. not the greatest skater in the world...

Crock said...

I agree with what captjameson says and what you have been saying the whole play-offs .... inconsistancy.

It really does take away from the game doesn't it ??

Zetterberg did earn the Smyth without a doubt. He is a mchine out there.

Shows you where Sid the Kid is heading in a few years. The Pens will learn from this and will be back someday to the finals. Maybe not next year or the year after but it is only a matter of time before Crosby is hopisting the Cup.

He is going to be too good not to !!

Got to give the Pens credit they fought till the end and like you said Kotsy they just came up short.

Detroit deserved the Cup for sure as they were the best team all year and the better team in the end.

Oh well no fun till training camp now for the die hard fan ????

Have a great summer Kotsy .... see you and the Mrs. in September.


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