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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's been one week since my last post and I'm already feeling the ho-hum days of no hockey. We know the Red Wings won, but now it's time to take a look at other teams off-season moves.

My beloved New York Rangers have their hands full. Sign Jagr? Don't sign Jagr? Avery's about to be a free agent. Rozsival just had surgery on his hip... re-sign him or let him go? Do they add to the team through free agency (Brooks Orpik sounds good to me)? A lot to digest and I believe Glen Sather will make the right calls when it gets down to the nitty gritty.

The Rangers are not in a rebuilding stage, like many seem to believe, unlike other teams (Sorry Toronto). Just a few pieces of the larger puzzle need to be in place (Draft, FA, re-signing their own). I think things will work out and the Rangers will be a contender for the Stanley Cup next season!

Other Stories

Congratulations is in order for the Chicago Wolves who captured the Calder Cup with a 4-2 series win over the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins (Penguins and Baby Pens come up short in 2nd place, ouch... That's gotta hurt) - especially to coach John Anderson who's now won 2 Calder Cups and 2 Turner Cup Championships. Great job John! I wonder why a guy like this doesn't get an NHL head coaching job instead of re-treads that seem to be recycled yearly... ridiculous!

I see that my hometown Toronto Maple Leafs have hired a new coach in former San Jose Sharks coach Ron Wilson. Good luck Ron! You're gonna need it! You're also gonna need thick skin. The people and the city of Toronto are totally engaged with their beloved Leafs. 24/7/365; TV, Radio, Newspapers, at work - the Leafs are the only thing that matters! Like I said, good luck!

I will probably reduce my posting over the hockey off-season to about a post a week, just to let the readers know what's going on. Over and out!

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Jeff said...

Signing Brooks Orpik would definitely makes my day. We need that kind of big guy in defense. He remembers me Beukeboom sometimes. But that will depend if we resign both Roszival and Mara, and for how much. The question concerning Roszival is to know if he is able to forget this 07-08 season. Him and Malik are close friends so I don't know how he will react next year. Jagr and Prucha might have been also touched in the same way with Malik's problems as they are Czech.

Personally I want to see JJ back next year, he has done so much for the team since the lockout. His PO performance was huge this year, that's our captain, let's bring him back! And when you look how Dubinsky progressed by centering Jagr, that would be pityful.

I don't even think about Sather not signing Avery for the next seasons. He's a Ranger, no question about that. I just hope, he won't ask too much. That will be a great loss if he leaves. And Marty would be sad...^^

Wrath of Sanity said...

Orpik is a must sign, in my opinion. Also, if the team doesn't re-sign Jagr... I have no idea what direction they are going in (maybe waiting a year to potentially get Kovalchuck?).

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Orpik would DEFINITELY look good in a Ranger uniform. There might be a little fear finally when Rangers opponents cross into the Rangers' zone.

Jagr, I'd love to see him back. However, this all depends on what he's asking for salary wise... you can't overpay for him. The same goes for Roszival.

Sean Avery, I hope he stays. And that's a great line about Marty!

By the way... is there any way that I could get your blog in English? I'd love to read it and add it to my links!


wrath of sanity: I agree with Orpik. But let's not look that far into the future with Kovalchuck...

captjameson said...

speaking of blowdeur, how in the wide world of sports did Nabokov not win the Vezina?

i feel better kotsy, i found a rink closer to my house that does open hockey on the weekends for a decent fare. i'll be able to get my hockey fix that way. btw, does anyone make wood sticks anymore? the composites suck, too expencive and too fragile. i'm almost through my gretzky hespelers (out of business)only got 2 left of the 10 i bought.

Jeff said...

Surprising that Marty won it again. Nabokov deserved it this year. Hank's turn next year!

Kotsy: Actually I only propose a french version of my blog but that's true I am thinking about an english version for a while. That could be a possibility in a near future (I don't know when). Even If I don't think you will find a lot of interest in my posts... ^^
Meanwhile I will put online, in the next weeks, some videos from past and present Rangers. Videos dubbed in english. ;)

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson: Must be the east coast bias. Nabakov isn't as well known as you put it "Blowdeur".

I got to see the new weapons of hockey up close this season at Quinnipiac - They do look and feel like they would break if you lean too hard. Wood is king!


jeff: First off, I believe Ranger fans would be interested in your blog. I know that I would add your link to my blog.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to viewing the vids.

Mr. Hockey said...

Just got back from AZ.( I didn't see the M.I.A 71 out west either ) Strange to sit down and watch a game when your still belching up lunch.Seems like the deeper the NHL gets itself with trying to improve the game and pick up the scoring,the worse they make it.The consistent or lack of consistent calls by the officials is thanks to the NBA type leadership thats directing this league now!Thanks for nothing G.B.(lets allow more 3rd jerseys thats whats important)
I finished checking out all your blogs that were posted while I was away-nice job- the comments were on the money as always,but Leroy change refs??? your momma ..she's calling you man(remember that song?)
Ron Wilson to the Leafs!!Well at least they hired the best coach in all of hockey---you don't believe me that he's the best - than just ask him, he'll be glad to tell you !
Hey as far as what the Rangers do--all I feel is that if they don't have a consistent power play next year it would just be the same.How many of us were drooling at the thought of the PP after the moves we made last summer? How many of us cursing at the PP during the season? How many of us were crying because of the PP during the Pens series? (even Hartfords PP was dead against Portland in a 4-0 wipeout--all 1 goal games).Fix that and a bit more grit in our zone and on the boards and I'd say all-aboard we'll be ready to go.

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