Rangers and the Draft

Thursday, June 19, 2008

With the NHL Draft just a few days away, it's fairly obvious who's going to be the #1 pick (Stamkos). After that, it's anyone's guess how the draft will go. The New York Rangers are slotted at #20 and here's to selecting a player who helps and helps the Rangers sooner rather than later.

I must admit I'm not that knowledgeable with the kids coming from Junior, High-School, College, or even the European Leagues. It's too much to digest for me. The draft does have some exciting happenings year after year - like trades, players dropping, and players rising. I do know that all the science involved today (fitness, psychology, Etc.) gets a little crazy but it's the way of the world of sports, not just Hockey alone. Getting overly scientific sometimes works and sometimes it backfires. Either you can play at a high level (NHL) or you can't! It does not take long in hockey for the teams to figure out once you're drafted whether or not you've got it or you don't! There is no 5 year waiting period, it's more like 2 and done.

Anyways, I'd like to congratulate Glenn Anderson on his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame. He is totally deserving of this honor. 6 Stanley Cups, pretty good career stats, but what I think what really stands out is playoff numbers, they are incredible!

Games: 225
Goals: 93
Assists: 121
Total Points: 214
Those numbers rank 4th all-time behind... let's see if these names ring any bells. Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, that's pretty nice company! Oh, and just to throw this in... Paul Coffey is 5th. Like I said, Congrats Glenn!

Oh and one last thing. What's this I hear about the NHL threatening to terminate ownership of my beloved Rangers? All this over a website/lawsuit? Nice move on your part NHL... it doesn't matter who's right or wrong. You have enough problems convincing most of America that hockey is a great sport. So what do you do? You publicly go after the team with the biggest market and some of your most tried and true die hard fans. I believe this matter should of have been solved behind closed doors. Yes, I am a former NHL player and once was a Ranger (and now am a Ranger fan), but does it make sense to do battle with the New York Rangers and MSG? Your biggest and best fan base in America? I think not. I can only hope this matter is resolved in a quick and clean fashion... or once again the NHL has blundered.

Over and out for now! Keep checking back because as an old player once said, "You just never know".


captjameson said...

nice work in the blueshirt bulletin BTW.

as i think about what the NHL is doing with this threat, it dawned on me that Pee Wee is telling the owners that there is a cap on their franchise value. imagine if the teams were able to market their own players, products. the original 6 have the strongest branding and strongest or quickly strengthening fan bases in the league while the the pens and caps have the 2 best and most marketable players in the league. those things alone, if marketed properly and solely by the teams themselves, would boost their franchise value exponentialy over the have not/want nots. also the increased revenue from those sales would drive the floor and ceiling of the cap higher than the have not/want nots want to spend thus pushing them out of the league. gary's utopia is crumbling

Wrath of Sanity said...

Gary Bettman is such a tool. I was thinking about how nervous he always sounds when he's speaking at NHL events and what not... I saw the 2004 NHL draft coverage last night on NHL Network and his voice was trembling as he was announcing the Penguins on the clock. Probably because of him rigging the draft to save Pittsburgh...

But all conspiracy theories aside, the NHL's cookie cutter regime that they are trying to install is crazy. Let teams do what they want to do, if they want to offer better information on their websites... just let them. It's ridiculous. And to think the NHL sometimes wonders why it isn't more popular...

Leroy said...

kotsy - I agree sport is way to scientific, either you can play or you can't your VO2 max doesn't let you think the game any better.

keep putting out the good word.

Wrath of Sanity said...

2005 NHL Draft*

My bad.

Kotsy's Korner said...

It was nice of Dubie to allow me to contribute to the Blueshirt Bulletin. I thank him for including me. I am all for change when it works, however with all the new rules and transformations the NHL has implemented the last few years you would think they would be more worried about what worked and what didn't (We all know a lot did not work). It's mind boggling that they would choose to publicly do battle over a friggin
website. Its the same old story no one person or persons ever want to admit they are wrong. Leave the teams alone, stop tinkering with the rules to satisfy your egos and let the NHL be what it is a great sport.
Wrath of sanity:
I am in total agreement. No business on gods green earth should be told how to run it. I would be pissed just like any owner of a business.
I understand the investment is much larger than when I played, but it still comes down to can the kid play or not. This is not the olympics, they are not running a marathon, they're not decathalon contestants, they are Hockey Players! The VO2 line is a good one, I had good laugh over that.

Mr. Hockey said...

I efin hate this dwarf mutt Bettman! That's it on this troll.
Read the roundtable in the Bulletin it was nice to get the feel of how the beat guys and the only guy who really knows how it feels to win or lose at the pro level see things possibly going down real soon. Now I don't claim to have the inside scoops and the great hockey knowlege as the beat guys,and when it came to playing the game I did it because I loved it not because I was any good.Ah, but when it comes to watching the game and knowing what should be happening on the ice I' just as good as the next guy.
68 everybody seemed to agreethat he had to come back. I don't see practice or have the privilage of getting inside the locker room so my judgement come from soley watching these guys play and that is what matters most. right? He dosn't like to "bic chik"(back check for the rest of us). Well I don't like it when the other team comes in our zone and basically has a pp for a shot or maybe two with a quick rebound because Mr. bic chik is gliding through the neutral zone or because he didn't want to take that extra stride to check someone off the puck!Or because "Ilose confidence" NO damn CAPTAIN of a team should let his guys hear "Ilose confidence" Yeah , good so did I --in him. Do you know how many shots he got off in the elimination game against the Pens? The captian had 0.I don't hear "do you believe it--do you believe it" actually I do because I've been watching and this season is 2008 not 1992
the beats think Shanahan is basically done. Reduced role,less money, to much of a drop off in production---but not with 68? Hey less $$$, good --drop off??--did he ever have regular linemates? Renny took to long to set thing in.Reduced role -fine--when someone can do it better than he does when someone steps up and takes it.
Avery--he does want too much $$$, but thats because no other Ranger has the stones to do what he does game in and out and he Knows it!Some beats are worried about off ice antics whatever they are? Ijust watch them play.They worry about suspensions? Maybe they meant Hollewig? I don't know.You can' mix up the two of them -one is a smart dangerous lightning rod who can score and score big goals the other is none of that.--They got to work it out WE need him with all he baggage (for now)(Ryan Malone would be nice , but do you think blowdeur would be taken off his game by Malone?)
Sorry for going on forever about the state of our team. If your still awake and didn't blow your brains out yet I'll "chik' out but remember 68 was a no show alot last year -plenty of nights with no points and plenty when he had 1g and 1a and finihed the night even or -1.

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr. hockey: You make a fair argument about Jagr vs Shanahan, however I still feel that Jagr at the right price is still the most dangerous offensive threat the Rangers have. I also realize that he did not have a great season, but who did? As for Shanahan I am all for his return even in a reduced role if need be. It's going to be real interesting as to how all this will unfold. Oh and 'bic chick', that's hilarious!

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