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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I just got back from the Ron Greschner Foundation's 7th Annual Golf Classic and what a great time it was! I got to meet and play golf with some wonderful people, as well as see some old teammates & legendary Rangers such as: Rod Gilbert, Vic Hadfield, Gilles Villemure, Chris "Knuckles" Nilan, Mike Backman (His son Sean is a star at Yale), and of course Ron Greschner. Also in attendence was former NY Giants Linebacker Karl Nelson, actors Aiden Quinn and Joseph Gannascoli (He played Vito Spatafore in the Sopranos). All in all, it was a fantastic day (Although it was steaming hot)!

The people who attended put up some considerable amounts of money to play in this outing and to help out autism research and awareness. I'd also like to thank the man behind it all, Pete DeStefano - and the DeStefano family for the great time I had. If there was anyone who I missed, my apologies.

I'm going to put up the foundation's website once again down below so you all can take a look and check it out, after all - it's a great cause.

Now, the wonderful and insightful Rangers fans were heavy in attendence and it was interesting to sit back at dinner listening to their views on the team. The majority I talked to were still scratching their heads over Sean Avery's departure (about 75% of the people). Jagr's departure was about 50/50 as to those who wanted him to stay and wanted him to go. Overall you could feel the passion and excitement in their voices in looking forward to next season.

Everyone was also in agreement that Ron Greschner's jersey deserves its rightful place among the Ranger gods (I agree as well)! Hopefully sometime in the near future this will happen... it must happen! Oh, and one last thing, does anyone remember who was the first to crack 50 goals as a New York Ranger? I know I do. Well, over and out!


Jeff said...

First Ranger to break the 50 goals line... Hm... I'd say Vic Hadfield on April 1st 1972 against the Canadien. No merit for me, I was watching The Fans Most Wanted show on MSG channel the other day showing greatest goals in Rangers history... Great show, I will put it on my blog soon.

Speaking blogging, I'm glad to read you this offseason Chris. I feel you are like many of us very impatient about the new season to start.

Greschner to the Rafters would be a great thing. I discovered this player recently through your article and through a video I put on my blog, the guy definitely deserve to be honored by the organization as Giacomin and Gilbert was. I would like to see that, some kind of reconciliation with the past in Rangers history. Nice.

Feel free Chris to write a little comment in my last article, that would be nice and would bring some weight and some prestige to it. ;)

Kotsy's Korner said...

jeff: Jeff, sometimes we all get a little too crazy about our present day heroes (rightfully so!), but I also feel that we should not neglect our past. That's the reason I threw out the question - Vic Hadfield is correct. I know this is a slow part of the off season, but the Ranger fans I encountered at the golf outing were ready for the season to start. Greschner's day will come... he deserves it!

Crock said...

Glad to hear you had a great time at the golf outing in seeing old friends from the past.

Must have been great to see Chris Nilan.

Glad to see so many Ranger fans already scratching their heads in the fact that Sean Avery is now a Dallas Star. I knew it would not be long .... the season has not even started and the Ranger fans know the team goofed in letting Sean go.

Stars fans can hardly wait for training camp to start. Go Stars !!

Glad to see Jagr go as in the end he did not show his true colors in being a Ranger period. From what you told me and it seems like all sports in NY in that it is an honor to wear any NY uniform professionally. You can sense a passion in being a Ranger period and with Jagr it did not seem in the end that he had that feeling.

Less than two months till training camp. Enjoy the rest of the summer hockey fans.....................


Kotsy's Korner said...

crock: Crock, the golf was fantastic. In the end we are still a fraternity. Chris Nilan, as well as the others who attended are just great people. Now on to Sean Avery, let's not get carried away. I hear that "Captain" Morrow was not too pleased with Avery and his signing. Is there enough room on the Stars for another huge ego to be allowed to be himself (Avery)? Or will the Captain squash it? You know I like Avery, but Dallas is not New York and he will not be in the limelight like he's used to. As for the Jagr situation he played chicken with Glen Sather and lost, plain and simple.

captjameson said...

if you want to say the rangers let avery go then you also have to say avery left. can't blame him for taking the money but the rangers offered an appropriate contract. the ones to scratch your head over are 1mil each for voros and rissmiller, 2 unproven players. and 6.5 w/ no trade for redden. i think sather over spent a little for what could be the right players. time will tell.

Kotsy's Korner said...

captjameson:captjameson, nice to hear from you! I can't blame Avery for taking the money (3-4 million more over the 4 yrs... that's nothing to sneeze at). Again, just like Jagr, he played chicken with Sather and Sather had a plan B. I believe it's the buzz that Avery created (good or bad) at MSG that the fans will miss. I'm with you all the way with Rissmiller, Voros, and Redden. The 3 of them have a lot to live up to (especially Redden).

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