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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, it's definitely a slow time for me with no hockey. I just about had enough of baseball (boring)! As I was checking out other sites, I came across a story on the Blueshirt Bulletin that totally took me by surprise. Yes Ranger fans, there's been a Petr Nedved sighting and he's coming to a Ranger training camp near you!

Where do I begin with this revelation? Yeah, we know he's been a Ranger before. He's a nice guy and all that. But, really, what makes anyone believe he has any gas left in the tank to give the NHL one more try (at 36 years old)? Sure, he'd love it if he could find a spot on the Rangers roster... I mean, who wouldn't? However, Nedved himself is a realist and knows that it is a bit of a longshot for him to survive final cuts. I guess the "No Guarantee" that Glen Sather has communicated to Nedved basically gives him the green light to attempt a comeback, where the Rangers are not at all on the hook money wise. All I can say is Good Luck to Nedved and I wish him well.

Another thing that's really getting out of hand is the "Mats Sundin Sweepstakes". As I've said before, I understand that Sundin is a future Hall of Famer, but what gives him the right to hold NHL teams at ransom? Never has an NHL player been allowed the courtesy, time, and effort (not even Wayne Gretzky) that teams have given Sundin so he could hum & haw about playing this upcoming season. And all this for who? Yes, he's still a very good player and will definitely help somebody, but please... Sundin is not bigger than the league itself.

I'll leave you all with this one, much like my with my last blog entry... Who is the all time Rangers penalty minutes king? The answer might surprise you! Over and out!

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freedombaby said...

Most Penalty Minutes, season - Troy Mallette (1989-90) - 305

Do I win anything if that's right??lol

Kotsy's Korner said...

freedombaby: You are correct with Mallette for a single season. How about all-time penalty minutes leader, career wise? Oh and by the way, I had totally forgot about Mallette's single season total. Thanks for the response, sorry no prize... just trying to keep things interesting.

Wrath of Sanity said...

I liked Nedved when he was a Ranger. Too bad the teams we're garbage. I still remember that one year when we had Lindros, Fleury, and Nedved and we were tearing it up... then Lindros got concussed and the season basically went down the crapper.

Jeff said...

The most penalized Ranger in history... Hm... I guess you played with him Kotsy, that's Ron Greschner! ;)

Concerning Nedved, well I guess that doesn't cost anything to give him a chance at the camp. No risk, no promises from Sather. If he can help with anything, that will be all benefit for us.

Kotsy's Korner said...

wrath of sanity: Wrath, it's an unfortunate part of hockey, but injuries do happen. Lindros had one huge problem - he thought he was still in junior hockey and could play with his head down. That is like throwing raw meat to the wolves with the big hitter's of the NHL. That being said, Lindros still managed to average 1.14 points per game in his NHL career. Nedved's Ranger career was to put it lightly... unspectacular.


jeff: Jeff, you are correct, Ron Greschner is the all-time penalty minute king. I remember talking with Gresch about it last season at MSG and we all had a big laugh over it. Now on to Nedved. I guess if there is no guarantee's (financially) given, no harm can be done. I think it's a long shot, but who knows?

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots -- hope your summer is going good.
Nedved?? o.k he comes in on the cheap--but I can only pray that we have a bit more talent at a much younger age! If he still has some left and is better than anything else we have than great for him and I'll wish him well--but I really do hope that it's only the price and not the goods thats getting him the look.
Sundin--thats all I have to say about that guy!!
I read your other comment on Ronny--No doubt in my mind 4 should have been up there with Eddie and Rocky--before Mess,Mikey or Brian--and that is no disrespect to those three players . They played like hockey the right way for the Rangers and the fans,but Gresch did it first --only the old farts were lucky enough to see him play and realize just how good he really was!

Kotsy's Korner said...

mr. hockey: Mr. Hockey, I hope you're right about the younger players filling roster spots instead of Nedved. One thing's for sure - not many things are "free" in life, so at no cost to the Rangers, why not? As for the "King of Sweden"... he's a very good player, future HoF, but he's not worthy of the royal treatment he's getting (The real King of Sweden is Borje Salming).

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