Rangers Shutout in Pittsburgh, 3-0

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not exactly the way you would like to finish up a 5-game road trip, especially with a 3-0 shutout loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday. In the game, the Rangers had nothing, zip, nadda. When Chris Menard scored his 1st NHL goal at 7:35 of the 1st period, little did we know that his goal would be enough. Goals later by Tyler Kennedy and Petr Sykora would make it a final score of 3-0, in favor of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Rangers offense was terrible from the start. No 2nd chances, no driving to the net, it was anemic at best. Pittsburgh looked quicker, sharper, and let's face it - they looked like the hungrier team. The Pens also exposed what I have known for quite sometime... the lack of a pure scorer and a physical presence (outside of Colton Orr). The Blueshirts have survived this long without it, but definitely will need to find a little of both for the stretch run and the playoffs.

I also want to mention that anyone who uses the excuse of being tired at the end of a road trip is wrong. Dead wrong. It's not like the Rangers were on a west coast road trip with the time changes and miles upon miles to travel. Outside of Chicago, the Rangers stayed in the Eastern time zone the entire road trip. Sorry, but it's a bad excuse.

Overall, it was a good trip for the Blueshirts getting 7 out of a possible 10 points. Back home against Anaheim on Tuesday at MSG. But, one more thing about the game... what was with the love fest for Pittsburgh on NBC? Was Sidney Crosby playing against anyone? Does he even have any teammates? Over and out!


Jeff said...

Hi Chris,

I tell you, this is the last time I watch a Rangers-Penguins game on NBC. I don't know if that was because the Rangers played so poorly today, but after a while, I had to turn off the sound. I couldn't bear any longer this Crosbymania. I was really sick.

But I was even more sick to see that the referee we blamed so much after Friday game officiated again today in one of our game! How is this possible? Do you know if referees fly with teams on these long road trips?

Anyway, Penguins deserve the win tonight, no doubts, Rangers have still a long road ahead before to be declared out of troubles. Let's grab some momentum Tuesday at MSG. Let's go Rangers!

PS: Gotta go, the tempest is above us here, better shutdown my computer now ;). See you later.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff: Jeff, It was embarrassing how NBC fawned over Sidney Crosby and his pens. Very amateurish.

I was going to vent about the officiating again, but the Rangers were out of it from the start.

Referee's have a schedule just like the team's do. Unlucky for the Rangers that drew one of the clowns from Chicago.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots---they looked like a team that just wanted to get home--no answer for the strong Pens foecheck--no answer for a lousy 1-2-2 defense--they should have taken a page from the Caps gameplan against the same Pens D when they both met up last week--then again the Caps have some players who can make another team pay for the smallest mistake--something we really can't say!!!---how did you feel about the world class skater go down like he was shot in his head and get awarded a penalty shot???--Drury put his blade on the cuff of his elbow and didn't even pull his arm back, yet that was enough for sugar-lips legs to go out from under him???even Bob Kelly would have kept his feet with that one!!!--How about the scrum with Dubi and FOUR Pens, while Zherdev and Korpi were standing right there looking at their yellow shoelaces!!!!---7 out of 10 points---seems like you can't bitch, but this one was hard to take ---they just did'nt show up---they did'nt play for Renney today---that don't happen often, but today it did---ON NATIONAL TV----Lets hope we can choke the Ducks Tuesday..

Leatherneck said...

howdy Chris...I am with you on the excuse of being tired..poor excuse however the officiating also did show its ugly face in this one too...it was a boring game and only Eddie O made it entertaining with his silly remarks..ie...when Kalinin took out crosbaby on that 3 on 2...that was not as bad as he made it out in my opinion..well...overall we cant bitch...7 of 10 points aint bad...eh...oooh raaah

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr.Hockey: Mr.Hockey,the boys looked out of it from the start. No energy, no hustle, nothing. Penguins deserved this one all the way.

Sidney Crosby is what he is. No matter what we think of him, I sure would love to have him on the Rangers. The Bob Kelly line is a good one though it seems to fit.

I have said it all along team toughness is not in abundance on this Ranger team. It was very evident today.

Your right 7 of 10 points is a job done well on the away from home.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Officiating has been crap since the "New Rules" NHL started a few years ago. I hate it.

It has not made the league any better, anyone with clear mind can see that.(Everyone except Gary Bettman)

I loved hearing the "The tired from the road excuse". Please...... The Rangers for what ever reason just didn't show up.

JohnM said...

Play the trap. Play against the trap. It doesn't make a difference with the Rangers. The Renney Robots have found a way to get 7 points on the road trip. Drury thinks it took the team a while to figure out how to retrieve the puck from the dump ins against Pittsburgh. Wow!
My prediction for second half of the Rangers season is that they will be the most penalized team in the NHL . (see the Hawks game) My reason is that the management has figured out that the Rangers are number one in penalty kills. Therefore they will cheat until caught. It works for as long as no team scores 3 power play goals on a given night against the Rangers. It is a sucky way to watch your team play. This is only my opinion of course. I could be totally wrong. The Rangers could just be the laziest and lowest IQ team collectively in the NHL. I might be giving the management too much credit on this point. It has been discussed that the Rangers must take penalties to stop scoring chances. This requires quick thinking. That being said. It seems the Rangers are willing to hook. hold, and interfere their way to a win .
Where do the goals come from in April? Where are the Rangers going to turn when the opponent scores on the power play?
A classic example of Rangers offensive ineptitude happened in Pittsburgh. To frame it, look back at the Pens first goal that came on a one timer from the slot off a georgous blind pass by Sykora. The one timer was placed off the ice and to the stick side of Henrik. GOAL PENS. In the third, the Rangers passed a puck from behind the net to the slot for a great one timer opportunity for Blair Betts. Betts shot the puck low and into the goalie. The goalie has NO CHANCE to react to a one timer like that. But Betts reacted even slower than Fleury. Typical Ranger play. Reason? Opportunities do happen for the Rangers. But the players the Rangers utilize do not react well to offensive opportunities because they are not prepared for offense, Instead, the Rangers are ultra prepared for back checking. This affects the offensive psyche in my opinion. Lending itself to choking on offense by the Rangers.

Kotsy's Korner said...

JohnM: JohnM, I agree with most of your analysis. Sounds like you have real grasp what is? the New York Rangers.

Very hard for me to pick your "Scouting" of the Rangers apart.

I do believe the Rangers don't have the weapons in their arsenal like most people think.

You said it your self, Sykora vs. Betts same type of play. I'll go with Sykora every time.

The Rangers don't have a pure goal scorer or anyone who can score with ease(It always seems like a struggle for the Rangers to score).

Mr.Greek said...

Hi Chris good to see you on here, iremember the 1986 playoffs with the Leafs, you were the best out there!! all the best to you

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr.Greek Mr.Greek, It seems like yesterday the 86 playoffs. We gave it a nice run back then.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Kotsy's Korner.

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