Rangers Beat Blackhawks... and NHL Too!

Friday, January 16, 2009

If you're a New York Rangers fan, you have to be elated about tonight's win over the Chicago Blackhawks by a score of 3-2 in OT. When Chris Drury deflected a shot past Nikolai Khabibulin - not only did it give the Rangers the win, but it also stuck it to the NHL and its garbage rules.

I'm sorry... but this game, in my estimation, was embarrassing for the NHL and the powers that be. I hope Gary Bettman watches a tape of this game to see what a travesty the post-lockout rule changes have caused. There's no more hiding the facts, the fans of this great game are not stupid. You can not tell me or the fans that this is what we want to watch night after night. This one really takes the cake!

As for the Rangers - unbelievable! That's all I can say. I tip my hat to the Blueshirts for persevering through this "butchering of a game". As for the NHL, go look at yourselves in the mirror. You might not like what you see. I certainly don't! Over and out!


Jeff said...

I just caught a replay of the game. Wow, what a parody of officiating. I've never seen this before. Honestly, I don't know how we won it with all these 5 on 3 situations against us. Nice effort by our PK units. What was that High-sticking call on Rozsi in the third? At no time, he touched the player!?

But 2 points are good, no matter the way or the means. The team will come out stronger. Huge game by Drury yesterday, at last he showed some clutch with 2 PPG. Hope that will boost him for the second part of the season to lead the team in the right direction.

Oh btw, the video of Renney going crazy after Chicago tied the game in the third. Just priceless... That might be good for us if our coach starts to show some emotion behind the bench. I liked it.


Leatherneck said...

Hello Chris..this game may be the turning point for them...they showed much character...a tape of this game should be sent to the NHL and those refs must be fined for that debauchery...his is now 2 games in 4 that the refereees have made shambles of the game in a way it cant be hidden...there needs to be accountability there...I was telling Ashley about the way hockey was back in the 70's and 80's and how with these penalities being called today and attempts by the Betmann regime to pacify the game has really taken a major element out of the game.."excitment"..again...awesome win last night

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff: Jeff, I have never played or witnessed a game like last nights game in Chicago. It was a disgrace.

It was by far the worst officiated game that anyone could have imagined.

I am still steaming about it. The NHL has got to be held accountable for the mess they created. Fans of the NHL are far more intelligent than that!

As for the Rangers, Wow! How they overcame the blatant miscarriage of officiating is beyond me.

Nice goal by Dubinsky set up by Korpikski and kudos goes out to Drury's two goals on the pp.

We should be proud to be Ranger fans. I'm glad they stuck it to the NHL!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck: Leatherneck, it's to bad that Ashley had to witness that garbage.

The league just can't admit that they were wrong. The NHL tried to change the game for the better but it has clearly backfired. They have no guts!

Trust me on this I have never seen, been part of a game as despicable as this one.

I do not believe that fans of the NHL are buying into this crap. Do they think the fans who pay hard earned money are stupid and enjoy this? I don't think so.

Great win for the boys, no doubt.

Wrath of Sanity said...

I'm so happy we won that game last night, especially after the atrocious showing by the referees. What an effort killing off so many 5 on 3 PPs.

Korpikoski's play to set up Dubi for the empty netter was amazing as well.

So far so good on this road trip. Let's hope the Rangers can finish it off right with a win on NBC against the Pens.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath of Sanity: Wrath, it was an extraordinary effort by the Rangers. They had 2 opponents Chicago and the NHL.

The NHL and it's "Post Lockout" rules sure looked like crap last night.(The new rules have not worked).

It was a awful display of officiating and NHL brass should be held completely responsible.

Great game by all for the Rangers. On to Pittsburgh.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots---A damn good week of hockey for the good guys!!!----7 out of 8 points on the road are huge--now that we don't have as much breathing room --thanks to a weak Nov and Dec.---KING HENRIK--that just about says it all, would you not agree???---I guess that there will be a boost in sales for 23 sweaters--Hey good for everybody--I hope stays this way!!!These piece of #@%^&$#@ refs that this league keeps throwing at us are a mother#@%$#& joke!!!!-This is the top league in the entire WORLD--the BEST PLAYERS--the BEST SKATERS---But the NHL is putting refs in charge who are chicken #%&@ mutts who follow job discription like it is Dogma---And the commish sits there like a dodo telling all the phoney fans that everything is cream cheese!!!--If a (low salaried)player does not play up to the NHL standard, they are sent down to the minors---some of the officials who's calls we have to abide by, don't belong in the ECHL let alone the NHL--But why should the league be worried---These new black third jerseys are flying off the shelves!!!--Its getting close to the time of year when the phoney hockey fans start to come out of their cracks..--Football just about done --no March roundball yet--spring training for sleepball is close--OOOOOH the new MLB network--maybe we won't have as many phoneys as in years past!!!---But they'll show up --they always do--when crunch time is every night and the playoffs are all that matters---They all become die hard fans--they think icing is something on top of cake,and they would'nt know Don Cherry from Don Knotts--but they'll be here ---they always are!!!

Walt said...

Yes their not seeing the forest for the trees. They call all the nickel and dime stuff yet miss the dangerous plays half the time, even with two on the ice. This is what happens when a bunch of New York Lawyers make policy.
Walt AKA All Sports on the Web
All Sports on the Web

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr.Hockey: Mr.Hockey, I really don't understand the NHL and it's thinking.

It was an absolute disgrace in Chicago. There is no sugar coating it.

The fans of the NHL are smarter despite what Gary Bettman and his minions think.

I do not believe the fans if given a choice pre or post lockout rules would stick with this crap!

The Rangers deserved to win for putting up with that display of garbage.

I only hope that NHL understands that not everyone is drinking the kool-aid.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Walt: Walt, welcome to my blog and I checked out"All Sports on the Web" very nice.

I am with you on your description of what they call and don't call. It's a joke night in night out.

I don't want to sound like an old dinosaur but is this really what the fans of the NHL want?

I for one don't and I think I'm in the majority.

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