Caps Wallop Rangers 4-0

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Madison Square Garden was ready to Rock'n'roll last night as the Rangers faithful welcomed home their beloved Rangers, who had won 2 games at the Verizon Center and had firm control of the best of 7 series. You would think that the Rangers would have been stoked and ready to play in front of their home crowd, but unfortunately for them and the Rangers fans, the Capitals put a show on last night with a 4-0 victory.

Nobody thought it would be easy for the Rangers in this series and the Caps proved why they are one of the top physically gifted and skilled teams in the NHL. 2 goals in the 1st period by one man, Alexander Semin, helped silence the MSG crowd. The Rangers never really got into the game other than Ryan Callahan's clanging of the goalpost midway through the 1st period. Washington totally outplayed the Rangers in the 1st, no if, ands, or buts about it. The 2nd period was much like the 1st, the Rangers simply looked out of wack and a good reason for it was the Caps were just taking it to them. The only goal of the period was a PP goal by Brooks Laich that gave the Caps a 3-0 heading into the 3rd. Unfortunately, for the offensively challenged Rangers, that was enough. Former Ranger, Tom Poti, even rubbed it in at the end of the game with Washington's 4th and final goal. This game was not close in any way.

The Caps were far superior in all facets of the game. Varlamov, the young Caps goaltender, pitched a shutout while turning away 33 shots. He really only had to make a handful of difficult stops however. Lundqvist, while not being as good as games 1 and 2, turned away 36 of 40 shot attempts. He alone kept the game from being a 6, 7, or even 8 goal drubbing. One other thing that's bothering me and the Rangers fans... 0-6 on the PP. It's getting ridiculous now. No excuses, shoot the damn puck! You're supposed to be professionals. Stop thinking about it and just fire away.

In the end, we can all make excuses... bad penalties, lousy officiating, forgetting to set the alarm for the wake-up call, etc... the Rangers and their followers left the ice clearly beaten and totally dejected by their performance. I know it's only one game and the Rangers are still in control at 2-1 in the series, but they must and I mean must get off to a better start on Wednesday if they want to win this series. Wednesday's game is the make or break game for both teams. I believe the Rangers will be ready, but so will the Capitals. I'm looking forward to it. Over and out!


Graying Mantis said...

It would help to score early tomorrow (and more than once) to get the confidence going. The Rangers have not scored for more than 112 minutes. They had numerous opportunities yesterday that they failed to convert.

I am looking for the Rangers to break through tomorrow.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Graying Mantis, The Rangers have to find some offense period! 112 minutes plus without scoring is embarrassing.

That being said I fully expect the Rangers to come out with a little more fire and take it to the Caps on Wednesday.

I'll be there, can't wait!!!!!!!

GENO said...

Hi Chris, like I told you last night, maybe Tort's should've dressed you, me, Fotiu, Laidlaw, & Gresch, at our ages I am sure we still would put up a fight a 2 or 3. No messages from the Rangers were sent last night for the next game. They cannot come out tomorrow as flat as they were last night and expect to be a winner. I seen that Mr. Ovechkin can leave his feet anytime to through a check and nothing would be called. Can you immagine Avery or Orr getting away with that ! I don't think so ! Maybe the Rangers were psyched out in facing that VEZINA TROPHY WINNING GOALTENDER the Caps started last night. He must be the best kept secret in all of professional sports. And all this time I thought Ken Dryden was retired ??? Well, I hope they show up tomorrow and win so they can take a solid command in this series. Time will tell. Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, The Rangers have no excuse for last night. They flat out were not ready to play and the Caps were.

The "Sending a Message" era is fading away fast thanks to Bettman and his "New and Improved NHL". What a F--K--G joke it has become.

All in all give the Caps the credit they are due. They were down 2-0 coming into MSG backs against the wall and took it to the Rangers.

It's a MUST win on Wednesday for the Blueshirts.

kittylarue said...

really felt like October! Was Renney lurking somewhere? That was pitiful! Wallop, spank, whatever the word.... it was sad....I know a few girls that would have shown more "sack" than the team that was suited up last night! Here's to Wednesday......

Kotsy's Korner said...

kittylarue,It was not a fun game to watch. The Rangers were atrocious.

They must get off to fast start on Wednesday and score some goals to give the "King" a chance.

My instincts tell me this game will be the series for either club.

Wrath of Sanity said...

The Rangers came out completely flat last night and they paid for it. They had better come out with a better effort in Game 4 or this series outlook will be grim.

Nicklas Backstrom went into beast mode during this game. Great poise, strength on the puck, and vision. Hopefully their stars don't come out to play like this on Wednesday.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, I think game 4 is critical for the Rangers. A must win at home!

I agree the Rangers have to nullify the Caps key players by being aggressive and not giving them space to breath.

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