It's Good To Be The King

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Henrik Lundqvist should pass the collection hat around the dressing room today at practice and each player should give up most of their paycheck to "The King". Lundqvist was outstanding once again and like games before, he sure needed to be.

The Rangers prevailed 2-1 over the Washington Capitals at MSG last night, but not without making the fans, themselves, and the coaching staff sweat out almost 2 full periods of hockey. The Rangers actually started out this game with a little more "Giddy Up and Go" compared to Monday's 4-0 loss. As I had stated in my previous blog entry, I expected the Rangers to be ready and they certainly were. In the 1st period, the Rangers hit, hustled, and skated their way to a 1-0 lead on a goal by defenseman Paul Mara's slapshot that deflected off of a Caps player. Lucky goal? Maybe. But, as you all know, when you shoot the puck - good things happen. The 2nd period started out in a positive way for the Blueshirts when Chris Drury flipped an innocent shot on goal that Simeon Varlamov bobbled and with a little help from Lauri Korpikoski crashing the net, Drury found the biscuit and roofed it into the net. Very big goal. After that goal, being up 2-0 I thought things were looking good. However, for some reason, the Rangers good play came to a dramatic and screeching halt.

The Caps poured it on with a 19-5 shot advantage in the 2nd period and the Rangers D was giving up the Blueline far too easily. As a result of the Rangers passiveness, the Caps took control. If not for Lundqvist, who knows what the score would have been heading into the 3rd. The Rangers were very fortunate to be ahead 2-0.

In the 3rd period, it finally happened. Alexander Ovechkin, who fires the puck from just about everywhere, beat Henrik Lundqvist on a high wristshot that caromed in off the post to cut the Rangers lead to 2-1. The rest of the 3rd period was all Caps as the Rangers played back on their heels, seemingly content with the 2-1 lead. The King had to make several big time saves to keep the Rangers ahead. Late in the period, the Caps got just what they wanted - a couple of Powerplays in a dreadful 6 minute span. Sean Avery had committed 2 stupid penalties which could of cost his team the game and maybe the series. Hey, I love this guys game, but not tonight. Sean, you have to understand the moment and the time of the game. What you did last night was wrong, plain and simple. You have to learn from it or you might find yourself riding the pine in Game 5.

Anyways, in the end, the Rangers win and Lundqvist was the story yet again (Oh yeah, he also got some help from his two friends the Crossbar and the Goalpost). The Rangers managed to get the much needed victory to take a commanding 3-1 series lead, but it's not going to be easy. Washington is a very skilled and talented team who will not go down without a fight. The Rangers, on the other hand, have shown the tenacity and grit that you need to win all year. Oh, and lest we forget that they have Henrik Lundqvist. It's good to be the King! Over and out!

*Special note, this is the 100th post in the history of Kotsy's Korner.


GENO said...

Hi Chris, well Buddy we survived another "ON-SLAUGHT" by the Caps(Ovechkin) to steal another win thanks to the "King and his Post". In the 1st period the Boys came out to play. They hit, forechecked and backchecked, and shot the bisquit. By shooting, they actually scored a lucky goal by Mara which hit a D-Man on the Caps and deflected in. Good things do happen when you shoot. After Captain Chris Drury's goal early in the 2nd period it was all Caps & the King show. Ovechkin had more shots on goal then the entire Ranger's team after the 1st period. Why the Rangers stopped attacking is beyond reason. They went into somewhat,if you will, a "Defensive Shell" almost waiting for something negative to happen especially after Ovechkin's early 3rd period goal. Avery took some stupid penalties late in the game, although his penalties had mean intentions, they were at the wrong time to loose his self control. His frustrations of none calls against him and penalties for microscopic infractions to him took its toll. I like Sean Avery's game, but you cannot hurt the team by taking STUPID penalties. He alone should put money in the hat to give to the King. Maybe after this game, Torts might not have Avery on the ice with a slim lead late in the game. Well a win is a win, I'll take it, and the commanding 3 games to 1 lead anytime!!! 3dwn 1 to go. LETS GO RANGERS !!! Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...
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Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, It was the Lundqvist show from the 2nd period to the end of the game. What else is new?

In person it was an awesome performance to see but nerve racking at the same time. Rangers should thank their lucky stars plain and simple.

Your absolutely correct in saying it looked like the Rangers were playing waiting for something negative to happen.

Our boy Avery has to understand a simple rule of sports. Time and moment of the game.

There is a time for everything and moment not to. I hope he learns from this. Still love his game though.

On to Washington, it won't be easy that's for sure.

Jeff said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry haven't been around much since the start of the series. Hope everything is fine on your side. Damn, I'd like to be at the Garden sometimes, especially at this particular time of the year!

I give up, I have just thrown my last dictionary through the window. I don't have any more superlatives to describe what Hank has done so far in the series. I simply don't believe what I'm seeing game after game. Not only that Hank is consistent but he keeps to increase his level of play. This is just sick.

Since I have started to follow this team on a daily basis and watch every game, I've never seen the King so dominant and so confident in a single game. He played awesome games by the past, but not with that intensity in my opinion. The save on Bongos boy (Semin) is pure madness, same for the late third period save on that vicious shot by Ovie. But that first save shows pretty much that Hank reached a new level. The amplitude of the move, the confidence put in it, the strength and quickness. I think I've never seen all of this gathered at the same in Lundqvist. That's almost scary somehow. That's now 4 consecutive games he has been playing like this. He's literally flying over this series. We knew we would go nowhere without him, I think once we'll have beat the caps, we can start to ask until where he can keep playing like this.

I don't know if Drury deserved his paycheck last night, but he definitely deserves some respect. The GWG of course, but the guy didn't hesitate at times to get physically involve by finishing his checks, despite the injury. Respect.

And and and... the Avery paradox. He can hurt the team but you can't bench him... tough choices, no margin for errors with him. I do like the guy Chris, no doubt, just bought his jersey. But I didn't like what I've seen last night at all. That could have cost us the season... I lurked around boards at earlier today, and I have been stunned to see people trying to defend him or trying to put the blame on the refs. Sorry for the already long post, but here what I have answered there to these guys:

I hate the officiating post-lockout, I hate those ***** hookings and holdings. I like Avery since the first time I saw him in this uniform, the guy bleeds Ranger blue. No need to go further and to argue for hours on why and what he brings to this team, I think we're all agree on that. Avery represents a lot for a bunch of Rangers fans.

Yes we won the game yesterday, but that mustn't excuse at all what Aves has done I'm sorry. We can't say, "Oh ok, that's cool we won so let's move on". These two penalties are the dumbest and most dangerous (for the team) we have seen since Hollweg offered game 3 on a tray to the Pens last season. There's no way to sugarcoat this, we were close to a catastrophe last night. 10 minutes to go in the most important game of the season and you don' t realize the danger to give 4 minutes of power play to one of the most powerful and dangerous offense in the league? You don't realize what it means to give Ovechkin 4 minutes of power play to test the flexibilty of his stick? Are you ****ing serious? Hey wake up! We've been very fortunate to not lose the game in this last ten minutes. Not that the whole team pulled again the same and so much seen collective collapse, but because of one man who was no more no less the ****ing twin of Ryan Hollweg during 10 minutes.

Get real, the damages could have been really serious. Stop to blame the refs here, they suck big time, everybody knows that, same ol' song. Sure they are awful at times, sure there was a trip on Drury in the first, sure there was a cross checking on Dubi, sure there was an obvious holding on Avery on the play before Ovechkin rang the post in the first. But please, you just can't say that's ok and try to forgive what Aves has done here. The refs made the right calls at the right time twice. And some of you know I like Aves, I already have defended my position on the matter this season, but there, I'm sorry that's too much. We're in the playoffs, the team before all boys, not the individual. If even Avery fanboys don't get that simple concept...


Cant wait for tomorrow's game.


Leatherneck said...

Oooh raah on your 100th post...hiya is a win,,ugly or not...being up 3 - 1 in the series..outstanding...its still 3 of sweet is all...he sure does impact a game..good and bad..still..i wouldnt want him anywhere else but here with our boys in blue...the officiating was horrendous...i almost threw a glass at the Ashley a tad with a wtf...its hard enough to compete for the stanley cup...and add in the refs and betgirl..and its a mountain to climb...however the biggest peak on this earth has been it is doable...looking forward to number 4 tomorrow...LETS GO RANGERSSSSSSS

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, Someday you let me know when your coming to NY and we'll see about going to a game.

Lundqvist was spectacular especially from the 2nd period to the end. Something special could be happening right in front of our eyes.

Avery "MUST" learn from what happened, if not he may see less ice time or even be benched. I still want him on my team though.

3 down 1 to go.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Thanks it's been a lot of fun Blogging and responding to your comments.

The Rangers did not play their best last nigh. I was there in person if not for Lundqvist who knows what would of happened.

The NHL has not improved the game with all their tinkering of the rules. Officiating is just awful, no consistency what so ever.

You and I know that Bettman and his rules committee have F--K-D up what was a great game and I think fans across the League know it as well.

Avery is one my favorites, but he needs to tone it down in certain situations. He has to understand that he will get no favors from the League and it's officials.

Looking forward to game 5.

kittylarue said...

CONGRATS, on 100th post!!!

Lundqvist was silly!! He carried the team, I won't start on Avery, let's just suggest that they redirect his frustrations, say off the ice....

I will have the game on at work tonight,hopefully I can catch some of it!!


Kotsy's Korner said...

kittylarue, I think we a have all run out of words to explain Lundqvist's performance so far.
How's "Magnificent" sound LOL.

Avery will learn from his horrible decisions the other night or he won't play. I am still in his corner though.

Thanks for the congrats, hope you get to see more of the game than you think.

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