Caps Wallop Rangers, Part Deux

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Washington Capitals, possibly lifted by the fact that Sean Avery was not in the lineup for the New York Rangers, basically mauled and toyed with a hapless Rangers squad in Game 5. It sure looked to me like Game 6 was a foregone conclusion in the eyes of the Rangers players.

Other than Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Lauri Korpikoski, and Dan Griardi - who showed up for the Rangers tonight? Lundqvist deserved better. On a night where he needed a little help to get a victory, the veteran leadership could not be found. I think we all know who they are. It was just a plain old butt kicking by the Caps. Matt Bradley scored twice in this contest, one on a shorthanded attempt and the other was on a soft goal from a bad angle that Lundqvist should of had. The 1st Bradley goal was like an old Keystone Cops movie with Michal Rozsival falling down and Chris Drury doing a poor job of disguising himself as a defenseman. All this happened on the PP for the Rangers, or should I say... on the Sour Play. You know, because it leaves a nasty taste in the mouths of Rangers fans.

Alexander Semin later rifled a high shot off of a faceoff to make it 3-0 in the 2nd period. After that goal, folks, this game was done. Alexander Ovechkin, towards the end of the 2nd period, also scored a nice goal on a great individual effort to finish the night for Lundqvist making it 4-0. The 3rd period was what you would expect out of a team trying to get something out of the game heading back to MSG for the critical Game 6.

The Rangers are still up 3-2 and are now going home. Everything is still in their favor, but the veterans of this team need to step up and solidify their legacy as New York Rangers. This is what you get paid the big bucks for. The fans will be ready, the city will be ready, but the question is will the players? Lastly, Sean Avery had better be in the lineup on Sunday. He paid the price of humiliation tonight but I think that the Rangers sure could of used him, don't you think? Over and out.


Leatherneck said...

hello Chris..uglyyyy game..even worse is the announcers on especially cant stand elliot and his anti Ranger stance...versus is a betgirl creation and it shows...i think its time we start an anti betgirl and versus rally..its time to go old school...its so biased their can see they want ovechkin to continue on in the playoffs..this is not a sport...its an entertainment it seems like...and if that trend continues..they will lose a veryyyy long time hockey fan especially the Rangers...heck..i recall the Middleton trade...that tell you how long i have been a fan?? are truely my passion and hobby and i think its time to fight the fight with betgirl...any suggestions on how i can relay my displeasure with what the betgirl regime is doing?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, I watched it on MSG and it was a "DISGUSTING" performance by the Rangers. The good news is that they still have control 3-2 going home.

As for the "Clown" that is known as Ovechkin, the NHL must have a man crush on this guy. Does he ever get any penalties?

He jumps off his feet to hit, throws elbows on his follow through, and basically charges everyone he hits.

Don Cherry was right about this guy and his antics. What he and that other F-G Backstrom did at MSG after the game would have started a brawl.

Ovcechkin wouldn't last 10 games in the old days if he thought he can play like that. Trust on that.

Bettman and the rules committee has ruined this game not just for you but former players as well.

Speaking of Middleton , I talked to him the other night at MSG "Nifty" was a great player and he all ways had my attention when he had the puck.

Look up the NHL offices and send a nasty one off to him. See if he has the guts to respond.I'll keep the fight going on my part.

Wrath of Sanity said...

Terrible, terrible game tonight. The Rangers better come out hungry (and with Sean Avery) in Game 6 or this series might be just about over.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, Just awful tonight. Game 6 at MSG is a must for the Blueshirts.

Avery should be back and with the Ranger faithful both should be a factor.

Just need some of the "MONEY" players to show up and contribute.

In Lundqvist I still trust!

Graying Mantis said...

I appreciate your candor. As a former player, I am sure it pains you when the veterans don't show up.

I missed the game but I watched Rangers in 60 even though I knew the final score.

The way to mitigate the refs is not to take stupid penalties and put the puck in the net. The Rangers, like Monday night, missed several opportunities to score. Also, the refs have nothing to do with the pitiful power play -- the refs give them a chance but the Rangers are 0 for the past 4 games. That's no path to success. Note that the Rangers PK unit again shut out the Caps.

Looking forward to Sunday -- I was hoping to enjoy the spring weather outdoors.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Graying Mantis, Sometimes you got to call it like it is. No sugar coating as most like to do.

Tonight the Veterans took the night off and all I could think was how can that be. Big game, Playoffs, and everything on the line? Makes no sense to me.

The Rangers are still in control. Lundqvist will rebound and I expect a much better effort from the Veterans on Sunday.

PK unit has done a fantastic job. No problem there. Can't say the same about the PP but I love the 0 for 4 games line it fits perfectly for the Rangers power play LOL.

GENO said...

Hi Chris, as a retired Law Enforcement Officer, I am requesting a "B.O.L.O.(be on the lookout)" for Scott Gomez - Nasland - Redden - Rozivol - Drury (excused for being 1 handed) and all of the other veteran leadership on this team for being M.I.A. last night. When was the last time any of them showed up?? Like I told you in the past, give me a team full of Callahan's - Dubinski's - Stahls & Gerardi's. Not to mention Lundquist, who can sue his teamates for "NON SUPPORT". They alone make up the heart of this team. If Tort's needed to send a message in benching Avery, he was wrong. He should bench Gomez, who has not shown up to play yet!! Please lets hope the Rangers don't get anymore PP. It only gives the Caps more momentum. Maybe, they should play the game short handed, cause that is the only time in the game that they are aggressive. At least they are still one up, with a chance to clinch at the Garden tomorrow. For me, I will watch the game with the sound muted, cause I can't bare to listnen to those 2 "ASSHOLES" in Milbury and that ANNOYING McQuire. They must be Bettman's "Bit--es to get the NBC gig. Please, can anyone tell me when was the last time that anybody has seen "CLOWN BOY" Ovechkin take a penalty for : CHARGING - ELBOWING - SLASHING OR any other infractions. I guess he is a LADY BYNG candidate along with the other "CRY BABY" Crosby. BETTMAN'S MUST BE WET IN HIS PANTS TO HAVE THE NEXT ROUND BE PITTS & WASH. Just watch the officiating in each game and that will answer that question. I wonder,if Fotiu - Schultz or any of the other fighters in the day would tolerate any of the antics and celebrating on the ice that you see with Ovechkin??? I think not ! RIGHT KOTSY ! Well the boys better come out to play tomorrow, cause they will be playing against a STACKED DECK, in NBC and BETTMAN'S MAURADERS(officials) Hopefully the Boys will prevail.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, I feel the same way as you do about the leadership on the Rangers. They had better show up tomorrow.

I am glad you reminded me of the possibility of a Ovechkin/Crosby match up. It makes you wonder....

I know Ovechkin wouldn't get away with this crap in the good old days. Someone would have taken him out.

The Rangers need to regroup and give Lundqvist the support he deserves.

It's all on the line for the Rangers at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Leatherneck said...

Hiya on think it was warranted to suspend Trots..and next question is did he lose credebility with his players about the discipline thing,...Avery? sad turn of events

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, No and No. It's the wild and wacky world of Gary Bettman we live in isn't it fun?

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