Lundqvist Seals the Deal, Rangers in Playoffs

Friday, April 10, 2009

The New York Rangers are in the playoffs by way of a 2-1 win over the much despised Philadelphia Flyers at MSG last night. If not for the King Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers faithful would still be... how do I say this nicely? "Crapping their pants". Lundqvist was outstanding last night. It was a vintage performance that we as Rangers fans have come to expect and enjoy. His performance couldn't have come at a better time as well. His teammates struggled mightily throughout the night.

I was in attendance to witness the game up close and I really have to say it as I saw it, the Flyers took it to the Rangers for most of the 60 minutes. If not for two early goals by the Rangers, the Rangers played on their heels for most of the night. The goals were scored by Markus Naslund, who's goal had to be reviewed and the other goal was by my personal choice for team MVP, Ryan Callahan, who deflected a Derek Morris shot. Where the Rangers nervous? Did they feel the pressure? Probably. As for the Flyers, they would have liked nothing better than to be the ones to stick a fork in the Rangers playoff hopes. Fortunately for the Rangers, the King was on his game.

The only goal that Lundqvist gave up was an empty netter on the PP that Danny Briere finished off from a nice set of passes by the Flyers. From that point on the Flyers really dominated the real estate on the ice and it seemed like the puck was forever in the Rangers zone. Lundqvist came up with save after save including a beauty off a one timer by Daniel Carcillo in which Lundqvist showed cat like quickness to snag it with his catching hand. I thought that it was a goal for sure. Even the King was fortunate when a Claude Giroux shot rang off the crossbar that echoed throughout MSG with 4 minutes to play. The Rangers crowd were doing everything that they could to support the Rangers as the Flyers desperately tried to tie this game. The combination of Lundqvist and the Rangers fans would not allow it to happen.

The Rangers are in the playoffs, who they will face is still an unknown (Boston or Washington). That line that you constantly hear in sports, "Anything can happen" reigns true to a point. With great goaltending which the Rangers have in Lundqvist, you can go a long way. NHL playoffs are a different animal as opposed to the regular season. But even a super goaltender like Henrik Lundqvist is gonna need help and that's up to the skaters in front of him. Congratulations goes out to the Rangers for persevering in tough times. Its been a long and tough regular season... the new season cometh. Over and out! 


The Dark Ranger said...

That Carcillo glove save by The King was outstanding...if Lundqvist can raise his game during the playoffs there is hope. Our Blueshirts looked good last night. Nice post..


Graying Mantis said...

Did you notice that Carcillo save was so fast that the fans were quiet for a moment before cheering. My friends and I (in section 342 right by the goal line) were waiting for the red lamp to go on because we just thought there was no way he could stop (btw, what a great centering pass to Carcillo) the shot. We were wrong.

A terrific game but the Flyers did dominate. The Rangers had momentum for a lot of the 1st period but could not get a big cushion other than the 2 initial goals. Luckily, they were enough.

Thanks and have a good weekend.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Dark, With Lundqvist between the pipes the Rangers have a fighting chance.

I Hope the PP picks up and they find some consistant scoring and then you never know.... Playoffs can be very strange at times.

Thanks for the response.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Graying Mantis, From my view I thought Carcillo had tied the game up. It certainly fooled a lot of us.

Hey, The Bottom line is "Winners Laugh And Tell Jokes Losers Say Deal!" that sums up the game.

The Rangers found a way to win and clinch with their "B" game.

GENO said...

Hi Chris, boy am I glad that our boy's are in. Thanks to the KING. Like I told you earlier, that was some sweat job. Is there any ice left in the Ranger's end? It seemed that the play was their all night long. Hopefully, with the new season going to start, the pp units got a knew lease on live to start fresh and maybe produce an odd goal. We both know that the specialty teams must produce in order to be successful in the playoffs. They can only ride the "KING" so much without falling off. Well, at least we got in. Thankfully !! Geno

Wrath of Sanity said...
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Wrath of Sanity said...
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Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, Now you can start worry about the PP. They must get in going for the "New Season".

They played less than perfect, but Lundqvist stole the show and sealed the deal.

Wrath of Sanity said... ... the save.

Great way to clinch a playoff spot last night. The Flyers definitely controlled play, but in the end Lundqvist took control and got us the W.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, Love the Colton Orr photo. Playoffs??? Did I hear someone say Playoffs?

Yes indeed the Rangers are in, thanks to the "King". All Hail the King. LOL

Jeff said...


Just finished to watch the game, what a save by Lundqvist. Unbelievable, if only that could give him confidence and a boost on his glove side for the playoffs, things could be very interesting for us. As long as other players don't **** up in front of him.

Philly dominated the game, we found a way to win, that's good to me. A win is a win, it's not the time of the year to think too much about it. Let's move on.

And now, the 1million Dollar question. Caps or Bruins? Hm... Very though to pick one over the other. My opinion is we shouldn't think too much about that too. Let's win the game tomorrow, let's show our first round opponents they'll have to worry. Can't wait for Thursday. Lol, am already preparing litres of coffee to stay awaken later than usual.


Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, All the misfortunes, debates, arguing don't matter one bit now.

The playoffs are in sight. A new season is before the Rangers each and every player can wipe the slate clean.

Lundqvist was vintage the other night against the Flyers (Where would this team be with out the KING?)

Caps or Bruins? That's the million dollar question.

Get your rest Jeff your gonna need it. LOL

Leatherneck said...

Greetings Chris...I have an early start on my playoff beard...Lets go Rangers...anything can happen...NOW...its a new season and those stats of the season mean nothing any longer..if you were -15..well you are now even...I hope this team looks at it that way and move forward with a clean slate for now..Trots IS the coach and not an inherited team that had a failed psyche..I truely prefer Boston over Washington and was amazed to read that the last time the Rangers played the Bruins in a playoff matchup was in the 72 Cup finals..thats quite some really like what Antropov has brought to the team and hope he is signed...Imagine a line of Grachev, Anisimov and Antropov..might be worth a look as a second line for next year..which means...Gomez is expendible along with a few others..especially Redden and Roszival...though I will admit Roszi is playing well..its just his contract was a mistake for that price...Roszi needs a stint at UFC to toughen up abit...he is too cowardly in the rough stuff...Will Mara be back?? he needs to be resigned as well..interesting playoffs and offseason awaits is...whats your and out look for the coming playoffs..your predictions league wide and for the Rangers...if you will...Chris..Anaheim made it in...can be a sleeper in my eyes..east winner of the Devils and Penquins has a strong shot for the for our Rangers i give them a 20% chance of winning the east and 10% chance of winning the cup by this years will be exciting to see how the Rangers as a team will respond to being in the playoffs...especially the powerplay

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, It is a new season for the Blueshirts. They are in and with Lundqvist playing...... well? like Lundqvist can they have a chance.

It's the skaters up front who need to perform at the "Playoff" level and give the "KING" a helping hand. Let's hope they do.

Rozi in the UFC? LOL He'd get destroyed.
Antropov in my eyes is a keeper.

You like Anaheim as a sleeper, my choice Columbus. San Jose or Detroit they have been the best all year out west.

As for the east, this is where it gets real interesting. I reserve my right not to incriminate myself just joking.

Honestly I think the east can be had by more than a few teams. I would love to say the Rangers. I think certain match-ups will be the key in the east.

One example would be what if the Rangers get by the 1st round and face the Devils? I would really like the Rangers chances in that scenario.

Leatherneck it's a fun time to watch Hockey, Let's hope the NHL powers that be don't F--k it all up.

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