Rangers Roll Into Playoffs, Beat Flyers 4-3

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The New York Rangers finished the regular season off in style with a 4-3 win on the road over the rival Philadelphia Flyers. The Flyers, who could have clinched the 4th seed and home ice advantage over the Pittsburgh Penguins, had a big fork stuck in that dream by the Blueshirts on Sunday.

The Rangers played a strong and determined style of hockey that could bode well for them in the playoffs. Two goals by Brandon Dubinsky: one on the PP and the other a nice shorthanded effort (which was the first shorthanded goal given up by the Flyers all season long), helped even the score out at 2 after the 1st period. The Flyers' Claude Giroux and Jeff Carter tallied in favor of the home team in the 1st period respectively for Philadelphia’s two goals. In the 2nd period, the only goal was scored by Danny Briere (who's been on fire lately), who deflected a shot past Henrik Lundqvist to give the hometown crowd thoughts of home ice advantage. Unfortunately for Flyers fans, Sean Avery tied the game early in the 3rd period off of a nice pass from Scott Gomez and blasted a slapper past Marty Biron to even out the score at 3 a piece. Then, just before the halfway mark of the 3rd period, Blair Betts put in his own rebound past Biron to give the Rangers the 4-3 advantage that they would never relinquish.

I'm pretty sure that most Rangers fans enjoyed sticking it to the Flyers in such a crucial game for home ice. It must have been especially satisfying since many doomsayers in the media were saying, “Wouldn’t Philly just love to end the Rangers season”? We all know how tough it is to win in Pittsburgh, don't we? Wink! Wink! It’ll definitely be a tough go around for Philly to advance in the playoffs.

Anyhow, the Rangers are definitely on a roll now heading into the first round of the playoffs against the Washington Ovechkins. Avery's on his game, Gomez and Drury have picked up their games big-time, and "The King" is still in net for the Rangers. They are definitely in a good place in their minds right now. Oh yeah, speaking of Avery... Do you think Lupul will get a good look from the league for the hit from behind late in the game on Avery? I won't hold my breath. Just a thought. Over and out! 


Graying Mantis said...

Another good summary of the Rangers' 3rd win in a row. What entertaining games.

Let's hope the ball keeps rolling into D.C. Henrik has looked fabulous.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Graying Mantis, The Rangers are heading into the playoffs on a good note.

Lundqvist will be the key in the series, no question about it. PP will have to pick it it up.

Should be a good series.

kittylarue said...

I was working, had the game on so, only caught things when I heard,GOOOAALLL!!!
I am very excited, time enough off that I will be at game 1!!!(actually 6 of us are making the 12 hour journey!!) Very, very keyed up!!!
Here's hoping that the next 2 days help them, we want them to keep their fire!

Kotsy's Korner said...

kittylarue, It was a super all around game by the Blueshirts. Got to like how the Rangers stuck it to the Flyers hopes of "HomeIce" as well.

Add in the fact that they "Won" their way into the playoffs the Rangers are set to give Washington all they can handle.

Have a safe trip.

GENO said...

Hi Chris, sorry that I'm reponding a little late. You couldn't have wrote a script with a better ending than that. What a nice win that was, starting with a PP goal and a short handed goal, capped off with an Avery goal to tie the game. Then get the winning goal by the 4th line (Betts) Outstanding !! Lets hope that they can hold onto the momentum that they had picked up against the Flyers to carry them throughout the playoffs. In a response to your little inquirely about the Lopul hit on Avery, you have a better chance to have a C.S.I. investigation on someone stepping on and killing an ant, then the NHL looking into anything that happens to Avery. Bettman's rules only applies if the rulings go against Avery, for that matter against the Rangers. Bettman forgot about 1994 when the Rangers won the cup, and how the NHL benefitted from that win. It is going to be interesting when Ovechin gets hit and see what is called. Lets hope the officials will let the boys play. --=- Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, I was really impressed the way the Rangers took control of their own destiny. They did not back their way into the playoffs.

As for our guy Avery, I just like to throw digs at Bettman and his boys. Bettman's vision of "New Age Hockey" has been a failure in my opinion.

Let the players decide the outcomes of games, Not the officiating.

Speaking of Ovechkin, I wonder if they will call his "Charging" or "Jumping" off his skates to hit some one?

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