Penguins and Red Wings in Control

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well, it looks like the Carolina Hurricanes great run in this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs is just about over. With a convincing 6-2 win over the Hurricanes, the Pittsburgh Penguins were led by the awesome two-headed monster of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. The Pens are now 1 win away from heading back to the Stanley Cup Finals. Carolina just doesn’t have enough talent to deal with Crosby, Malkin, and company. Sorry, but if you think they do - then where has it been? I give the Hurricanes great grades for their run in the playoffs, no doubt. They had to beat the best team in the Eastern Conference all season long in the Boston Bruins, as well as the Atlantic Division champion New Jersey Devils. However, to play and win against the Pittsburgh Penguins you have to be perfect and the Canes have been far from that. Malkin, who woke up towards the end of the Capitals series, is on fire right now! Also, as usual, Sid “The Kid” is playing like the star that he is - tough tandem, wouldn’t you say? Even with the Canes scoring first and the Raleigh crowd as loud as ever, the Pens were too much once again. The Pens outshot the Canes by a 40-34 margin. That is becoming a habit for the Penguins in this year’s playoffs. Can the Hurricanes win one? Sure. Can they win the series? Forget about it!

Onto the Detroit Vs. Chicago series. Try to bear with me a little bit here as I’m trying to condense 2 stories into one! Here it goes… In Game 3, the Chicago Blackhawks looked like a lost hockey club for almost 2 full periods. However, they still managed to pull out a dramatic 4-3 victory in OT. Patrick Sharpe became the hero of the night as he snapped a Samuel Pahlsson pass (which was a beauty) past Chris Osgood 1:52 into the first OT session. The Hawks did a little growing up in this contest as they were able to rebound after blowing their commanding 3 goal lead in the game. I’ve gotta tell you, Chicago definitely looked like the inexperienced team that I thought they were. At times during the game it seemed like the rink was cut in half in Detroit’s favor for the entire 2nd and 3rd periods. Detroit just shot down any and all Hawks efforts to attack offensively. One last point about this game: Niklas Kronwall. I usually jump on this guy all the time due to the fact that the majority of his hits are illegal (he leaves his skates like there’s no tomorrow). In Game 3, however, I have got to lean on his side with his hit on Martin Havlat. It hurts me to say it, but it was a clean hit (Marty, keep your head up).

In Game 4, the Detroit Red Wings proved what I suspected all along. The Chicago Blackhawks youthful inexperience finally came to the forefront. The Hawks looked very nervous, slow, and shockingly tentative after coming off the big OT win in Game 3. Detroit showed it’s poise and experience in a commanding 6-1 win. The Red Wings have now placed the stranglehold on the young Hawks and this series with a 3-1 lead. Detroit is just too good for the Hawks. With the rules of the NHL being what they are, the Red Wings have built their team according to suit. I personally don’t care for this style that they play and I could debate anyone in the NHL on it. But, it is what it is and Detroit plays it perfectly. The Blackhawks on the other hand got a little flustered and frustrated trying to exact some physical punishment on the Wings. Sorry, it doesn’t work in today’s NHL! The Wings may be the most talented team, I will admit that. On the flip side, they are also the game’s best actors and fakers. Oh well, enough for today. Game 5 in Detroit doesn’t look very good for the Hawks - this series may be over soon. Over and out!

EDIT: New poll added. Go vote! The last poll has closed: "Who Will Win The Stanley Cup", the majority of the votes went to the Red Wings and the Penguins. They definitely have the best shot as of now!


Wrath of Sanity said...

The Blackhawks got embarrassed today. Very upsetting. Also a bit surprised that Carolina couldn't (potentially) salvage a game from their series. Can't wait for the finals re-match... NOT!

Also, I voted that Orr is NOT coming back. As much as I want him to, I feel like he's not in the Rangers "Plans"... bah.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, Unfortunately that is what is going to happen a Pittsburgh/Detroit rematch coming soon to TV near you.

Chicago did get taught a lesson by Detroit and Carolina just doesn't have the guns to compete with the Pens.

Is there a miracle waiting to happen? It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it.

As for ORR it would bother me big time if he's not back. Who are they gonna replace him with?

Leatherneck said...

Have to agree with seasons over as well...I have no desire to watch crosbith and the penguins battling hossa and the Redwings...bettgirl has his dream finals...ofcourse true hockey fans will laugh at these finals..i have to say I hope the Redwings win it though...personally I detest the penguins immensely...a la the raiders and cowgirls in football

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Ah for once i have to disagree with ya. Sorry but I can't stand Detroit.

The Red Wings are the the biggest reason for the rule changes that have occured in the NHL over the years.

It's not that I want the Penguins to win going in to the playoffs. However if they are the east representatives against Detroit then I'm all for them.

Anyone but Detroit.....Please!

jagrshitlerstache said...

Yawn....... Would have been much more exciting to not have a do over of last years final...

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jagr's.... whatever the rest of the name is. It's going to happen and there is nothing we can do about it.

I hope the Pens can beat the Wings this year. That hurts to say, But Detroit winning would hurt more.

Jason said...

What do you think the Pens have to do better than they have done in the last three rounds to beat the Wings? I think Fleury will have a much tougher time seeing shots against Detroit, so the Pens may have to tighten up defensively if they want a better outcome than last year. The Wings are capable of smothering the opposition and can probably match the Pens in talent and depth. The entire series may come down to goaltending. If Osgood plays well, I think the Wings will repeat. Otherwise, this could be poetic justice for Hossa.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, First off I hope the NHL allows the players to decide the games. Keep the zebras out of it!

This league is built around the Detroit Red wings style of play and I don't want to hear that it's not. I know there good and all that but personally I can't stand it.

Tighten up in the defensive zone is going to be a must. So your dead on about that.

It's going to be tough, but the Penguins will need to sustain the offensive attack as well. If you have the puck the other team can't score.

Goaltending, how often do hear that line? In this case it's huge that Fleury comes up big. He's played fantastic so far, better than I expected.

Wouldn't it be nice to see Hossa on the losing side in this one? I'd laugh my ass off!!!

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