Penguins and Red Wings To Do It Again

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well it was really just a matter of time wasn't it? Detroit took care of the young and upcoming Blackhawks in OT in Game 5 by a score of 2-1. Which in turn set up a do-over for the Pittsburgh Penguins - who systematically dispatched the Carolina Hurricanes in one fell swoop with a 4-1 victory in Game 4. The Penguins have just too much talent. My hats off to the Hurricanes for the great run, but the talent overcomes all and they were clearly lacking in that department. As for the Hawks, the talent is there - but the experience factor wasn't and in the end that's what was the deciding factor that tilted the series in Detroit's favor. Talent and battle tested, that's Detroit in a nutshell.

So, here we go again! A rematch of last years final in which the Red Wings took care of the Penguins in 6 games. It was inevitable that these 2 would collide once more for Lord Stanley. It's almost funny to me that all the exhibition and regular season games meant nothing to the rest of the league... almost as if the season doesn't count and they are just playing another 7 game series again.

Pittsburgh is one year more battle hardened, on a roll, and Marc-Andre Fleury is playing great. Detroit on the other hand, is Detroit. They have no real weaknesses in their game (maybe injuries?). They just smother you and feast on your mistakes. I believe this one is a toss-up. Both teams are very talented, but goaltending will be the deciding factor. Who are you betting on? Fleury or Osgood? Over and out!

EDIT: On a sad note, my condolences go out to the Zezel family on the passing of former NHLer, Peter Zezel. It's always sad to lose someone, especially at such a young age. Rest in peace. 

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GENO said...

Hi Chris, we have another final with the two teams that the Bettman Rules were written for. I wonder which 2 teams are going to have the most power plays!! I am betting on Mario's team. He has been getting more TV exposure than the current players. Could this be a sign of things to come?? Maybe Bettman can use the old Heads&Tail system. Example: Heads for the Wings/ Tails for the Penquins. If, let say, its heads, Bettman will instruct his officials to call everything against the Penquins or viser verser. I only hope that Bettman will allow the boys to play. Both teams are very talented, and they don't need any outside help. Mr. Bettman, let this be a Stanley Cup Final we can all remember for the right reasons, GOOD HOCKEY, and not for whatever "WIM" you are feeling. Thank you, Geno

Jason said...

I was not very impressed with Detroit's play last night. A lot of it obviously has to do with them missing their best defenseman and, arguably, their best forward. If Lidstrom and Datsyuk do not return at close to 100%, I cannot see the Wings surviving a long series. Detroit is never sloppy, but there is a certain amount of cohesion and crispness that was missing from their game. Yes, there were a number of great individual efforts last night (e.g., Helm and Hossa), but Detroit, at its best, is about team play rather than razzle-dazzle by an individual player. Also, playing one game with virtually 4D is possible. Going into the series with that make-up is bound to be a disaster. If Lidstrom does not recover, the Wings better hope Chelli has something left in his tank.

Anyway, I cannot say that I am giddy with excitement about seeing Crosby or Lidstrom raise the cup. With Detroit, as you put it, there is an issue with their style of play and how the game has changed. With the Pens, I cannot help but see a grinning Bettman, which is not a pretty picture.

GENO said...

Chris, I like to add this to my comment earlier.

R.I.P. Peter Zezel

Jeff said...

Hi Chris,

I found the time today to catch a replay of the game. It will be hard to hide this even though that's not totally true, but a part of my interest for that Hawks team results from the fact that Cristo Huet our "national pride" in France when it comes to hockey, is between the pipes. I was a bit disappointed by his game 4, the whole team disappeared but Huet didn't play play neither. Actually I was a bit worried about what would have cost him another performance like this, but the guy came out strong and performed an outstanding first period stopping something like 20 or 21 shots.

All along the game, he gave his team a fair chance to win the game, that was nice. And what to say about his save in the last seconds of the game. Wow, this should be in the top 5 at the end of the season, especially knowing what was at stake. I have to say it, I was proud of Huet after that game despite the outcome for the Hawks, he just played stellar.

For the nitpicking part, the "et" at the end of Huet should be pronounced like the "ette" at the end of Valiquette by the commentators. Though I know that the guy doesn't care but that has to be said, his name shouldn't be pronounced Hu-ey! :)

Concerning the finals, bah, I really don't care for the moment, I just want to watch a great series.

All my sympathy to Peter Zezel's family and friends.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, I'm in total agreement with you. Put the whistles away and let them play. Call the obvious penalty's and leave the other crap alone.

Let the players decide who's the better team plain and simple. Don't ruin it for the fans.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, Chicago could of very easily won that game from what I witnessed. Osgood won the game for Detroit.

Pittsburgh is one year wiser and more experienced this year. Detroit is still Detroit. You pretty much have to play perfect hockey to beat them in the "New Age NHL".

Injuries will be a factor in this series for Detroit. I agree with you in that if Lidstrom and Datsyuk are not healthy it spells doom for the Wings.

Not exactly my two favorite teams, But I would rather see Pittsburgh win. Anyone but Detroit!!!!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jeff, Huet has nothing to be ashamed of. He performed magnificently and Gave his team more than a chance to win.

As for the finals it is what it is. I don't really care for either team, but the Detroit thing really bothers me big time.

Troublizing said...
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Troublizing said...

I was initially thinking that Detroit would take it because of their Western Conference cred and send the Pens packing yet again. But the more and more zero hour approaches, I'm leaning towards the Pens taking it all.

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