Habs Storm the Capital

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just got to tip my hat to the Montreal Canadiens (How could you not?) after taking down the Washington Capitals in 7 games. Sure, the Caps outshot the Habs and Halak was out of this world in between the pipes… but really, who thought after being down 3-1 heading back to Ovechkin Land that the Canadiens had any chance at all? Not me. If anyone tells you that they did, they are full of it.

The only people who knew they had a chance were the players themselves. That’s why you have to be impressed with this team. Where they go from here, who knows? But you got to tip your hat to the Habs. As for the Caps, well… it all comes crashing down. A great regular season, the second best player in the NHL (That’s right, I said second), and the President’s Trophy winners. What did it get you? Nothing. Why? Big time players play big in the big games. Yours simply did not.

Now that the first round is over, I’ll give you my take on the second round of the playoffs.

Western Conference Semi-Finals

#1 San Jose Sharks Vs # 5 Detroit Red Wings

San Jose had a big wake up call early in their series against the Colorado Avalanche. There’s no questioning that. However, they found a way to snap out of their historic playoff funk that they have been known for. Could this finally be their year? No so fast! Detroit, who struggled mightily against the Phoenix Coyotes, still find a way to drum up some of that magic (much to my displeasure). When it’s needed most, they usually get the job done. However, I’ll take San Jose in 6.

#2 Chicago Blackhawks Vs #3 Vancouver Canucks

The Blackhawks were very fortunate in that Nashville series and they just managed to escape. If not for Nashville’s indescribable meltdown in Game 5, Chicago might be on vacation already. That being said, a rematch with the Canucks who lost to the Blackhawks last year in the playoffs should be very interesting. Vancouver showed some great comeback ability in taking care of Los Angeles and they got great goaltending from Roberto Luongo (Finally). This will be a tough one, but I’m leaning towards the ‘Hawks in 7. This one could go either way.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

#1 Pittsburgh Penguins Vs #8 Montreal Canadiens

The Penguins proved they are in it for the long haul by taking care of the Ottawa Senators in 6 games (with neither Crosby or Malkin involved in the offense in Game 6). That is not good news for the rest of the league as Sidney Crosby has once again showed the way for the Penguins with 14 points in 6 games. Can they repeat? They sure can. As for the Canadiens, how’s this for fun? First you have to slay Goliath in round one, and then you have to slay King Kong in round two. The Habs took down the Caps with a tight and stingy defense that gave up a lot- and I mean a lot of shots. Halak was marvelous in nets, but I don’t believe they will get away with this two series in a row. Something has to change in order for them to win. Pittsburgh in 6.

#6 Boston Bruins Vs #7 Philadelphia Flyers

The Boston Bruins beat the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games. I didn’t believe they could do it, but they did (shows what I know). They did it by playing tough and hardnosed hockey with solid goaltending by Tukka Rask (He outplayed Miller). Marc Savard is now skating and he could be in play for the Bruins in the next round! It would help for sure. Now, onto the Flyers who are well rested after embarrassing the New Jersey Devils in 5 games. However, they are a very wounded hockey team. Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne, and Ian Laperriere are out for the Flyers. I’m not sure that I want to put my trust in Brian Boucher one more time. The Bruins will take this one in 7.

Well, that’s it. Over and out!


greg m said...

hey kotsy,now that ive finally gotten over the fact that you know who didnt make the play offs,i watched the last two games of the Habs and Caps series,got me back in to it,great hockey,not if your a capitals fan however.and i thought everyone wanted to see a Canadians & Penns show down,at least i did.anyway, im goin with the Bruins,Penns,Red Wings,and Cannucks...im not brave enough to call in how many games....i know the sharks already grabed game 1 ,but thats why they go 7....lol

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, The Sharks had better clean up their own end of the ice if they want to move on. Could not believe how sloppy they were last night and got away with it.

We will have to wait and see how are picks turn out. We will revisit our picks at a later time LOL.

One last thing on Crosby vs Ovechkin Matchup, maybe next year LOL. It's not even close to compare the two...Crosby is the BEST. Ovechkin has not shown to be a big time player when it counts in his career. His body of work has clearly proved that.

Jason said...

Game 7 of the Caps-Habs series had somewhat of an eerie similarity to last year's Caps-Rangers game 7. The difference is that the Habs actually threatened once in a while and managed to get that second goal late, where the Rangers just went into a shell and waited for the inevitable. I wonder if Gomez said anything to his teammates.

I agree with you on Ovechkin. Every time he needed to have a big game and carry his team, he was unable to deliver. He tries, but cannot do it. Ditto for Semin and Green. Ovechkin's behavior off the ice has also been less than exemplary. There is an issue of him skipping optional skates. I understand that he is very fit and skilled, but to me, as team captain, not showing up for optional skates on a continuing basis is not the right thing to do. His behavior in the Olympic village did not do any favors for his reputation either. Listening to him give interview and generally speak (both in English and in Russian) leaves me with a distinct impression that we are not dealing with a person who has a great deal of intelligence. I hate to be this harsh, but I call it like I see it.

The Caps are not yet ready for prime time. They had too easy of a season and it was readily apparent that they were not tough enough to win it all. The Habs just showed me that the Caps were even more meager than it appeared. I thought they were going to get knocked out by Pittsburgh similar to last year.

The second round should be quite entertaining. The Bruins-Flyers series promises to be quite physical, but likely not pretty. The Habs and the birds will skate back and forth. Run and gun with the Pens and you lose, big time.

Out West, Canucks-Hawks is certainly a toss-up. A lot depends on which Luongo shows up. He will have to perform at the top level if the Canucks are to prevail. I would still give a s light edge to the Hawks. The games are likely to be pretty tight, but I would not be surprised to see a shorter series than many predict. The Wings-Sharks series is likely to be pretty entertaining (if last night is any indication). If the Sharks get it together and play like they can, I think they may take it all this year.

Overall, the goal scoring seems to be up considerably in this year's playoffs. Why do you think that is? The officiating still sucks.

Wrath of Sanity said...

Well, looks about right as far as Game 1 went tonight. I expect Pittsburgh to make quick work of Montreal...

I'm pulling for San Jose or Chicago to win it all. However, both have shown major weaknesses in this playoffs and down the stretch... so who knows.

It'll probably be Pittsburgh again.


Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, I said the same thing to myself as I was watching this game 7 unfold. Fortunately for Montreal and very much to my liking Moore popped the 2nd goal for the Habs.

Ovechkin is a superstar who can't lead by example. Individual stats he has book full. His big time game moments are lacking in his career. It's frankly embarrassing.

As for his behavior and reputation, I totally agree with you and you are not being harsh at all.

Playoff Hockey is wonderful isn't it? The Caps essentially choked, there's no other word to describe it.

Jason, I was Bruin fan growing up and the Flyers owe the Bruins for upsetting them in their 1st Stanley Cup victory in 73-74. Should be a physical, nasty series. The Penguins are still the team to beat in my view and really what can Montreal do for an encore?

Out west Chicago/Vancouver is going to be one to watch. Bad blood between the two. San Jose/Detroit I think you know where stand on this...Anyone but Detroit. I've had enough of Euro Hockey LOL.

I have no idea about the scoring being up. It's like I've said they didn't need to re-write the rules to open up the game(Which has clearly failed in my opinion). Everything runs in cycles. Leave the game alone. Let them play! Officiating??? terrible as usual.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wrath, Why so much hate for Pittsburgh? They play a brand of Hockey that is eerily familiar to what hockey is all about. Not that Euro Hockey crap that the NHL has tried to shove down our throats.

San Jose or Chicago would be fine with me as Stanley Cup Champs...Pitt looks awful good though LOL.

Leatherneck said...

Hiya Chris..I can not agree with cindy crosbitch being the best player in the league..his whining and diving is enough or the face of the new NHL WILL RUIN THE GAME EVEN MORE...it was pretty pathetic that incident with Georges..I would thumbs up his response to let the refs know..hey this boy is diving..a rant is a rant..haha..i had to get it off my chest as I was about to throw a cup at the tv watching that crap..lol

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, You have fallen into the hands of the same people who find nothing good to say about Crosby. True he dives, But they "ALL" F--k--g do now! You think superstars of the past and future didn't cry or dive or moan or bitch! Please....

Funny when Crosby's name is mentioned most haters find ways to dislike him for the lamest reasons not about his ability or being the best player on the planet.

On the other hand those same people rally around Ovechkin and turn a blind eye to his big mouth and dirty play, filthy kneeing incidents. Nah... Alex never looks for a call never! That's Bullshit! Oh...That's his style they say...He's so physical they say and all that. He's also a loser in his career so far. The big O stands for O for everything in his body of work.

Any griping from any Montreal player holds no weight with me. How soon you forget all the calls and B.S they got away with in their Dynasty years.

Crosby is the best and he's proved it over and over again. I don't need anymore convincing.
You got yours off your chest and I got mine! LMAO.

Leatherneck said...

I say we stay the course with the players we have drafted and personally I would like to see the Rangers draft Derek Frobort or John Merril and rid the roster of Roszival and Redden and bring on Corey Potter and trade for Kommiserek..a spiced up Redden and say Sanguenetti for Kommiserek and a draft choice, as for forwards Dale Wiese, Evegny Grachev and Derek stephan will get a good look. The roster will most likely lose Lisin, Joikinen, Voros, Prospal, Redden and Roszival.

Dubi, Christensen and Gaborik
Avery, Drury and Callahan
Wiese/Grachev, Anisimov and Stephan(why not?)
Prust, Boyle and Shelley

Scenario 2 adding to the line up via trade or FA signings

Getzlaf, Christensen and Gaborik
Dubinsky, Drury and Callahan
Avery, Anisimov and Zherdev
Prust,Boyle and Shelley

Staal and Girardi
Del Zotto and Potter
McDonaugh and Kommiserek

Gilroy as 7th D-man or forward as a utility player

Grachev as extra forward as a callup from Hartford

Auld (why not resign him?)

3rd Goalie Chad Johnson

an interesting option is also trading for a Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf from the Ducks and a signing of Nik Zherdev to return back to compete for a spot.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, now that we both vented about Crosby, I agree the Rangers must stay the course with their own players and not tinker too much with Free agency.

Going to be tough to move both Rozi and Redden. Maybe one but not both.Adding a star center like Getzlaf would be a nice addition and help solidify the number 1 center position for the Rangers.

We maybe dreaming a little bit on our wishes, But I have to tell I was wishing for a return of Zherdev part way through the season last year. Even if I had to eat a little crow LOL.

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