Playoffs Starting to Take Shape

Friday, May 7, 2010

I have to admit, it’s not much fun writing this blog without the Rangers somehow involved… that being said, what could’ve and should’ve been wasn’t in the end. That’s the reality, folks. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again anytime soon for the Blueshirts. That’s all I have to say about that!

Let’s talk about the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs. They are starting to really shape up! In the Eastern Conference, it looks like the Montreal Canadiens are as serious as a heart attack in their belief that they can do the unthinkable. First, they take down the number one seeded team in the East and now they have forced the defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins into what looks like a long series! The Habs have shocked the world and are now tied 2-2 with the Pens heading back to Pittsburgh for Game 5. The Pens, I believe, will be more than ready. But, you never know. Could it be a Montreal/Boston matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals? I think not, but…

Has there been a team that has flown under the radar like the Boston Bruins? I don’t think so. In one of the more closely contested series (as far as play goes), the Bruins have played gritty playoff hockey when it counts the most. As a result, they are now up 3-0 against a tough, but depleted Philadelphia Flyers squad. The games have been close, but in the end Tuukka Rask has been the star for the Bruins. In return, his team in front has followed his lead. The Bruins in the Eastern Conference Finals? Who would have guessed? Not me!

Now, onto the Western Conference… the Vancouver/Chicago series. What has happened to the Canucks? After a solid effort in Game 1 (5-1 win) on the road, they have completely fallen apart! The Hawks, on the other hand, have woken up and used their great size and youth to win 2 straight games. Game 3 was a dominant physical win for the Hawks by a score of 5-2. Dustin Byfuglien single handedly destroyed the Canucks with his awesome combination of size and skill. Vancouver had no answer for him. The Canucks have to find a way to match the Hawks physical presence or this series might not go the distance (as I had predicted).

Although San Jose got manhandled in Game 4 by Detroit (7-1), they are still in a great position to finish off the Wings. The Sharks will have to show up early in Game 5 back in San Jose and not give the Red Wings a reason to believe. The Sharks know that their legacy rides on this series and playoffs. Failures of the past are still talked about. It’s time for the Sharks to discard all of that and put the Wings out of their misery. They have been the better team overall, but now they need to prove it! Over and out!


Stevens8204 said...

The Sharks have to score in Game 5 first otherwise its going to go back to Detroit and then the questions will arrive en masse.

I still like Boston going forward because of Rask's calm and cool approach. People forget just how banged up Philly is as well.

Always a great read Chris and keep rolling throughout the playoffs.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Stevens8204, I would agree 100% that the Sharks need to score 1st. It's a must in my opinion. They can't give Detroit any kind of life, put them down early.

As for Boston, Rask has done a marvelous job through out the playoffs. Philly was a nice story for awhile, But as a former Ranger it's time for them to go! LOL.

Thanks for taking the time to look and comment on Kotsy's Korner. Very much appreciated.

greg m said...

the red wings im really surprised about,but wont be when they come back to beat the sharks id love to see a bruins canadians conference finals, and the cannucks do have to take out byfuglien or there doomed.theres still a lot of good hockey left in this round, and im still going with my original picks even though the odds are stacked against me now, boston,penns,cannucks,redwings....
time will have you figured out away to bring byfuglien to the rangers next year?

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, I don't like your chances with Detroit and Vancouver, But you're right until it's over you never know...San Jose had better take care of business asap. Vancouver is like you said "Doomed"

The Bruins have been solid and I expect them to finish off the Flyers as I do with the Penguins. Although it might be a little tougher for the Pens to finish Montreal than most thought.

Wouldn't Dustin Byfuglien look great in a Ranger jersey? The man's a monster. I'll let you know when the deal is done, I'm still working on it LMAO.

WALLY said...

Sat down Saturday night to watch the Montreal-S**ttsburgh series, hoping after the disgusting display of officiating on Thursday that things would be different, what a joke!!! The only great thing about this series is the absence of Sid the Squid. Not getting a chance to watch many Flyer games this year I have entered Claude Giroux as my build a franchise around player. As always if we had a goalie the Flyers would be up 3-1. I like Chicago to take the cup this year they deserve it.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Wally, Sorry if your boy the loser Ovechkin is playing in some garbage world championships of Bums. Led by Alex himself. Sid's the best get over it.

As For Philly at least they avoided the embarrassment of a sweep at home.pressures on the Bean town boys now.

Jason said...

Chris, is it me or are these playoffs the best we have had in a long time? Physical play, skill, etc. are on display like they have not been for quite a while. I think it is great for hockey in general. An original six finals match-up in the finals also would not hurt. I would start with that in the Eastern Conference finals, but winning game 7 in Pittsburgh is a tall order for the Habs. I like their resolve and tenacity, even if they cannot match the Pens in the skills department. Would it not be great to see the Rangers make some real noise one of these years?

Did you catch the Broad Street Bullies documentary on HBO? Very well made and presented. It almost humanizes the Flyers. However, once the actual participants start opening their mouths, nothing can redeem them.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, I would agree only to a point. The bad officiating and embellishments by the players are still too deeply rooted for my liking. Overall I'd give it a B+. I'm a tough grader LOL.

The Habs are still surprising everyone with each game. I'll admit I keep waiting for them to fall, but they have not. I'm for the original 6 idea as long as doesn't include the Red Wings.

As for the Rangers it's got happen one of these years. You would think this years playoffs has got to inspire the Ranger players a little bit.

Yes, I did see the documentary. Interesting to hear it from the players perspective. Wild times for the NHL, But the Flyers can't take all the credit for creating that persona in that era. The "Big Bad Bruins" started it a few years before the they did.

greg m said...

ok i suck and both west picks of mine lost,i had the red wings and the cannucks, and its the black hawks and the sharks.....ill go with the ummm ( coin gets fliped ) heads it is,ill take Chicago.....only because i like that kid byfuglien is fun to watch!

greg m said...

ill go one step further im still liking the penns and if they loose its the upset of the playoffs, and boston, and as much as id love to see an original 6 finals i think its going to be the penns and the black hawks...and the black hawks in 6 for the cup....i just dont think the stars are aligned for the penguins to win back to backs...well see! lmao

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, If the Pittsburgh lose's to Montreal it's the 2nd biggest upset. You forgot about the Alex Ovechkin led Capitals who were 1st overall with 121 points or something like that. That takes Number 1 by a mile.

Hawks Sharks going to be a good one. In the east? Well we have to wait and see who are the combatants LOL.

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