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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The second round is almost over with just the Bruins and Flyers left to finish up their war with Game 7 in Boston on Friday night. Where do we start? Oh, in case you haven’t heard, the Montreal Canadiens have landed in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Jaroslav Halak has taken his Montreal team and have slain the two giants of hockey. First, Alexander Ovechkin and now Sidney Crosby. The Canadiens, against all odds, walked right into Mellon Arena in a winner take all 7th game and they shocked the Penguins, their faithful, and probably the NHL hierarchy. With a stunning 5-2 victory, the Canadiens sent out Mellon Arena on a sour note for the Pittsburgh faithful. You have to be impressed with this Montreal club. Halak is making history like other Montreal legends before him. Legends such as: Ken Dryden, Patrick Roy, etc. His team has followed his lead and with tight defensive coverage and opportunistic scoring they have become a monster of a team. I didn’t see this one coming and I’m sure most of the hockey experts didn’t either! If they did, well… they’re full of s***! Sorry to cuss, but it’s a perfect word to describe it! Whoever they play next had better do a lot of studying! If Ovechkin and Crosby couldn’t figure them out, then why would you think the Bruins or Flyers can?

As for Pittsburgh’s failure, there’s no excuses. Overall, you just got beat! M.A. Fleury was outplayed by Halak. Malkin, for the most part, played very uninspired hockey. Crosby tried and worked his tail off, but to no avail. He got shot down just like the rest of them when it counted. Like I said, no excuses. Montreal deserved to win. It’s that simple.

Now, onto the Bruins and Flyers. How on Earth did the Boston Bruins forget to close the door on the Flyers? Easy. They got too cocky and confident of what they have been achieving. The only problem is that it takes 4 games to win a series. Not 3. Now that the Flyers have walked through that door, I believe that it’s anyone’s game to take in Game 7. Pressure is now on the Bruins because they don’t want to make history in blowing a 3-0 lead. The Flyers, on the other hand, have a lot of momentum. I still like the Bruins, but the way the East has gone… who knows?

Now, how about we talk about one of my favorite teams? Not! The Detroit Red Wings, who were finally put out of their misery by the San Jose Sharks. I don’t want to dwell too much on this series, but the Sharks were too hungry and the Red Wings are starting to show their age. Again, I personally want to thank the Sharks for eliminating the “Euro-Wings”. Thank you!

The next opponent for the Sharks will be the Chicago Blackhawks. The Hawks totally dismantled the Vancouver Canucks in Game 6 (in Vancouver) to take the series. The Blackhawks are the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde team. When Dr. Jekyll shows up, the Hawks are passive, not aggressive, and seem generally uninterested. When this happens, they are very beatable. When Mr. Hyde shows up, look out! They are tough, fast, in-your-face, and physical. They can’t be beat when they play like this! San Jose/Chicago should be a very good series. Plenty of big names and lots of skill on both side. The question is… can Dustin Byfuglien be the one who tilts the series in Chicago’s favor? Only time will tell. Over and out!


Jason said...

How about 'em Habs? There is still something magical about that club. At various points in their history they tend to make improbable runs when some unknown goaltender comes out of nowhere. Halak will join the elite group only if they go all the way to the cup. However, they need 8 more victories. Do they have it in them? Time will tell.

I just wanted to see the look on Crosby's face last night when the final horn sounded the end of the game. I think there was an aura of entitlement around him the last few months, especially after the overtime goal in Vancouver. In the long run, this may be better for him as an athlete, and he may learn to be more humble.

As for the NHL, what are they to do when the poster boys are no longer around? I would drum up Montreal with its rich history. I don't have much love for the Habs, but I respect the overall accomplishments. Rioting in the streets after yesterday's game, however, is not cool. Don't people in Montreal ever learn?

Boston vs. Philly has certainly been intriguing. These teams have shown pretty ugly hockey and game 7 is likely to be no different. I was at Avery's bar on Friday watching game 4 of this series and then watching Vancouver get steamrolled by the Hawks, and it was readily evident how much better the latter game was in terms of skill, speed, and even grit. What's with the NHL players who smoke these days? I thought that would have gone away with Guy LaFleur and the 70s (Russian players excluded).

Number 7 seed getting home ice in the conference finals? Hey, you never know.

Kotsy's Korner said...

Jason, It's a head shaker as to what Montreal has achieved so far. Halak has been fantastic and his team followed his lead. Do they have enough gas in the tank? We shall see.

As for Crosby and his Penguins, Yes a little humble pie won't hurt him in the long run. Personally I don't see him as the arrogant player that he is portrayed to be. Ovechkin on the other hand continues to put his foot in his mouth even while playing for the gold medal made of Chocolate LOL

Pittsburgh's problems in this series were the lack of effort by Malkin and Gonchar when things got tough. In the 7th game you could see there body language and heir play showed it. Typical of talented Euros...Play great when it's easy, when it's not they disappear.

The NHL hierarchy can't be to pleased with what's happened so far. Both Crosby and Ovechkin out?
They are going to have to scramble big time to salvage something.

Jason, Fans of the Canadiens have that soccer mentality. It's been there for a long long time. No they will never learn. Now that's arrogance.

Boston Has left the door open after being up 3-0 and Philly walked right on through. Ugly or not one of these teams will move on. Chicago can be a beast to play against when they bring their A game. Should be a good watch with San Jose.

I hate say this...Cough...Cough I smoked from my 3rd year pro (Rangers)all the way through out my career. Quit 4+ years ago. What can I tell you LOL.

Leatherneck said...

Hiya Chris...Blaahh for Cindy know who...haha..I really don't like him as a player. One peeve of mine in Sports is misconduct as an athlete. If I am boxing you and I knock you out, I will bow in respect to you.. and then pump my fist...not gloat.. and his diving is taking advantage of his status as (Bett) boy .. which brings me to the Canadiens..Good for them as they truly deserved it. I am extremely happy for Camaleri and his play off run. Bruins vs Blackhawks Sharks vs Canadiens or any combo will be awesome..I think Bruins will win the game

Now wish list for next year I have 3 players which 2 of I would like to get for us.. 1) Kommiserek 2) either Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf

your wish list is?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, You know it's still amazing to me that most can not appreciate what Crosby is as Hockey player. The Hate for him is overkill. Sure he Whines, Cries and Dives...Who doesn't today?

Sorry, You may not like him as Hockey player, But he's still the best there is at this moment. It's certainly not that prim a dona Ovechkin that's for sure!

Montreal deserved to win this series because of better goal tending and a game plan that they stuck to.

Bruins/Flyers is anybody's guess?...Sharks/Blackhawks will be a good one. Rangers wish list...I'll have to think about that.

greg m said...

all four series and i sucked at picking, i was 0 - 4 no reason to revisit to many upsets, and even though the flyers are on a high coming back from 3-0 im still going with the canadians in the east(because i just hate philly) and chicago in the west, and look forward to an old school final so for the record black hawks v canadians.....but both should be good series comming up!

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, 0 for 4 not good...LOL. Seriously, I don't think anyone in their right mind would have picked Montreal and Philadelphia to be in the Eastern Conference Final. Oh by the way I was 2 of 4 LMAO.

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