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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, it’s about time isn’t it? Baseball just goes on and on and quite frankly- it bores me to death. Anyway, I know hockey season is near when the NFL season starts up. Therefore, NHL training camps will be in full stride this week. The New York Rangers will start the year off with training camp this Friday. To me there are plenty of questions that need to be answered. However, for this blog, I will not delve in too deep about who should or shouldn’t make the big club. Too often I’m asked what I think, as well as other bloggers, and in the end sometimes we’re right and sometimes we’re wrong. I think for this season I will wait and see how training camp and the pre-season unfolds before I give my (so called) expertise. Really folks, opinions are fun and interesting, but results are what counts. The results simply have not been there lately for the boys in blue, but I, like many remain optimistic. If you have opinions, I will respond to them. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Nice to hear that Marc Staal has been secured for the next 5 years. Glen Sather and Staal’s agents should be applauded for the deal. 5 years and 3.975 per year? Very reasonable and it should give Marc the stability that he was looking for. I like this signing, big time.

As for me personally, I will be heading into my senior year at Quinnipiac where I do the color commentary for the men’s hockey team on the radio. My man Bill Schweitzer (play by play) and I will be back at it when the Bobcats try to improve upon last season’s heartbreaking loss to Union in 3 games after winning the longest game ever to start the series. I, for one, am expecting bigger and better things from coach Rand Pecknold’s squad.

Also in the past year I was fortunate to meet up with a passionate Rangers fan by the name of Paul Scaglione (aka Pauly D). As most of you know by now, we had done a BlogTalk radio show called “The Pauly D Program”. We covered everything hockey and of course, the New York Rangers. Well, we’ve decided to continue with the show and it will now air on Tuesday nights during the hockey season. The 1st show will be Tuesday, September 28th and here’s the kicker- it has been renamed “the Instigators”. I’m looking forward to it and hope you all can join us! Check out the info on Facebook (Pauly Dee & Chris Kotsopoulos). Over and out!


greg m said...

lets drop the puck already, i want to say this is the year we go all the way, but ill just think it, and keep that thought(dream to my self)Im sick of all the Kovalchuk stuff here in nj, they can keep him, and i think stall got a very resonable deal,lets be honest, hes good, but hes not that good, he got a good deal!good to see ya back here and the instigators? no comment cant wait for the season to start, and neither can my wife lmao

greg m said...
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Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, I agree let's get it going already...Training camp will be a BIG test for the Rangers as to which way this team is headed.

I like most am still optimistic about the Rangers, But cautiously at that as well. Stall's contract was more than fair considering what some others are being paid. Great deal for both sides.

Greg, The Kovalchuk thing was a complete and total disaster for the NHL, The Devils and the fans.

WTF? What's wrong with the Instigators??? LMAO.

greg m said...

i deleted on of the 20 posts i entered before i realized they were being screened firsts.the instigators, ??? i mentioned to pauly that if it wasnt broke he should leave it alone,... i see you didnt take my was a good show before, now you have a name to live up should really call it the kotsy and whats his name show......just kidding pauly you the man too.....have a great night!

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, Like I said unfortunately spammers have found my blog and i had to do something. I know you are a true follower of my blog so don't worry you can opine all you want.

greg, We both like "Instigators" and I never listened to anyone's advise, just ask all my former Gm's and Coaches LOL.

Now, If you would have come up with Kotsy and what's his name sooner.... you might have been on to something LMAO.

GENO said...

Hi Kotsy, great new name for the show! That's right up my alley - LOL Well another season approaches again as Ranger fans we are "Wishin & Hopin" (Dusty Springfield song). It looks as though we became stronger in goal with the King and Biron, tougher with Boogard and younger on defense when and if they jettison Redden or Rozivol or both. But, we still did not get that elusive #1 center, unless you go with Stephan, or wait for the waiver wire during or after training camp. We did pick up White, who was the centerman for Kovulchuk for a season and did have a good year. Kotsy, my believe is if you have high caliber goal tending with a high caliber goal scorer as Gaboric,who needs help & young talented defense. You must complement them with more high caliber talent while they are approaching their prime years. I know all about the salary cap, but, if there is a will there is a way. ............... Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, It's funny you referenced a "Dusty Springfield" song...I was listening to her greatest hits yesterday. Great voice.

Geno, We will have to see how things shape up during training camp. Only then can we really give a proper analysis of what this teams makeup will be.

Good hearing from you.

Leatherneck said...

Hi there Chris and a Happy New Ranger year...this will be a very exciting year as I see this year giving us a glimpse of the bright future in store for this team of ours. I think we will get a glimpse of some of our future stars in Stephan and McDonagh and possibly Grachev and Wiese as full time additions this year. Down the line is Werek, McIlrath and Krieder. That is an exciting future and you know, Glen Sather had a marvelous summer and I see a new trend building here with Gordie Clark and Glen Sather giving Trots a team to work with. The addition of Exelby to the team will be a welcome sight as I am rooting for Byers, Wiese and Exelby to make the team. Theyb wont be pushing this team

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Great to hear from you. Finally something to talk about other than the Kovalchuk fiasco.

Yes, There has been lots of changes to the Rangers roster. A huge emphasis on the youth waiting in the wings. The battle for roster spots will be intense.

I will monitor the training camp news closely to see how it will shake out in the end. Will there be Surprises? I think so...Stay tuned.

mrbiofile said...

Kotsy; Speaking of instigators, Who were the three most annoying "instigators" during your NHL career?

Leatherneck said...

Howdy Chris, Another season s mere weeks upon us and this year I am overly enthused considering the drafting of the Rangers and timely trades for prospects beginning to blossom. McDonagh and Stephan, Grachev and Wiese should be the next four to make it into the line up followed by Werek, Wilson, McIlrath and Krieder in the next 2 years following this season. Dane Byers should replace Avery soon and the addition of Kennedy is an intriguing situation. Have you heard any scuttle butt aside from the blogs in regards to Stephan and McDonagh? are they the real deal? any scoop on sleepers? Lets Goooo Blueeee

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, I completely agree about Stepan and McDonagh. They should make the team.

Gravchev and Weise?... Not sure? They have to prove they belong if you ask me. The future certainly looks really good.

What's up with the Avery hate? Leave the guy alone and he will be effective. Take away his personality on the ice and he won't. It's that simple.

I'll have a new blog up next week.

Leatherneck said...

NOOO..I don't hate Avery, in fact I like him, I simply do not think Trots likes him, and Byers can be that player that could replace Avery. Wiese played a great game the other night with Boogy and Boyle...they seemed to connect together....thoughts on Exelby?...will he make it?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, Not sure if Byers can replace Avery in my book. As for Exelby...Who knows?

For the first time in a long time the Rangers haves tough decisions to make and that's a good thing..

Leatherneck said...

Hey Chris...I am thrilled that Valetenko and Sauer...our prospects out did the try out candidates Exelby and Semenov...Sauer has impressed me and I believe he has earned a spot and so has Gilroy...I see a possibility that Roszi may get traded to allow for these kids to get experience on the team...with Sauer, McDonagh, McIlrath, Valetenko adding to the core of Girardi, Gilroy, Staal, Del Zotto..thats a formidable defensive corps and the best part...all young..let them grow and play...thoughts on our D?

Kotsy's Korner said...

Leatherneck, It's nice to see that the Rangers have plenty of "Bench Strength" to choose from these days.

Don't know what happened to Exelby's game? Semenov's quick release was a little surprising. Overall the future looks good on the D.

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