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Thursday, October 7, 2010

With the NHL kicking off the 2010/11 season somewhere in Europe, the boys in blue will start theirs Saturday night in sunny Buffalo. There will be new faces (like Frolov, Stepan, Boogaard, etc) and some old ones gone (Redden, Jokinen, etc). While I look at this team with guarded optimism, I liked what I saw in the pre-season.

Let's face it, you still have one of the best goalies in the world in Henrik Lundqvist (now with a seasoned backup in Marty Biron). You added a proven scorer in Alex Frolov (who needs to rebound from last year) to go along with Marian Gaborik... this might be a great one-two punch on offense. You have replaced Jody Shelley with Derek Boogaard (the most feared man in hockey). Also new to the club are additions such as Fedotenko, Eminger, White, and Kennedy. The Rangers have quietly built some legitimate depth in the organization. I mean, when you can send down players like Ryan McDonagh, Pavel Valentenko, etc... that proves that there is some solid building of talent for the Rangers.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Derek Stepan, who so far looks ready to make the big leap to the NHL. I like this kid a lot. With the core of this squad: Staal, Dubinsky, Callahan, Del Zotto, Anisimov, and Gaborik locked up for a while things look bright for the Rangers. In the end, you have to applaud Glen Sather- like it or not. He and his staff did some brilliant work under the radar this off season. I will remind you results are what matters the most and only good results are needed by the Rangers.

This Friday the Quinnipiac Bobcats start their season with back to back home games against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bobcats will have to find some offense, as much of it left with the senior class last season. Goaltending and the D should be strong points. If you would like to listen to my play by play partner Bill Schweizer and I call the games, here is the link:

Also, my co-host Paul Scaglione (better known as Pauly D) and I kicked off our radio show this past Tuesday night and it was a good one. This year we renamed the show, "The Instigators" and you can tune in every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM EST to listen:


GENO said...

Hi Kotsy, well a new season is about to begin with new excitement and new expectations. I too liked the new additions and subtractions made by Slats so far. Frolov should take some of the scoring pressure off of Gabby, Stephan had shown through pre-season that he has an idea out on the ice, and Boogaard, I think anyone will think at least twice before dropping the gloves, or taking liberties except for maybe Shelley. My concern is still on the D. I still don't think that they have a D-man with that ever important mean streak to keep the opponents heads up, or to clean up in front of the net. I don't know that much about Eminger to know if he has a mean streak, but what I did see in pre-season, he didn't show one. Stronger in goal with "THE KING" & Biron, and more depth than any Ranger team had in a while. It looks like Slats did his homework on his picks the last few years, now all we need to do is a little fine tuning, and Tort's using patience with his coaching and maybe this year will be a good one. ............ Geno

Kotsy's Korner said...

Geno, I totally agree with you about that "Crease Clearing D Man" with a mean streak. I believe they will do something about that eventually, at least one would hope so.

Slats did do a fine job this past off season. The youth is their in the system. Again I am optimistic, but guarded at the same time. Nice to hear from you.

B.J. McSitteer said...

Nice to talk to you again Chris. I'm very curious to see how the Rangers react after the heartbreak last season. One of my favourite things is to watch the teams that just miss to see if they can pull that little extra to get over the hump. I've always been a big believer in the bottom portion of the roster and I think the former Edmonton icon added some valuable pieces that should give them those few extra wins. Signing Biron gives the team a little piece of mind but let's face it, the wins have got to still come from the big man in goal. As a Leaf fan I offer up a suggestion to you that New Yorker Mike Komisarek is exactly the body needed for the team to star on Broadway. I still don't feel he's the right fit in Toronto but he could be a legend at MSG.

Kotsy's Korner said...

B.J Mcsitteer. I'd take Komisarik in a second, unfortunately wouldn't work out with the cap LOL.

This is the first time in a long time that the Rangers actually had to make some tough choices as to who made the opening day squad. It's still not perfect, But it's getting better.

I see the Leafs looked pretty good in their victory over the Habs. I believe this is the year for Burke and his boys. Good to talk to you and thanks for the comments.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots--Long time no speak,but the way things went last year...well there really wasn't much to say!!!
I'm chompin at the bit for Saturday night-I missed the last few don't count games,I was out in the Valley of the Sun--but it looks as though they scored at least 4 a game---thats a big plus---I really want to believe in these guys--you know more than most what this team means to me ---but my optimism has to be guarded---and I don't want to be negative--so lets go with something positive---that mutt Redden---that had to be a bitter pill for Slats--but Redden sure got more chances than he should have---a player takes big dollars,it's up to him to live up to that money and the game that the club expected from him---he did not--would we all agree on that??? so we cut bait---while we're on the subject of not living up to the size of a contract,I've really got a problem with what we've gotten out of Drury!!! I mean 32 points last and a minus 10---please don't tell me this is what the club expected---I know what a GREAT shot blocker he is,but it ain't 7 million great!!! Torts said that everyone has to show that they are deserving of ice time--no matter who they are!!!well I'm having a hard time buying that one--maybe SOME guys o.k---Staal-Girardi-Gaborik-Dubi-DRURY-Callahan-The King---do you really think he means THOSE GUYS??? I'll bet my last buck that Avery will be one of those guys---well we will see---I hope that my best dreams for the Rangers come true this year--being in the top 8 is the first of those dreams---and it all starts for real on Saturday night

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr. Hockey, Obviously the Rangers played a solid road game in the opener in Buffalo. 6-3 win no complaints here.

It's been a while since you ventured over to Kotsy's Korner. We missed your thoughtful and intelligent insight LOL.

The Redden demotion was a long time coming. I think everyone knew that had to happen for this team to go forward.

As for Drury, there's no question he has to pick it up and earn his keep. Avery just needs to be Avery In other words leave him alone.

Great to have you back on board...Keep checking back or else.

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