The Battle for Lord Stanley's Cup

Monday, April 11, 2011

The new season has arrived for the New York Rangers. That’s right folks, the Rangers are in the playoffs and will face the Washington Ovechkins… Sorry, I meant the Capitals. How they will do is still yet to be seen, but I got give them credit for fighting through injuries and the usual ups and downs of a season in the NHL. To those who feel that the Rangers did not deserve a spot in the playoffs… go take a long walk on a short pier! They played by the rules that the NHL set in order to make in the playoffs and they did! Lump it! With that being said here are my fearless straight up predictions for the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs.

Eastern Conference Predictions

Washington/New York... Sorry can’t go against the Blue Shirts. Lundqvist needs to shine a bright as ever and the team will follow his lead. Capitals have struggled this season with the Rangers. Hopefully the Rangers will continue to give Ovechkin and his cronies nightmares. Rangers in 7.

Philadelphia/Buffalo… This a tough one to call. Flyers haven’t been that great down the stretch and goaltending is still a big question mark for me. On the other hand, you have Ryan Miller who needs to be big in this series for Buffalo or I’m afraid the Sabres are done. Throwing you a curve ball- Flyers in 6.

Boston/Montreal… An original six match up. Got like that for old times sake. With all the hoopla surrounding Zdeno Chara’s hit on Max Paciorety this should be a dandy series. The Bruins at times this year have looked like world beaters and at other times the opposite. As for the Canadiens, I’m not sure if they can drum the magic they had last year. Bruins in 6.

Pittsburgh/Tampa… Don’t know if Crosby is coming back, because if he was this would be easy. The Penguins played well without their superstar’s in the lineup. Tampa has befuddled me all season. Great at times and then not so great. Stamkos needs to find the scoring magic that has left him that last few months. I’ll go with the Lightning in 7.

Western Conference Predictions

Vancouver/Chicago… Is this the finally the year for the Canucks? Can they finally slay the dragon that is the Blackhawks? Can the Sedin’s and Louongo rise to the occasion? This one is really simple for me. No Dustin Byfuglien, no physical presence, no headaches for Vancouver, no win for Chicago. Canucks in 5.

San Jose/Los Angeles… Losing Anze Kopitar to injury really hurts the Kings chances here in my mind. The Sharks are a big physical team and have been quietly under the radar this season. Sharks in 6.

Detroit/Phoenix… Did the Coyotes learn from their grueling loss to Detroit in last year’s playoffs? If so then they have a good chance of pulling an upset here. The Redwings much to my dismay are still well… the Redwings. Coyotes in 7.

Anaheim/Nashville… This is probably the toughest series to figure out. I think both teams could ruin the party for others in the west. Unfortunately one has to lose. The Ducks have been playing solid hockey at their right time and Corey Perry is on fire. Barry Trotz has the Predators playing tough, stingy hockey and not giving up many goals. Can I pick a tie here? Ducks in 6.

That’s it those are my picks, care to disagree please feel free to. I'd love to hear your comments. Also, Paul Stewart former NHL player & referee will be the guest on this week’s Instigators Radio Show. Here is the link, check out the show! Over and out!


greg m said...

Its a new season indeed, no one needs reminding how far the flyers went on a shoot out last year.
I for one am feeling optimistic about our chances of moving on to the next round,1 game at a time of course but still. they've been playing pretty strong hockey the last week or more i thought with some good play going back to Boston. I think also that it starts with Lundqvist and there ability to contain Ovechkin (they've done it before and can do it again), and moves out from there, all the usual suspects that got them this far need to keep grinding and the absentee few need to reappear(Gaborik,Avery,and even Drury showed life.) its going to be a good one and im with you on the RANGERS IN 7

Kotsy's Korner said...

greg m, It's the best time of the year for those teams who are in the playoffs. As a player believe it's the best! For a fan of the team the same.

Now on to the Rangers. They must play a close checking, strong, physical, grind it out hockey. Lundqvist needs to be the x-factor in this series. His play will dictate how the series ends up.

It would be a great help if Gaborik could find his game. Other than that the pressure is on the Caps and Ovechkin.

billymadison said...

Kotsy - Every Ranger fan agrees with your pick...the Broadway Blueshirts moving on to round 2. If you wanted to get some discussion should have picked the Ovechkins!!!

snowcloud said...

Kotsy, I have a feeling Detroit will be the first upset. Out in five.

snowcloud said...

Sorry if this is a repost, but my post, I think, disappeared...

Detroit will be the first upset. Out in five games.

Rangers in 6 Caps will crumble under the pressure.

Tampa in 7 just because I despise the Pets. I don't care about Crosby blah blah blah.

Philly in 5..not a big believer in the Sabres.

Boston sweeps Montreal

Anaheim is hot and will roll over the Predators.

Vancouver/Chicago...Vancouver in 5.

Sharks over the Kings in 6. I thought they had a chance until I heard Kopitar was out.

Kotsy's Korner said...

billymadison, Never!!!!

Kotsy's Korner said...

Snowcloud, Like your picks. They sound very familiar LOL.

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots---Remember me???Long season --pretty much the same results(thank God for Tampa Bay)--Shoot outs count,but not for ties???---Nice young team--maybe next season I can get thru March without cashing in all my prayers.--Do you hear anything on my man 16???--maybe he dosn't have enough "jam" or "bite" or "edge"---(thats a joke)--anyway I could understand down the stretch,when there were shootouts and our shootout "snipers" may have been the differance inthe points we got---none of that now---Torts put 26 on the wing with Drury??---I really like 16 on Boyels line---Torts has Wolski---Am I missing something and watching with one eye???(it would't be the first time)---retired life put on around six or seven pounds(I lost that junkie look)trying to stay out of trouble---heading for the Valley of the Sun next week--take care --enjoy these guys--they did a hell of alot better than I ever thought they would---now if the King makes like 2007 and gets us into but past the second round...

Kotsy's Korner said...

Mr. Hockey, Where you been hiding? The Rangers made it through a very tough season. To make the playoffs considering the injury's was really amazing when you think about it.

You got get back in to the groove of things. Your articulate ways were sorely missed by all LOL. By the way the Winnipeg Coyotes is that where the "Valley of the Sun" is?

Mr. Hockey said...

Kots---tough to watch that one get away last night---didn't like to see the Caps giving and us taking--got to finish those checks---did 17 and 23 look way too far up ice at the end???--they did to me---basic stuff--hockey 101-- I thought Stall was going to carry it up--but it sure is tempting to try and get it to the "RoadRunner"up at center ice--it just didn't work that time---take care --enjoy game 2--lets hope they push back alot more and introduce those yellow lace wearing mutts to the nasty end of the big hits

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